Genesis Movie Trailer. An Exciting-Looking Film Forthcoming From Our Friends At AIG!

(Phil) #49

Although there are a lot of people out there who are not very scientifically literate, and they are susceptible to getting sucked into some of dubious claims, so it is worthwhile to hold the film makers accountable.

(George Brooks) #50


The production values in that film made me sick they were so good. And I only watched the trailers!

It would be very hard not to be impressed with the pseudo-logic and pseudo-evidence in that film!

Misrepresentation of Grand Canyon rock formations
(Jonathan) #51

Well, if you all are not very excited about this movie, at least Star Wars episode VIII should be coming out this December…


We could try and figure out which movie has the most accurate scientific content. :wink:

(Jonathan) #53

Genesis movie, definitely.
Star Wars need not make claims to credible science, for they have the force! This is why SW does not bear as much scorn from me as Star Trek, but that is a ‘wormhole’ that I don’t think we should go down (or is it through?) on this forum… :wink:

(Jonathan) #54

Tonight, I watched the Genesis movie (Genesis: Paradise Lost). And I wish others of you did (maybe some of you have [here’s hoping]?) so that we can discuss it…

Overall, I thought it was quite good. There were only a couple times where I thought the evidence was a bit faulty, but other than that, excellent. Even if you all disagree with everything said in the film, I would be really interested in hearing why, and then evaluating those reasons to see if they hold up (which they may occasionally ;))…Also, it ended with “to be continued,” and now I am anticipating the sequel…

(Phil) #55

Guess I should see it. There was a group from our church who went last night, with raving reviews on facebook. I had to bite my tongue (metaphorically) a bit, and remind myself that I need to respond in love, or not at all. The not at all response is what I going with at the present time, but self pride and so forth wants to rear its ugly head.

(Jonathan) #56

I would definitely encourage you to give it a try!

(James McKay) #57

Just one question here — did the film say anything that isn’t already being said on the AIG/ICR/CMI websites? Any particular highlights?

(Jonathan) #58

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I would go with: doubtful.

As far as highlights go, it was quite a powerful movie in general, and they did a good job (as usual) of sharing the Gospel…


How well does the trailer represent what the movie actually says? If the movie presents the same old tired false dichotomy of accepting YEC or accepting atheism (as the trailer does) I think I will give it a pass.

(Jonathan) #60

I haven’t watched the trailer in a while, but the actual movie didn’t have the whole bust of Darwin crumbling deal, and I did not think they had that false dichotomy (you taught me how to spell that word! Many thanks!) overtly presented…


A quote from the trailer, “Really we only have two possibilities. We just happened or somebody made us.” This was said by one of the experts that I assume would also be included in the movie. I don’t know if you would consider that statement “overt” but it is to my EC sensibilities.

(Phil) #62

Of course, technically we accept that as well, though could quibble a bit about whether we should refer to God as “somebody.” However, the point of difference is in “how” we were made.

(Jonathan) #63

I was about to respond, but @jpm pretty much said what I would have…(Except from an EC point of view).


I still consider it a false dichotomy as the only choices presented are evolution without God or God without evolution. But I am preaching to the choir.

(Jon) #65

It’s an obvious false dichotomy, and just proves that there’s nothing new in this movie, it’s the same old YEC schtick that they’ve been sticking to all this time. Nothing new, not a facts based approach, just more fear and loathing and culture war fodder. And no science.

(Phil) #66

I do not disagree with you at all. My observation is that statements are made that are technically true or accepted as truth (like this one) but then what follows is not truth in the usual bait and switch fashion, which is where false dichotomy comes in.


I think the reason for the movie is to just make YEC people feel more comfortable in their beliefs. It isn’t trying to convince any non-YEC to accept the YEC position. Which makes a non-fact based approach which emphasizes fear of any other position the ideal choice.


You made me go out and look up false dichotomy to see if I had it wrong. What I found, “A false dichotomy is a dichotomy that is not jointly exhaustive (there are other alternatives), or that is not mutually exclusive (the alternatives overlap), or that is possibly neither.” The dichotomy expressed is not exhaustive as there is a third possibility, God with evolution.