Where the Light Fell: An Interview with Philip Yancey

Did anyone else read Philip’s memoir? Heart-wrenching and insightful.


Yes, I just finished it a little while ago – quite a story! I’m amazed (but grateful) he stayed in the church!


Read it a few months ago. Interesting book, gives insight to life in that era. He is pretty much a contemporary of mine, though I grew up in a more rural area with less racial tension. I did identify with him in many ways as I recognized the general mindset. In addition, we had the same budget ($300) for our wedding!

I might add I bought the NIV Student Bible he edited for my teenaged grandson, It is a good choice for a first “grown up” Bible if you are in the market.


I just finished it last night. Not a fun read, and I wept some, but it shows how God’s grace can break through.

He is very much a contemporary of mine, remarkably so, but I did not skip a grade. :slightly_smiling_face: Like him though, my birthday had me in school early – back then it was thought to be a good thing, not so much nowadays. (I was always the youngest in my class, too, and that’s not helpful socially, especially for boys).


True. A high percentage of professional athletes have fall birthdays, putting them nearly a year ahead of those like you and me with summer birthdays. That year meant they got the attention of coaches, and made them the standouts on their teams, with success building to success.

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While looking for where I had posted this before, this thread was a hit for my search on ‘Phil Yancey’ (funny thing – I wonder how that happened ; - ), consequently and obviously discovering that I had not posted it in this most appropriate of places. It is Phil’s account of where and when ‘the light fell’, not that he hasn’t continued to receive grace in other ways and which he has shared with us in his prolific and appreciated authorship: