Walking by Faith and Wearing a Mask

Written by our very own @pevaquark, he presents a very thoughtful overview that speaks to both the good science, why we should trust science, and people’s Christian duty.

Thanks for writing, Matt!



Great job, Matt! I really like the comparison between what you do for work and “faith in the unseen,” and appreciate the non-judgmental approach.


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Wonderful article , Matthew. It clearly states the rationale we as Christians should follow in our relationship with others, and how that pertains to the wearing of a face mask. I admit that I have not been as compliant as I should be, but advocate strongly we wear them when in large groups. This message needs to be shared with our churches, and will do my part.


Good job, Matthew!


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Our church opened with just worship services last week, and while I did not attend due to having grandkids at home, reports are few wore masks. I think that is a mistake, and am concerned that some “mask shaming” is present where those who wear masks are looked at as “weak” and lacking faith, rather than caring and not wanting to spread disease, which is the case.


I just got an email from our church that opens this Sunday. I’m impressed by how seriously they are taking precautions. They will have four areas open for a telecast service, same as will be viewed online. There are designated areas for the elderly and mobility impaired, families (no childcare or nurseries), and essential workers with higher exposure rates. They have set up a no touch check in for contact tracing purposes. The are limiting capacity of each room so only about half the congregation will be able to attend in person. Masks are required in all the areas. They have a bunch of new cleaning protocols including someone in the bathrooms cleaning after every use. They are actively encouraging people to continue “attending” from home.


Texas is about to blow up. Along with a bunch of other states across the South.

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You shouldn’t even go if masks are not required!

A mini update on some of the state of evidence for face masks. I’ll post a summary here from this Twitter thread which covers a lot of different angles:

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That is good. An odd trend I noticed in our church is many took their masks off after sitting down, but put them back on when singing. I guess entrance and singing are the most important times, but I am not sure of the reasoning

It’s probably their “midway” concession between cutting down on discomfort and yet also wanting to not entirely ignore mask-wearing advisability.

I attended a small graduation ceremony yesterday where the rows of chairs were more spaced out. But the vast majority of people there did not wear masks at all. I was one of those “partials” who did not for the majority of the time, but then - I stayed in back pretty far from everybody most of the time. Then during the time that I did approach some of the mask wearers to greet and visit, I had my mask on then, out of respect for them and knowing that they were a concerned family. I’m not defending my inconsistent practice - I guess there are those here who would rebuke me for not “raising the roof” there and shaming everybody into wearing masks - at which point the whole affair would no longer have been about the graduates, but about Merv and his crusade. Call me a coward in need of backbone if you must. But rightly or wrongly, it is at least easy to understand the “herd mentality” of not wanting to opt into discomfort any more than one feels compelled to. “I care as much as you care” is one approach teachers can take toward students’ grades - but understandable as it is, it can be a rather heartless approach to life-and-death situations like these where “I need to care even more than you do” if I know better than you. But it is hard not to succumb to peer pressure and just do as the other “Romans” are doing - especially when it is ostensible “permission” to take a break from from discomfort.

I sympathize. I attended a local Black Lives Matter event in a local park, and wore a mask when the group gathered to here a speaker or when approaching someone to visit, but took it off in between. I think we are getting Covid fatigue, and it is more difficult to maintain effective measures despite what is an increased risk in most most areas.

Very true!

Yes. I just left our church service. The usual vociferous folks didn’t wear a mask, even for singing, and even a few that weren’t rebels didn’t! The first service had fewer people than before. I learned that they are no longer enforcing the mask for the 2nd service, and that’s why --people are switching to the 2nd service.

Fatigue is a big factor.

Now is NOT the time to get cocky or overly confident. Cases are rising in some states, especially in the South.


I agree that especially in this case, a positive message is what we need. Thanks.


Matthew thank you for this message of love and living in faith. I enjoyed your blog message immensely and because of that I featured your article in my personal blog Should Christians wear face masks? I believe your message is led by the Holy Spirit and a great message of love for our brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you and your gift of writing for the Kingdom of God.


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