The death of materialism

So, InspiringPhilosophy, one of my favourite YouTubers made a new video:

I think @AntoineSuarez will like this.

If this is true, and if consciousness is the cause of all else, then God is the only logical escape from the nihilistic worldview of solipsism.

The ancient idea of vision was that the eye emitted a ray that made things visible. This idea carries that one step farther–that our vision makes things exist. I don’t grasp offhand how that would explain why we also need to have light in order to see things, but we are getting into the range of science fiction here.

Another ancient idea, or at least it has been around for a long time, is that all of reality, including our own consciousness, is in the mind of God. Quantum theory would seem to explain that concept in complicated mathematics. Western science would seem to be returning to concepts pioneered by Eastern religions.

I’m not sure buddhists would think solipsism is a bad thing.

Why does Buddhism not?


I’ve heard it said by some that the point of Buddhism is to become one with the Universe.

Definitionally, that is the equivalent of “Practical Solipsism” !

First, thanks for the reference to this website. It looks like a great source of more deep thoughts.

Second, I’m not totally sure I understand him on this subject. However, I deal with impaired consciousness daily as a family medicine physician–from babies, to delirium impaired by drugs or toxins, to dementia. I am confident that consciousness, whatever God thinks the soul is, is not an integral, constant unit. We make memories, awareness, guilt, responsibility, all by a composite of material things.

I know that Lewis had his star, Ramandu (in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) tell Eustace that being is not what we are, but what we are made of (my adaptation), but that has to do with responsibility and meaning.

I’m afraid that this is at risk for God of the gaps inference. I like the website, though! Thanks!

As I said, I am not sure I understand fully his point–so feel free to correct me.

I’m not sure how so. Suppose he is correct, that consciousness is the most real thing in the universe.

Suppose there is no human free will

Then there must be another mind generating all else (sounds suspiciously like God to me)

Suppose there is free will:

Then there is either God, or human sollipsism. I prefer the former, since it is a) not illogical, and b) more moral.


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