Does the Great Pyramid of Giza convey a mathematical prophecy?

I discovered something related to the Great Pyramid of Giza while playing with my calculator a few days ago (Yes, I know. I am one weird nerd!), and found something that REALLY blew my mind.

I love ‘magic squares’ and find them facinating.

There are many types of magic squares, but to me, those are like playing Sudoku where you have to think and decide where to place certain numbers in a square, then by adding them up, they all get to the same number every which way you add them up. Those are just fun and games.

But, as I was saying, I played with my calculator, and found this formulae that makes me wonder, are we living in a simulation, a matrix if you will, where the universe is built on numbers, and we live in a grid simulation? Pythagoras believed God built the Universe with numbers, why shouldn’t we?

To explain my discovery, take your calculator so we can use the keypad for a 3×3 grid with 9 blocks square, and calculate the following:


6÷2(middle digit)=3


15÷5(middle digit)=3


24÷8(middle digit)=3


12÷4(middle digit)=3


15÷5(middle digit)=3


18÷6(middle digit)=3


15÷5(middle digit)=3


15÷5(middle digit)=3

I tried this with other sequential numbers on the same above formula, and replaced 1, 2, 3, …,9 with let’s say 10, 11, 12, …,18, or even decimal numbers, or even into the millions, if you do the same, you will always end up by the answer 3, no matter which sequential numbers you use!

Even when you replace all the numbers with one same number, any number, you will always get the answer 3 with the same formula!

I then tried the following:


12÷2(middle digit)=6


30÷5(middle digit)=6


48÷8(middle digit)=6


24÷4(middle digit)=6


30÷5(middle digit)=6


36÷6(middle digit)=6


30÷5(middle digit)=6


30÷5(middle digit)=6

Again, you may use any other sequential numbers, and you will always end up with the answer 6 by using this method!

I then added all the numbers together in my 3×3 square:


45÷5(middle digit)=9

Again, you may use any other sequential numbers and by using this method, will always give you the answer 9.

I then went further and tried something different:


444÷2(middle digit)=222


1110÷5(middle digit)=222


1776÷8(middle digit)=222


888÷4(middle digit)=222


1110÷5(middle digit)=222


1332÷6(middle digit)=222


1110÷5(middle digit)=222


1110÷5(middle digit)=222

For the sake of interest:


6÷2(middle digit)=3

I don’t know how much you know about numerology, an occult or esoteric approach to mathematics, but 222 is according to this tradition an angelic number that promises good things to come.

Bare that in mind, because I will come back to this esoteric meaning later, after I made my hypothesis on the meaning of the message that the builders of the Pyramids of Giza try to convey to us (Ofcourse, this is only a pet theory of mine).

One British Air Force pilot flew over the Great Pyramid of Giza on the morning of the first Equinox of 1940, and discovered by chance that the Khufu Pyramid does not have 4 sides, but actually 8 sides.

When viewed from above, the 8 lines that cross each other at the apex, follows the same trajectories as how my formulae is calculated, and therefore it inspired my theory.

The four ‘hidden’ cleavages on the four sides of the pyramid, could be a message that the total values should be divided by the middle value, and carry the total weight in a symbolic way, as I have done in my above calculations.

If that is so, the values of the middle digits through which the totals are divided into, will become the same totals, for example, let us take my first equation into consideration:

If 1+2+3=6, then the number 2 will carry the weight of its total when divided, and become a 6.

Let us test the calculation, starting with the circumference of the square:



Therefore: 1+6+3=10



Therefore: 1+12+7=20



Therefore: 3+18+9=30



Therefore: 7+24+9=40

When the total of the circumference values are calculated:


Now let us calculate the cross trajectory formulae inside the 3×3 square:



Therefore: 4+15+6=25



Therefore: 2+15+8=25



Therefore: 1+15+9=25



Therefore: 3+15+7=25

When the total of the cross trajectories were calculated to represent the pyramid’s apex (or the centre of the square), we get the same total as its circumference value:


In the abovementioned calculations, 100 is a constant, and a complete number, therefore it can be interpreted for the purpose of my argument to represent Completion, but also the beginning of a new cycle of numbers, because all natural sequential numbers in the square were calculated and the complete square were taken into consideration as the whole.

If I make a hypothesis and say the builders of the pyramids built a scale model of our Universe and they wish to send us a message, then such a message will be embedded in a mathematical equation easy enough so that everyone will understand such a message.

It appears that the pyramid builders is trying to draw our attention to number 3 for some reason. Our reality also exist in 3 dimensions.

Three pyramids were built next to each other, and an architect discovered one day that the three pyramids aligns with the constellation of Orion, which can be seen as three stars in the sky.

On the Eastern side of the Pyramid of Khufu, three smaller pyramids were built, and it’s significance remains under speculation.

The volume of a pyramid is calculated by V=(1/3)Bh, where ‘B’ represents the base, and ‘h’ represents it’s height.

A true pyramid’s volume is a 1/3 of the volume of a true cube.

Then the following calculations makes a further point on my theory how the architects of the pyramids draw our attention to the number 3 by simplifying the first three models, and multiply the master numbers by its 8 sides:

3 (Master number for the first model) ×8 (sides) =24

6 (Master number for the second model) ×8 (sides) =48

9 (Master number for the third model) ×8 (sides) =72


144÷48 (The middle digit) =3

The first three examples I used in the beginning, has a single digit for its master numbers, eg. 3, 6 and 9, and as I have demonstrated by my calculation by multiplying those numbers with the Khufu Pyramid’s 8 sides, the result is 24+48+72=144. 144÷48 (The middle digit) =3, therefore by simplifying all three models share the same master number 3.

The fourth model I used represents 222 as its master number, a three digit number, and thusfar I could not calculate any other reoccurring number with my method, and therefore the model remains unique.

Therefore I make use of a different simplification method, while using the 8 sides as above:

222 (Master number for the fourth model) ×8 (sides) =1776



For the sake of interest, the Order of the Illuminati was found by Adam Weishaupt on the 1st May, 1776.

Ever wondered why a young adult becomes emancipated at the age of 21, and not 20 or 22 for example?

Maybe the age of adulthood was chosen in honour of the year 1776, the year when Weishaupt became enlightened.

But ofcourse, that is just another theory, and the Order was not available for comment on this subject.

All above grids has 9 blocks square. If the first three grids can be simplified to correspond with a master number of 3, and the last model has 222 it’s master number and is unique, then I make a hypothesis and say that the two different models represents two separate universes.

I would argue then that it would be fair to add the total value of its bases (1+2+3+…+9=45) and multiply their total with each other, eg:


We are currently in the year 2022 (Anyone see the angelic number 222 in it?) and 2025 (Anyone see 2+0+2+5=9, the last number at the end of all sequential string of numbers, before a new cycle begins?), which is only three years from now.

Let us take a look what the numbers 3, 6 and 9 signifies in Egyptian numerology:

Number 3: The number symbolizes Birth, Life and Death.

Number 6: The number symbolizes a life path or journey.

Number 9: The number symbolizes completion and new beginnings.

Number 222: The number tells you to seek balance, and is also associated with hope and promises good things to come.

Can it be possible that the builders sent us a message that something good will happen in 2025, something that promise spiritual enlightenment?

I also keep in mind that 3×222=666, but then again, on the contrary to believe, the number 666 is NOT the devil’s number.

Revelation 13:18 says: “Let him who hath understanding, reckon the number of the Beast, because it is a HUMAN number, and his number is 666.”

The Pyramid of Giza is indeed one great beast of a monument, and was known of its existence throughout antiquity!

Now that is a subject to be discussed some other time, and is besides the point I am trying to make, but worth mentioning.

Still, 6+6+6=18. 18÷6(Middle digit)=3, and is still a relevant and interesting topic.

If the total I calculated is 18, I would further argue that 1+8=9, and therefore 3, 6 and 9 show up in this equation as well!

Also, 3+6+9=18, while the total of 6+6+6=18!

Maybe I am wrong about my theory of a prophecy relevant to the year 2025, but one thing is certain, this proofs atleast that the universe is from an intelligent design.

Nikola Tesla himself had an obsession, just like me, with the numbers 3, 6 and 9, as well as a shared fascination with the Great Pyramids of Giza.

He had a different approach than mine, however I do agree with him; there is something in common with the numbers and the pyramids.

We already live in interesting times, and world governments already discuss the feasibility of a ‘One World Order’ system, which is quite a controversial concept, to say the least, however I remain neutral to the subject and reserve my own judgement on the idea.

Maybe we do exist in a Simulation Multiverse after all, and we are nothing more than artificially intelligent algorithms designed for the purpose to learn by experience and become a reflection of our Creators.

Alternatively, whether you call the Creator God, Jaweh, Allah, Amun-Ra or whatever name suits you best, the fact remains that our existence is a result from an intelligent design.

Mathematics was invented, we just discovered it.

Thank you for entertaining my madness, and I wish you all Light, Love and Peace.

Hello, Drino - and welcome to the forum!

Speaking as a math teacher - I can identify with the fun of number play (and then also trying to explain it). Just taking the thing you started with there: the sum of a sequence of three numbers divided by the middle number in that sequence always giving you three - yes that is cool! And a bit of algebra shows why that works for all real numbers and not just the ones you tried.

Take any number: n, and add it to n+1 and n+2. You get: 3n+3. Now divide that by the middle number in the sequence: n+1 … and … voila! You get 3. It doesn’t matter what n is (as long as it isn’t -1 … in which case a division by zero thwarts it) But other than that n can be positive, negative, or even a fraction!

Or the further more general arithmetic sequence of three numbers that grow by some generic, but constant value ‘k’ where k can equal values other than 1. You have: n + n + k + n + 2k
All of that sums to: 3n + 3k. Now divide that by the middle term: n+k, and again … you get 3.

So what you’re landing on is some cool patterns of algebra. And while I haven’t here taken the time to go through all the rest of your offerings there, it’s a pretty sure bet that other cool algebraic principles will be in play there too.

I doubt that any of this lends much credence to prophecies that try to base themselves on such things. We are good at finding pattens in things - and mathematics assures there will be many patterns to be found, especially in ordered stuff. Numerologists who draw prophecy out of these patterns, though, are attempting to tread where Jesus said even he couldn’t go: to outwit the pre-ordained timelines of the Creator and anticipate what God said would be impossible for us to anticipate. It is fun to try, as we’ve seen. But even just the algebra behind it is fun enough for me.



Hi Merv! Thank you for your reply, I agree with you 100%. When you read further on my thesis, you will understand why I came to the understanding that the ancients tried to convey a mathematical message.
I am not saying a prophecy will be fulfilled in 2025. I am saying the ancients believed it, and found it necessary to convey it to our generation.
Like I said, this is just a pet theory of mine, however, atleast it is not a doomsday prophecy and for me, it gives hope for the future.
Its interpretation remains open for discussion, and a good mystery remains a fun topic.

The ancients who built structures that endure to this day clearly had a good grasp on geometry and often had complex understandings of other sciences such as astronomy. We knew this already.

Math doesn’t communicate secret information about the future. It just doesn’t. So, no nothing about the math used to construct the pyramids is a secret message telling us about the future, and all claims to find such messages are just imaginative fictions.


It’s called pareidolia.

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Hi Christy! I do agree with you, mathematics does not enable us to predict future events, such as world wars or when the next tsunami will strike Japan.
However, mathematics can be used as a universal language to convey a message symbolically.
We can however predict events mathematically, for example weather predictions, cosmic events, when your baby will be born, or even population growth and economics.
I cannot say that because 2+0+2+5=9, therefore an earthquake will occur in Peru with a 9 on the Richter scale in 2025, I know it doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t work that way.
The ancients had a firm believe in numerology, and according to Egyptian numerology, Number 3 symbolizes Birth, Life and Death. They used this number, as I see it, to draw our attention to the birth of our world, its continuance and its end.
Number 6 symbolizes a life path or journey, and can be interpreted as time, and they try to tell us by using this number that they predict a future event, that leads us to Number 9 that symbolizes completion and new beginnings. This can mean for them that an end will come to one cycle, and rebirth follows.
Number 222 tells you to seek balance, and is also associated with hope and promises good things to come. Maybe they try to tell us that we should make a wise decision and make changes to our lifestyles.
This is how a mathematical message can be conveyed, and is open for interpretation.
Thanks for your comment!

You need to check a higher res image of the pyramid. What appears to be edges in your picture don’t exist. Also, we don’t know what the pyramid looked like in it’s “as constructed” state. Almost all of the outer covering was removed and used as building material. The remaining blocks form a very rough and irregular surface.

Edit to add: In looking at the picture again and considering the angle of the sun, I think what you take as “edges” are actually just shadows cast by two of the edges.


Actually, Bill. You are wrong. You may search Google on the subject and there are plenty of websites available for you to do research on the subject.
You may start with Great Pyramid of Giza - Wikipedia
Thanks for your comment.

Actually, Klax. You are wrong. You may use Google and do some research on the subject. You may start with Great Pyramid of Giza - Wikipedia
There are plenty of websites that discuss the eight sides of the pyramid and its been known to exist since 1940.
The indentations is hard to see with the naked eye, and can only be seen clearly every Spring and Autumn equinoxes.

In what way?

Actually the photo on the Wikipedia page clearly shows the shadow on the right side that creates the illusion of an “edge”.

Indeed. I raise you a duck cloud prophecy.



I’ve been fortunate enough to honeymoon in Egypt and, whilst there, was able to visit the great pyramids. Having seen them from far away and very close up, I can confirm that they are standard square based pyramids. And, as you say, are missing much of the outer layer.

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Those aren’t really predictions, they are calculations based on things that can be measured like barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, planetary orbits, gestational age, birth/death rates.

I know. But that doesn’t mean they had access to knowledge we don’t have access to in order to relay messages about the birth of the universe or whatever. Even if you could find messages, why should we believe they are accurate or true? In other words, why do you think the content of the message is so special, it’s worth all this beautiful mind stuff to decode?

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So far I’m getting an impression which reminds me of @beaglelady 's fortune cookie post

The End-of-the-World Industry is quite lucrative. End of the World Fails. People who fall for these scams have lost their livlihoods.


Yes, Mervin. It is a lucrative trade and fear is a great marketing tool.
This time, however, I don’t believe it necessary to build a bunker and save up as much food as you can get, change your religion and do something stupid, like joining a cult.
This time, I think we can just sit back, relax and see what good news awaits us.

Christy, even the message you had just sent me now, is encoded by algorithm. Mathematics can be used to convey messages, and the military uses encoded messages to communicate high secrecy information since the time of Julius Caesar, or even before that.
How can we say that these ancient people could not have known about future events by using mathematical equations, when you had said it yourself that planetary movements, or a comet’s trajectory etc. can be calculated?
The Earth’s magnetic field had shifted many times in the past, and even our Sun does it every few years.
No one knows why it happens, it just does.
Also, we can calculate weather patterns months, or even years ahead.
These are just a few examples of how mathematics can be used.
But as I said earlier, I do agree with you that a future event such as world wars, the next tsunami or who will be the next president cannot be mathematically predicted and I don’t even try to classify such predictions as pseudo science, because that is just plain rubbish.
My theory just remains that. A theory and not a proven fact, and is just one of many other theories out there that try to make sense of these fantastic and mind bending structures.
Hopefully, I just hope we won’t give credit to the ‘alien builders’ hypothesis, but rather to actual human beings with an advanced knowledge, a knowledge lost to antiquity, and I place hope in our advancement in science and technology to rediscover such lost knowledge.

From what I am reading they do have a slight dip by an angle of 1 degree

There are a handful of theories, one being it was to better secure the casing stones.


Given the ancient technology used, it is amazing the dip is that slight.


Hi Mike. Thanks for reply. Another theory was that the structure ‘imploded’, because of its weight. That theory was disproven, as there were no sign of interior damage.
It is clear that the indentations were deliberately designed to perform a function, and the indentations can only be seen by the naked eye during a Spring or Autumn equinox.
Just imagine the skill the ancients possessed to work that out with such a huge structure.
To lift those huge stones is also an accomplishment that even we, today with our modern technology, will be difficult to perform.
They could have used small bricks to build, and it would have been easier to do so, yet they chose carefully carved blocks that weigh many tonnes, because they could.
Those tourists who were privileged enough to have visited the Pyramids will tell you that it is prohibited by Egyptian authorities to climb the structure, because it is too dangerous to do so.
Yet, these tonnes of stone blocks were lifted to the top.
I just hope people would stop jumping on the ‘alien builders’ hypothesis to explain how they were built, and rather do research on a lost technology the ancients could have had.
Also, the structures show signs of water erosion, while we know that Egypt does not get so much rain.
North Africa used to have a tropical climate, but that was according to research about 65000 years ago.
Even the Sphinx show signs of water erosion.
The pyramids and the Sphinx are much older than 3500 years, and during the time of Pharaoh Khufu, who Egyptologists reckon built the structures, lived in a time when Egypt already had a dry climate.
The Egyptians did not build them. They inherited it from a lost civilization who completed a cycle of existence, and they took their knowledge to their graves.
We just need to rediscover it.

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