More concordism may be appropriate

Good work! Nice catch.

You can redeem your honour at any time.

Yeah but @Bill_II agrees that that is nonsense. But but he keeps trying to distract from the fact that there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the Plain of Sodm had a multimegaton airburst just 4219 years ago. Apparently the truth is out there in an X-File somewhere on Google. He has faith.

I consider the work done by Dr. Collins to be “scientific evidence” despite the ad hominem attacks. He isn’t trying to prove the global flood after all. And no comment on the paper I provided? It is “scientific evidence” of large scale comet impacts which you seem to believe can’t happen.

A hint from lurkers gallery- when a person goes complaining of ad hom, which generally isnt even there, its a sign they’re hull down,
taking a lot of water.
If that isnt too metagorical a way of putting it.

Which it is.

How could I consider it nonsense? I didn’t even known it existed until beaglelady mentioned it.

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What work? The work that found 4219 year old trinitite (of the ‘red herring’ variety) and other evidence of a 10MT airburst within a kilometer of the surface of the Plain of Sdom?

Where Steven Collins didn’t work?

That any fool (<AN AD HOMINEM???) can find by Googling? The work that overturned ANE and Abrahamic studies, that gave it the biggest shot in the arm it could have had apart from proving The Flood and YEC.

Why would I comment on an irrelevant rufous Clupea harengus paper, that has nothing whatsoever to do with findings on the Plain of Sdom? Or even Tall El-Hammam. There is no comparison whatsoever. Where is ground zero?

Collins has worked for 16 years on a lamppost diversion trying to prove that the 1650 BCE Tall El-Hammam site, 100 km north of the Plain of Sdom, the other end of the Dead Sea, is 2200 BCE Sodom and Gomorrah. Work that you say is wrong. And “scientific evidence”. Which is it? Which is what? What is which?

I’m perfectly happy to accept that Tall El-Hammam was destroyed by a comet airburst that left no extra-terrestrial remains, 3670 years ago, despite there being no ground zero for a kilometre wide fireball that engulfed the palace, within a kilometre. Perfectly happy to posit Collins’ interpretation of scant evidence from a ’city size’ site - a quarter the size of a football field - perhaps the fireball was only 100 m across… 10… more of a fuel air bomb. The trouble is such small explosions couldn’t happen so low. We’ve got to explain those zircons haven’t we? Collins interpretation of minutiae should have included the angle of blast and therefore ground zero is easy to find on that line well within a kilometre. Where is it? It should be knee deep in fulgurite. Surprised that in 16 years they haven’t found it. Ah well, it’ll turn up I’m sure.

But it’s not Sodom is it? Or it is but Collins is chronologically wrong by over half a millennium. You say only 400 years. How do you reckon that?

And did Love, the Christian God, nuke all those people in four out of five cities? Where are the others? Or was that just a typically nasty Bronze Age projection on Him?

First I didn’t call you a fool. Second it wasn’t ad hominem because I didn’t discount your argument due to your lack of search skills. Unlike you who did discount Dr. Collins work because of what you believed to be his position on inerrancy.

I never said it did. You wanted scientific papers on the presence of trinitite around the world so I gave you one.

You will have to point out where I actually say this. You are still confused I see.

Only if you accept a literal reading of Genesis which I don’t believe you do.

400 years is pretty much half a millennium if my calculator is correct.

That’s what the OT says. I don’t pretend to be able to explain God.

I didn’t say you did. Like you, I’m not a researcher. It wasn’t my belief, it was wiki’s. Which you discounted him on the basis of.

You know exactly what is required, the global distribution of trinitite, which is one exact site and two others, is not it.

Which is it, 550 or 400 that Collins is wrong by at the right site? Or is it the wrong one? Yours is the confusion, 400 rounded is not half a millennium. It’s zero millennia.

What has the OT got to do with Christianity? Explaining the Christian God is easy.

Really? You’re arguing over rounding like there’s only one way to do it? Would you also correct someone who rounded 10:25 a.m. to half past ten?

Well - yeah. The right way. And in this case Bill (and you) are absolutely right.

450 years rounds rather nicely to one half a millenium. It would have to drop below 250 before it could properly round to zero halves. Brush up on your rounding there, Klax! Of course if the theology crowd is reduced to arguing about rounding in order to rescue something, then at least one of the parties (or perhaps both) must be really reaching.

[still … it’s always fun for the mathematicians to suddenly find themselves useful in Sunday school! :smiley: :memo: :pencil2: ]

My rounding is perfect. To the millennium 400 years is 0. 4 hundred years rounded is 4 hundred years. 400 years to the nearest 500 is 500. But where does it come from? Collin’s date for the nuking of Tall El-Hamman is 1650 BCE, the Bible Literalist dating of the nuking of S&G is 2198 BCE c 550 years earlier. @Bill_II says Collins is out by 400 years. Both to the nearest 500 years are 500. So @Bill_II being out by 30% is not as bad as Collins being out by 25%?

C’mon guys!!!

I’m not getting into your kerfuffle about “dates” and “Sodom” and “nuking” or whatever.

All I’m telling you is that 0.4 millennium is closer (and therefore rounds to) 0.5 millennium… not 0.0 millennium. Pure and simple. No hiding behind percentages of this or that can hide your simple rounding error there.

I had to modify an inventory database to handle one scientific vendor differently because of the way it rounded on its invoices – they were frequently off by a penny from our records. Since the items were purchased in quantity and the price each could have a third decimal place, they would round the odd thousandth up and the even down.

Does 1 round to 2?

Then why repeatedly point it out?

Where did this requirement come from? You moving the goal posts?

Lets see. I was comparing 400 to 500 (your "half a millennia). Now which is closer?
From 400 it is 400 units to 0.
From 400 it is 100 units to 500.
So by my math 400 rounded to the nearest half a millennia is 500.

So I say I am right unless you are using that new fangled “New Math.”

I don’t know why you are trying to hold me to the same standards as an archeologist. To be honest I was shooting from the hip (I have a bad hip and a bad memory) and am probably off. So shot me.

Hey Bill. You’ve put the safety on haven’t you. Good man. Me too. Very well done. Seriously. Thank you.

If you are rounding, doesn’t the result depend on the precision you are rounding to?

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