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A new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that the climate emergency has reached a “code red.” New research also shows that over 50% of Americans agree that climate change is happening and demands urgent action. So why does it seem like so little is being done? Internationally renowned climate scientist, professor and author Katharine Hayhoe returns to the show and tells us what keeps her hopeful despite the dire situation we find ourselves in. She also tells us about her forthcoming book, Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World , which expands on why she’s hopeful.


This certainly has broad application outside climate science!:

…the smarter we are, the better we are at motivated reasoning, because we’re better at finding and marshaling and presenting the arguments that show that we’re right.


This was another engaging and encouraging podcast. Thank you!

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“Motivated Reasoning”! It’s great to finally have a term for the thing I have been aware of for so long!

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Great episode!

Her example of the many times people of the past have failed to listen - and did indeed suffer consequences for their failure to heed prophetic warnings - is very needed right now. Because it gives us a template for realizing that God always provides hope and light at the end even if we manage to make our present tunnel of suffering so much longer or darker than it needed to be. But the hope is never completely gone, and we can pursue it and get closer to it (and have it as a more present and fruit-bearing presence within ourselves) by doing things and being active. I think that may be the antidote to the ‘doomerism’ that hovers so near or in so many of us.


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