Mixed Martial Apologetics: Any Fans?

Peace of Christ, everyone!

Do you watch apologetics/anti-apologetics videos online? If yes, who would you recommend, and if not, why not?


Dawkins is superb. Hitchens and Dennett too of course. McGrath is a good refiner of Dawkins.

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Just because I know how much you enjoy the clang of steel on steel :wink: … IMO Dawkins is a great example of how poorly expertise in one domain carries to another, Hitchens is notable for his wit and delivery, and Dennett should be the poster boy for how important breadth of experience and imagination are to a balanced point of view.


: ) there is only one domain.

And yet an infinite multiverse by necessity? Hmmm


Not at all. And yes. The necessity is in eternity i.e. nothing changes, not just to fine tune c, e, G, h, mu zero and emm ee; nature self tunes obviously. As for the Hoyle state, it’s a mirage.

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I find it amusing how easy it is to disagree with someone with whom I largely agree, especially when that disagreement is expressed so agreeably and with wit. Surely the spirit of Hitchens is with us.


I don’t know of any particular Christian apologists. Often I find apologist work tucked in within scholarly work. In general though if I am looking for an apologist I look for those who defend against the argument that religion is bad and holding the world back. I like finding examples about how Christianity has helped reform a nation and ect… so like defending the positive impacts of Christianity. I don’t so much get big into the attempted science or historical based apologist.


I see a lot of evidence that my recently learned choice term, ‘motivated reasoning’, is quite evident in broad generalizations (such as necessary infinities or eternities) while ignoring or denying empirical evidence.

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You might enjoy Randal Rauser. He is a bit off the beaten track in apologetics, but gets into the fray with fundamentalist style apologists.


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