Common Question: Should Christians get vaccinated?

That’s along the same line as my wife’s quip,

Ideally, you should have a vaccine passport to go into any public place, especially if there are unvaccinated children around.

(It would be more ideal to have vaccine mandates.)

How about an implanted RFID chip instead, or reprogram the nanochips in the vaccines? :grin:

Psalm 145:17 David wrote while under the Holy Spirit these words "The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his deeds.

What spirit did you write that you wished to see God’s servants die from a virus? From the heart the mouth speaks… Since you are speaking publicly I’ll speak publicly too. Where is your heart coming from? [Some content here moderated out.]
I hope for your sake and perhaps others that you use this rebuke to draw near to Christ so that you can move on since you call yourself a follower of Christ.

One thing I wanted to share concerning the vaccine is this.

Covid ran rampant on a job site I work. I’m the only one who had whatever vaccine they are giving at the local Walmart. Everyone else is sick with covid. One guy looks like he’s going to drop unfortunately. He was already only about 150lbs and 6 foot and he’s now 130lbs in just two weeks. He passed out a few days ago while walking in his house and broke his arm. His wife was taken to the hospital yesterday for pneumonia. Another guys mom , whose in her 70s came to check on him last week and she got flown to a different hospital about 2 hours north of where we live because she got covid from visiting him potentially and all the hospitals are back to being overfilled with covid patients.

I personally think in addition to generally eating well snd mostly avoiding others that the vaccine probably helped because I don’t have it and I’ve been to work everyday around these people. They all refused to wear masks also. Said they got to sweaty and could not breath.

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Since you brought up 1 Corinthians what about the argument Paul makes about coming to them without persuasive arguments and man’s wisdom so that their faith would not rest on man’s wisdom but rather trusting in God’s almighty power? In other words using vaccines, in my eyes, is resting on some scientist’s wisdom. Why would I give up my faith in God’s power that he made my body and it’s immune system well to trust in man’s “higher” wisdom? Why would I give up my faith in his healing power for a drug? Just in a worldly fashion I would not trust this mRNA vaccine which has been studied over 20 years without success, not FDA approved, has zero long term studies? It’s currently has over 11,000 deaths from the vaccine, and over 400,000 reports of bad side effects. The average is 30,000 cases of bad side effects per year with 15 shoots. With this vaccine we have over 400,000 cases with only 3 shots. Why would I be unloving to my neighbor to sidestep my faith about my body being God’s possession and temple and trust this? I think that if I did so would be foolish.

Greeting, and welcome. Let’s look at what we do agree on. We both acknowledge and worship God as Lord.
Second, please cite these references.
Do you not believe in medicine? These arguments are against any medicine–and Paul gave Timothy medical advice , which did not rely on a miracle.

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Yeah that didnt work out well for those ancient folks did it? Smallpox etc etc. Average age for ancient Greece was 40 due to the ilnesses one would contact trough his life

Do you know tht those numbers are misrepresented and inaccurate as you quoted them? All deaths from all causes are reported within the followup period, and most are the usual things people die of: MVAs, GSWs, heart attacks, falls, strokes, drowning etc. There have been a few deaths associated with it from clotting disorders and low platelets, but getting Covid is far more likely to kill you. We had a family friend die this week, and 9 more in the family have Covid. They got it at a funeral. All were unvaccinated. The local small 50 bed hospital has 11 patients with Covid, all who got it at the same funeral. For a good explanation of the statistics of death and adverse effects, see link:


How does the promotion of stupidity serve God in any way?

The heart that hopes for the world to become a better place.

On the scale of global atrocities this one ranks really, really low.

Those first democracies weren’t the best examples (e.g. slavery, only the rich elite were allowed to vote), and were much more authoritarian than any democracy seen today.

Would it matter to you if many of those claims were false? For example, the mRNA vaccine successfully went through 3 phases of clinical trials. Did you know that?


I’m a family doc, and have seen quite a few people die with the virus. The vaccine has been safe, and has made a tremendous difference for those who have gotten it. I am grateful that I could have the shot and also still wear the mask to protect my patients.

More than 600,000 people have died of Covidin the US alone. When it reached 400,000, it was more than the total of Americans that died in 4 years in World War II.


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Onyl a naive person would rank the attroicities commited in the world. A smaller problem remains a problem

Still better than nothinf

Sounds like an interesting approach to preaching the gospel. It sounds like a terrible approach to do most other things.

Are you consistent in this belief? Do you rely on the wisdom of farmers to grow your food? Do you rely on the wisdom of dentists to fix your teeth? Do you rely on the human wisdom of carpenters, plumbers, masons, and auto mechanics, or is it only the wisdom of scientists that you find spiritually offensive?


We must live in very different worlds. Do all crimes come with life in prison if convicted?

That’s debatable.

Do you brush your teeth or wear a seat belt?

No. But they are still crimes. Its not like the judge its gonna say" hmm yes i will let the one with the stolen property for now and focus on thhis murder case

Those were the first steps to the democrasy that you have today whether you like it or not. Its really pitty Westernees not recognizing how much Greece and Rome has given to the world. And yes these two cultures were more advanced than any other in Europe at that time. And who didnt do attrocities in the ancient world? Colombus did a whole genocide to find America. Still though i respect and think your constitution its the best in the world. Socrates (for example)also talked about “little boys” at one point. Does that make his words irelevant?

Hello Steve, Now that I re-read my post and your response, I can see your logic, you are right. I did write my response poorly, so if you don’t mind I’ll try to explain my views hopefully with no judgement toward those that got the vaccine.

I believe we live in a world that has it’s “ways”, it’s philosophies, it’s worldview. When these are in conflict with what I read and understand in scripture then I have a choice. I then try to use what Paul was saying, and ask "where is this “wisdom” coming from? God, myself, man, demonic?? where? So for example, education. If the public schools are teaching that it’s ok to teach children that you are born like X , and that it is morally fine to act that way. I have a choice, we all have a choice at that point to agree or not. Now for vaccines, I’ve gotten them in the past when I was pretty young and I just don’t like taking anything- not for moral / faith issues- just don’t like them. But this mRNA vaccine is different ( different in technology) and the way in which it is being rolled out is different from the past too.

Why for example is there such a push for it? The government and major media sources are really on this thing, offering lottery tickets and now even going door to door? really? This virus has a very large % recovery rate and hardly effects the youth, yet look at the fear they are spreading and again the push to get everyone vaccinated. Why are we not asking for anti-body testing as the litmus test instead of being vaccinated or not? Many people like myself who got the virus and recovered have a great God given immune system and are better off then if I only got the vaccine. How about long term (I’m talking 3, 5 , 10 years of testing)? Without trying to add fear to anyone, those who got vaccinated are the long term trial test. Again without added guilt to anyone, who knows what will happen to a young pre adolescence girl’s reproduction in 10 years? No one knows. The whole thing stinks of something foul. And now it is being used to divide christians, some in this forum saying that it’s morally higher to get it. So, this is where I ask "where is all this “worldly wisdom” coming from? God? I personally don’t believe so. You may believe so and we will be on the opposite sides of a bridge that neither one will cross.

Now before you respond, let me just add this. I don’t listen to major media news ( CNN, ABC, FOX, major news papers, NPR, etc.) I listen to conservatives, mostly because I agree with their views. I listen to conservative doctors, news, researchers, etc. If you don’t and you like the other side, I can almost with some certainty say we will not agree. You most likely will see the world and social issues different. Your numbers with not be my numbers, you most likely will believe you are correct. Your sources will say that my sources are wrong or worst and vise-versa. Frankly, imo, this is thee one BIG dividing line in the fracture in the church, and this forum,- where are we getting our information.

This is about the best I can do to try to be careful with my words and express my concern about this vaccine.

Hello Dale, Please see my response to glipsnort. It’s kinda a long response.


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