Viruses intentionally choose how they infect

Let’s put this in a new thread and keep the other one focused on ERV evidence.

As per @martin_r

“viruses don’t have intentions…”

you sure? Looks to me like these things know very well what to do … to convert a RNA into a DNA in order to insert into a DNA genome, looks to me, like an intention… these small stupid things somehow figured out how to solve a complex incompatibility problem … so, i can assure you, these things have intentions… or the one who created viruses had intentions…

Still, these small things are smarter than any chemist in the World… as far as i know, you guys still use the original reverse transcriptase enzyme in order to do your experiments… or did change something? have you finally develop your own (artificial) RT enzyme ?

“viruses don’t have intentions…”

moreover, these small stupid things without intentions use cloacking device to trick the immune system… how these stupid things even know there is some immune system?

So you sure there are no intentions?

Yeah, I’m sure they don’t have intentions. They lack the equipment needed to formulate an intention.


i know, it is not designed, it only looks like it was designed… there is never an intention… everything works like clockwork, thousands of parts work in concert, but there is never an intention… i know… i am so stupid…

i also said, perhaps the one who created viruses had intentions… and, that one might be equipped very well…

An Ebola virus only has seven parts.


have you ever seen to work 7 parts in concert without an intention? if yes, please give me an example…

Could be, but the virus doesn’t. Are you suggesting that the Ebola virus is one of the good and perfect gifts that God gives us?


Have you ever seen an intention that didn’t come from a human being?

is there any other explanation?

why you said “a human being” ? are you afraid to say “from an intelligent being” ?

by the way, i am still waiting for the 7-working-parts example…

Sure. Genetic algorithms can produce systems with multiple interacting parts without having an intention.

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I am sure a car I once owned fully intended to leave me stranded on the side of the road, so you may have a point.

Obviously, Steve is talking tongue in cheek, as cars and viruses just do what they do without malice, but your thoughts on design are interesting to consider from a philosophic position. Would God intentionally design a virus to damage and perhaps kill, to cause cancer and pain? Some may say yes, but I hesitate to do so.


7 parts which haven’t existed before? Do i get you right?

so could you show me that example? Picture of it…or anything…

Can’t wait to see…

No, I asked the question I wanted to ask. Why didn’t you answer it?

we see that God created animals which kill other animals…in order to survive…

so why not viruses? Is there any other explanation?

Also, the killer viruses might be a kind of punishment… .i don’t know, i am not a philosopher… i am an engineer… i create things…

The retroviruses, which insert into genomes, these might be a way how to REMOTELY edit / modify / update the existing genomes… without the need of personal presence of the Creator/ Designer/ Engineer… you just need to deliver the virus, it finds the target, and then it does the job… edits/ modifies/ updates the particular genome…

Good example, though not exactly the same. I would not say the intent of God in making wolves is to kill deer, though that is the end result in the balance of creation, as you stated, for them to survive. And from the wolves standpoint, their intent is to eat and survive, not to kill.

Also, you are a philosopher in the same way we all are. It appears your philosophy is to “create things.” What is the intent of the things you create? I suspect your intent is to create things that work, that achieve the goals of their creator. I was just reading some of Wright’s “Surprised by Scripture” and one of the points he made was that God intended us to work his will through creation as his representative, a goal that got off track through sin and now put back on track through Christ, to sort of circle back around.

yes, i did… an octopus

or a crow