Genesis Movie Trailer. An Exciting-Looking Film Forthcoming From Our Friends At AIG!

Greetings, all!

Coming sometime in November, I believe. How exciting!
I hope to hear your comments on the trailer!
(And I hope you may give the actual production a go when it comes out).

Lol, one convincing lie has prevented billions from knowing the truth… sigh.

And this pseudo-documentary promises we will:

  • Explore the evidence (showing the Grand Canyon, a picture showing Geology and Cosmology- which by the way, there is no YEC Cosmology, Noah’s Ark, some hominid skulls)
  • Experience Creation (showing Noah’s flood and an instantaneous creation of plant life)
  • Discover the Truth (showing a picture of ‘Ice Age and Climate Change,’ how Saturn’s rings magically prove a young universe, the words ‘missing link’ dramatically shown, some ID type stuff with DNA, then a velociraptor that looks like it was copied out of a Jurassic Park move presumably in the Garden of Eden or close to it and then the words ‘the Truth will set you free’ as a bust of Darwin crumbles to pieces–by this point I was laughing quite a bit).

Ok, well I suppose for comedic value I might give it a go, as long as you buy my ticket.


I think it’s interesting to note that I accept evolution and yet, somehow, I still know who I am, why I’m here, and most important, the truth about Who created me.


You do today. But it’s a slippery slope, man.


I would require food as well, unless there were a few members of this Forum mob in the group, in which case I would go to listen to the giggling and muttering.

Or…if I thought I would see a trailer for God’s Not Dead III… man I’d be so there.

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YECs are resembling flat-earthers more and more with every passing day.

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Why am I here? Will a silly creationist movie help me figure that out if buy a ticket?

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Not sure why I’m bothering, but I feel as though I should respond to the Saturn claim anyway.

Even if the rings are only a few thousand years old this proves nothing more than the age of the rings, it has no bearing on the age of the universe whatsoever. Did they not think this through?

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If they can afford to produce a movie you would think that they could use some of that money to do actual scientific research. Their refusal to do actual science strongly indicates that they know the scientific evidence doesn’t support their position.


Yeah, I don’t think it’s that simple. YEC is a populist movement, it makes total sense that they would invest resources into mediums that reach the masses most effectively.

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They claim that it is a valid scientific position. They also claim that scientists are overlooking the evidence for young Earth creationism. Those claims fall flat when even they refuse to do the science that they think should be done.


That’s not how they see it. The movie “Is Genesis History” released earlier this year was full of young-earth scientists who think of themselves as pursuing these questions.

I think YEC is wrong, but it’s worth representing them correctly.

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Assuming they aren’t already, what would it look like if they (AIG scientists) were actually pursuing these questions…?

Speaking of, it will be interesting to see what becomes of the rocks recently collected from the Grand Canyon. I wish there were someone with grant money who could collect the same samples and analyze them, or even better if the group would share their samples with mainstream scientists for analysis.


It’s not so much that they aren’t pursuing scientific questions, but they are doing so with a substantially different “rulebook” than mainstream science. They are completely committed to an interpretation of the Bible that already gives them most of the details of natural history, and they are just trying to find confirmations of what they think they already know. This makes it impossible for them to actually consider evidence that does not match these presuppositions.

Here’s a good example of how problematic this approach can be:


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As a recently prior “YECer” ( on a few accounts) am quite embarrassed to have been associated with them based off of this trailer.

To me it reeks of a liberal “argument” in today’s society that can’t be won. Though facts are used to support, the main argument is moral high ground.

If a conservative thinks universal healthcare is detrimental and unsustainable in the long run, they are met with…Conservatives like to kill babies.

If conservatives think immigration needs to be reformed…conservatives are racist.

If you think the earth could be old and evolution possible…you believe a lie and invalidate the Bible.

What happened to people putting out facts on both sides and debating and or letting each person decide?

I would be interested to watch it to see what evidences they have. I would be much more interested if not for this heavily biased moral high ground claiming trailer.

Not only do they alienate themselves from most atheist, but they also alienate EC and Biologos from atheist as well.

I’m not saying you have to believe YEC or EC and should be persuaded or compromise your beliefs based on atheist or anyone of this world. But claiming to be the only ones with the truth and the only ones that can read and interpret the Bible correctly isn’t very humble.

What research are they doing to pursue these questions?

I haven’t heard of creationists writing grants that contain proposed work in the field of YEC, so I don’t see how they can complain. Creationists want to act like they are Rosa Parks without actually getting on the bus.


@still_learning Greetings! (I like your username, by the way, and would definitely apply it to myself as well)

Between YEC and EC and (ultimately) Atheistic Evolutionism, only one can be true. So it would be natural for AIG to call their position the truth just as it would be for BioLogos (or Atheist Republic, to take it further) to do the same. The thought that professing to have the truth is prideful (and thus “bad”) turns any debate into a completely different animal…a debate that cannot be won (as, apparently, more than one apparently contradictory thing can be simultaneously true). The humbleness of EC (as expressed by BIoLogos) as opposed to the prideful arrogance of YEC (as expressed by AIG) seems to be a recurring sentiment on this forum. Would @Casper_Hesp, @jpm etc. care to explain this to me…?

(@Still_learning…Please do not interpret me to have a brusque tone, as it is incredibly easy to be interpreted as speaking thus in online forum environments. All on this forum should know by now that I never mean my posts to be mean-spirited.)

Also…If anyone here sees the actual movie, I hope to hear your thoughts on it!

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