Genesis Movie Trailer. An Exciting-Looking Film Forthcoming From Our Friends At AIG!


Most creationist arguments have been recycled for decades now, so if you could paraphrase one of the arguments I am sure we could figure out what you are talking about.


My parents made me. Does that count? :wink:

Perhaps YEC’s could understand the problem with this argument if you replaced evolution with something else.

Lightning just happens, or somebody has to make it.

Rain clouds just happen, or somebody has to make them.

Volcanoes just happen, or somebody has to make them.

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I’d be even more interested in your opinions after you have actually seen the movie ;)…


I don’t think I would be comfortable funding an organization that pushes ignorance onto the public.


Maybe Jonathan would like to provide a ticket. Or you could wait until it comes out on DVD and check it out of your library. I doubt my library would get it.

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The sad, sad truth…


If you are serious about preaching Young Earth Creationism with this particular film, you could buy the DVD for your local library and/or other libraries. Think about it: you probably wouldn’t want to fork over the cash to see a film about, say, Scientology because you don’t accept Scientology.

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I’m already writing a review of it for my website. Needless to say, it will probably express some opposite sentiments to those shown here…

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I found this review online, and it was critical not of the content but of the production. Interesting.

I confess, I only liked at the trailers for the first time, and found them pretty offensive in that they invoke decisive language and make misleading statements.
Hopefully can see it when out on will not make the limited screening. It will be interesting to see commentary on the content as more reviews come along, and look forward to reading yours.

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Decisive language – it’s the worst. (Or, um, I feel like it’s bad, but others might have a different perspective, you know?)

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Here is the review of the movie that I wrote…The average forum goer will probably find it of interest, as I racked my brains for the specific arguments etc. that were used in the film that I could not remember (or formulate well enough in my own words) that I was requested to post here. So you should be able to get them from the review. There are some spoilers, but they should not ultimately spoil your enjoyment of the movie if you should happen to see it. Just read the first chapter of Genesis, and about half the movie is “spoiled” anyway ;).

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Ha! Don’t you just hate it! I think your point is that divisive language is no big deal, and I agree, were it not in the context of being representatives of Christ and being aimed at fellow Christians. Bad enough to bad mouth the " evil" atheists, for whom our conduct is a testimony to Christ in our life.
Sorry to preach. I am often guilty of such myself, so perhaps that is why I brought it up.

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No, I prefer to avoid divisive language. It’s was the scourge of decisive language that I was addressing.

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Thanks for posting. It seems that the “science” they quote is not science at all, but just the same retreads of arguments that have already been thoroughly debunked. For example, on continental drift, do they actually give any evidence that the super fast drift they propose ever happened, and how the huge heat generated could be accounted for scientifically? Not to mention the great pools of lava that would erupt through the great gaps as the continents pulled apart like sticky buns fresh out of the oven, with searing cinnamon and molten sugar, burning your fingers as you try and fail to resist the alluring scents rising from the pan…

I did not eat breakfast this morning.

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How long do you think the lava would take to cool if it was under several hundred feet of water for a few weeks?

Another argument they gave:
"If we can believe in a worldwide flood on Mars, where there is not a drop of liquid water, why can’t we believe in a worldwide flood on Earth, which has water covering most of it’s surface?

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They said this? Really? Not as a joke?

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In passing…they said something of the sort…

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Would you like to know why such an argument is completely disconnected from reality?

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Here is a starting point among dozens of additional reasons by the Mars argument is a rather silly one for YECs to be making.