Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?

I feel like I am responding to your theory by poising problems which you never address. Which usually means there is no answer.

You for sure haven’t provided anything new. You just keep repeating yourself in your own echo chamber.

As opposed to the work of trained scholars in languages and archeology over several hundred years who obviously have got it all wrong.

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@bharatjj very suspenseful, I’m curious., what you figured out, what your theory is that establish historicity of the bible?

Now you’re a comedian. XD The forum has no shortage of nuts! :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel the same way. So let us set rules of the discussion. You may start with max 3 comments or questions and mark then BL1.1 to BL3.1. I will respond to each point at BJ1.1 to BJ3.1. Then you may respond as BL1.2 to BL3.2 and so on. That will ensure that I respond to each of your questions and you respond to mine. Please shoot if agreeable. Let me say this again, this discussion has been good for me. It has shown me some weaknesses in my argument and made me work more. I suppose that is what these forums are all about.

The fact that Eden, Flood and Exodus have geographical matches.

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Let’s start with an easy one.
Did God enter into a covenant with Abraham?

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I propose that we add @Bill_II to Fox’s Book of Martyrs

sad day for Abraham back when

Peanuts are actually legumes, like beans and peas. Not nuts at all.

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There is definitely something strange going on, and I’ve had that feeling for a while.

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“zera nuts” sounds like something they sell at whole foods.

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Abraham had sad emotions

Abraham went through a lot.

@jpm would u know of a Jewish forum that could throw light on this?

Bj1.1. Yes.

Sorry, I am pretty limited in my knowledge as I spent too much time here!

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First the definition of Jew and Jewish has changed over time.

Given the Mishnah was first written in the 3rd century AD it’s definition would not apply to the people in the OT.

Edit to add:
I found a page discussing why the change from patrilineal to matrilineal descent.

Can the .changed. jews change the word of God?

Abraham had a wife name Sarah