Is there a listing of well known Christians who believe in EC or OEC?

I don’t want to fall into the trap of Arguing from Authority, but was curious if there is a listing anywhere of prominent Christians (living or deceased) who believe in EC or OEC. People like

CS Lewis
J. I. Packer
NT Wright
Tim Keller (I think)

Can anyone add to this list?

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I’m not sure you can include Keller … I think I heard that he hasn’t necessarily owned (or disowned either?) full fledged ‘EC’ with regard to human origins. I think he does insist on an historical Adam and Eve at any rate; which doesn’t necessarily preclude EC - there are ECs here that find ways to make those things live together … with considerable effort.

Billy Graham could be added to your list.

It might be a mislabel, though, to phrase it as: “they believe in it”. More like they accept the science for what it offers and don’t see EC or OEC as hostile to their faith.

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It was EC or OEC. Keller is OEC with EC sympathy.

Ahhh yes. I forgot about the OEC part as I was answering.

Hello Ron,
It’s a good idea both to caution against arguing from authority, while also quoting good authorities. = )

Given your question, before offering an answer, I’m curious what percentage you think the breakdown might roughly be, even as speculation. Iow, are you suggesting a short list or a long list, as a percentage of all people, “who believe in EC or OEC”?

This could be compared for calculation with the “other” list in your opinion of current sociology on this topic, which presumably would be of “prominent Christians (living or deceased) who believe in YEC & biblical literalism”? It’s an issue of asking what your expectations are, before seeing your reaction to the results. It could be a long list & (“Can anyone…”) everyone here could add to it.

Book lists and people lists are always subjective and there is no winning or best list to choose from, though they can be informative as guides. The answer to your question depends on what “prominent” means also, and to whom. For example, are Roman Catholics allowed in the “prominent Christians” conversation? If not (your list is of 4 Protestants; adding G.K. Chesterton, whose “Everlasting Man” helped convert C.S. Lewis, as one example, or J.H. Newman, would change that), why not?

NT Wright does seem too. Douglas Jacoby also believes in evolution.

Pew polls have been done to that effect, and as with all polls, it depend on how you ask. Here is one of the more recent polling articles:

It seems that roughly 2/3 of most groups accept EC or OEC depending on how asked. I think that is probably true in our church, though the YEC portion is more vocal than everyone else put together.
It would be interesting to see a more detailed background, as I know people in our congregation who identify with EC, ID, YEC, gap theory, progressive creationism ala Hugh Ross, etc. and it would be interesting to see that division, or just a simple division into old vs young earth.

This is a short list of Christian evolution believers.

Also, those on the BioLogos Advisory Council and Board of Directors all fall under accepting EC.
People most commonly known on those lists include: John Walton, Claude Alexander, Rich Mouw.

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What are William Lane Craig’s current views?

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Don’t forget Pat Robertson. Every movement has its member you wish would stay in the basement. Though he backed off on some of his statements, so,who knows what he believes.

The Rev. John Polkinghorne, FRS, KBE

Professor Jeremy Waldron of NYU School of Law. Delivered the Gifford lectures one year. A super-nice guy.

Professor Ken Miller of Brown U.

What is the purpose of this list?

Tremper Longman III and Bruce Waltke are two eminent OT theologians who accept evolution.


Also, Evangelical Anglican and English national treasure John Stott (RIP).

His Bible Speaks Today commentary on Romans has an excellent excursus on Romans 5, Adam, and common ancestry. The conversation and science has moved on since it was first written in 1996 (r. 2001), but it offers a good place to point evangelical pastors, since I imagine many (most?) will own a copy of his commentary and, among Christians, Stott remains well respected even by those who disagreed with him.

Derek Kidners Tyndale commentary on Genesis (1967) also has an excursus on reconciling Adam and common decent. Again, a good conversation starter since Tyndale remains a popular series.

FWIW, both take the view that Adam was a literal human being.


No real purpose as such. Would like to read their opinions and thoughts as well as get a broader understanding of how various people have thought through the ages.
It might also come in handy when discussing EC with others who DO place emphasis and credibility on authority figures. Nice to have a few cards “up my sleeve” when I’m told (screamed at?) that Hitler and Stalin believed in evolution …


Well, they probably believed in gravity also.


Last summer I compiled a fairly lengthy list of names and made it a permanent page on my website. It is a fairly exclusive group because the main criteria for entry was that I could document the individual had been personally attacked by Ken Ham or AiG and I could offer online documentation to that effect. I know of quite a few others who are EC/OEC but I could not find that they had been personally attacked.

It is the second most viewed post on my website with over 1500 views, but I’d love to make it a million. Please share it liberally.

The Spaniel’s Wall of Honor

A list of Christian leaders denounced by AiG.


Haha! Yes, I’m sure they did.

Thank you Steve. This is eye opening and a great help.

Soggy Spaniel? I like it! (But then, I’m beaglelady so it kind of figures that I would)

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