Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?

It was a political arrangement betwEen tribes.

Absolutely true

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Every religion has its aberrations. What about Basilides denial of crucifixion? Inquisitions? Harvesting of souls? Killing of native Americans? Holocaust? Pope Paul’s investigations into child abuse? We must not miss the larger picture. Jesus is more than all this.

Surely, you jest. Religion = theology = god = Allah. Divinely approved pedophilia is “an aberration”? Do you think you’ve caught me in that large net that you’ve cast? Think again! Basilidism may or may not survive in the Qur’an. The inquisitions were contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Your suggestion that “the harvesting of souls” is an aberration is your perversion of a metaphor. The killing of Native Americans was contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. The holocaust was contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Child abuse by ANYONE is contrary to the proclamation of the crucified and resurrected Jesus. Aberrations, sin, and evil are the larger picture. Jesus is not “more than that”; He is completely other than that. The life of Muhammad the alleged prophet of Allah, on the other hand, is very much that and more. It’s an example for all Muslim men to aspire too. Any wonder that ISIS followed the example of their prophet who was “approved by Allah”? Wake up, Bharat! You don’t know who Jesus was and is.


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Abraham saw sky

Abraham saw river

Do we maybe deceive ourselves if we think everyone has a good relationship to God? Do you think Vladimir Putin does?

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Everyone thinks they are right. Question is how to decide what God wants.

Micah 6:8.
He has told you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?


Hear, Hear!
It’s a very poor argument at trying to discredit Christianity, worst still when trying to defend abberations of other religions, to point out all the bad things commited by Christians. You wanna do it, you find scriptures that told people to do it, pulling verses out of context ain’t allowed.
After all anyone can call themselves a Christian (or a Jew, or a Muslim, as you have proven so yourself @bharatjj ) and then do whatever they wanna do!


You have to know the true God – that is more basic. Let the truth in.

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Abraham saw a tree

@Dale I know the true God. The true God feeds my spirit heart. I call this true God Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is my home, my comfort and lives in me and feeds my spirit heart. I allow Holy Spirit teach me.

How do you feel as you’ve been telling me my God is false?

No it isn’t. 100% certain, so you may stop wondering


@Dale can you explain to me scientifically how Vladimir belief system happened at each age of Vladimir Putin earth physical life? What did Vladimir Putin thought of Abraham? Do you think God lives in Vladimir Putin?

The reason I asked this is cause you brought Vladimir Putin in this thread, as we’re exploring if Abraham is for humanity?

Because you asked about good relationship with God?
Not everyone has a good relationship with God., because we either block or allow God

I block and allow

Eventually as I block, I’ll allow God teach me in the midst of blocking, and what I notice is blocking gets less as allowing gets more., I learn this from God who’s my science teacher, when I allow God teach me

@marta can you explain how Abraham understood earth? Globe, Flat, Concave cell?

Due to your stating that I’m 100% wrong with my understanding of science that earth is concave cell., will you explain in detail through science how I am wrong?

Your statements isn’t science because it list no proof

Also what science proof do you have to tell me I’m no longer allow to wonder what is earth?

Also what science did Abraham use for humanity?

Most likely as flat with solid dome over it

This forum doesn’t allow discussions on the shape of the earth, isn’t that right @moderators ?
It’s assumed that we all agree the earth is a spinning ball going around the sun

None, there was no such thing as science back then

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Science works by observation and experimentation. You need to explain in detail through science how you are right. If you think our astrophysicists are wrong, please point to any peer-reviewed articles in professional scientific journals you have seen. (YouTube videos don’t count.)

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