More concordism may be appropriate

More concordism than many are willing to allow may be more appropriate than we know.


Interesting account.

Whats a desert now may have been open forest and grassland then.

Lots of deflation to leave that tree high on its roots.

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Sometimes archaeology confirms the history in the Bible. Later this year there will be a free online scholarly magazine for biblical archaeology.


Of course. A lot of the Bible is about historic people and places.

Other things are less literal and of course left no trace.

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A lot of people deny any historicity in the Old Testament, as well as the New.

I suppose there are, seems a silly and extreme position to take.


I know of no one who denies the Battle of Carchemish. The Herodians.

In general it seems that some people see parts of the Bible as partially true. Such as there seems to be evidence of Sodom and it being destroyed. ( maybe ) I don’t care much about archeology to be honest. When it comes to what I believe and don’t believe it’s more associated with what science rules out and how the Bible handled it. I don’t think genesis 1-11 is a myth because the claims are to hard to follow. A man living 1,000 years is easier to believe than a man coming back to life and living forever as a being that can move between dimensions.

So instead what clues me in is contextual analysis. It’s also paying attention to things like if this entire nation was wiped out, how was it back again and again. That clues me into the fact that the destruction was hyperbolic.

Parts of it partly true sounds about right.
I resad it cover to cover sndvwondered why God didnt author a better book.

God didn’t write it, he inspired it. Many humans wrote it down over centuries. And it’s from the ancient world, and shouldn’t be read as an AP newswire.

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Where? What?

I said. " authored’.

If you prefer, I will ssy I find it odd that he didnt inspire a better book.

No it’s automatic writing, God is the author of His sacred word.

Meanwhile, in answer to the OP, reading QM and relativity and evolution in to the Bible really won’t help.

Dr. Steven Collins thinks he has found the site, Tall el-Hammam. See Discovering the City of Sodom: The Fascinating, True Account of the Discovery of the Old Testament’s Most Infamous City for details.

Uh huh. Been there already. On wiki. Let me know if he found a pinch, sorry pillar of salt.

Sorry, not yet, but then again he isn’t looking for it.

Don’t tell me you actually read the book! Why?!?!?

It’s interesting.

Badlands become a lost city.

Thst would be a opinion. Plenty of people across many cultures , ages and ethnicities find the Bible very well written. The Bible Project is fairly popular for that reason.

But I understand why some don’t find it interesting. It’s mediation literature. The plain reading you’ve mentioned before would not dig in deep enough to the story to appreciate it.

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