Any favorite Bible apps or versions?

I like Bible Gateway for scriptural citations if you have multiple verses or non-contiguous passages.

This is the One Year Bible* selection for today:

Jeremiah 10:1-11:23; Colossians 3:18-4:18; Psalm 78:56-72; Proverbs 24:28-29

*It’s a pretty good system – it gives an OT and a NT selection as well as one from the Psalms and Proverbs, and it goes through the Psalms twice in the year. (I hope I’m not virtue signaling, because I haven’t used it regularly for a number of years. :slightly_smiling_face:)


I use the YouVersion app, which I like to be able to listen to stuff when on the go. I havent settled on a translation, my print is in ESV, but then coming here to BL it seems like other staff members seem to favor other versions! Open to new ones for sure, ESV is a little…heady.

Yes I know what you mean, I ended up ditching the ESV in the end for that very reason. I really like the Christian Standard Bible. It sits in a nice halfway house between the ESV and the NIV.

Here’s Romans 8 in the CSB.

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After reading this article, I deleted YouVersion. I am sticking with Bible Gateway for now.
Religious apps

The bad publicity for YouVersion was something widely discussed in my circles since Wycliffe partners with them to give them permissions for some of the minority language versions they offered. A colleague of mine posted this message from a friend of his on the YouVersion development team on an SIL Facebook page.

"The long and short of it is that this article contains some information that is completely inaccurate, and a lot of info that is very misleading. We’ve reached out to the author of the article to set the record straight and to offer context and information, but those efforts have been largely ignored.

The place where the whole thing goes wrong is actually in the very first sentence – that the YouVersion Bible App is “an incredibly simple app.” Because the author assumes that YouVersion is simply an app that allows you to read a static view of the Bible text, they don’t consider the full range of features that are possible within the Bible App. Things like audio Bibles, friends connections, viewing local “Events”, accessing Bible Plans, and downloading the text for offline use all REQUIRE permissions that go beyond what this author seems to think is reasonable. This is not a result of YouVersion receiving more data than is necessary, but rather, the result of the author not understanding what YouVersion is all about.

In the end, we take security of user’s data very seriously. Each of the permissions mentioned are requested at the time when they are needed to support what the user is attempting to do within the App. And – despite the fact that the author doesn’t believe us - it truly is YouVersion’s practice not to sell ads or sell user data in any way.

It’s regrettable that this type of article gets so much traffic and has the potential to distract from our goal of getting people to engage with the Bible in community. Hopefully this answers some of your concerns, but if you have anything else you’re curious about, definitely let me know."


Seems the response you posted doesn’t relate to the article I referenced, am I missing something?

It was shared in response to someone asking about this article, which I believe is the same content as the one you posted. I have seen various articles referenced in the last couple days. The comments might have been referring to the article in Popular Mechanics, which was shared quite a bit and prompted my colleague’s original inquiry.

Wow, i wish I knew about that before! Yikes.

I prefer the NRSV.

In addition to the earlier mentioned, I also like

I use the NRSV for most reading, though I also use the NIV (2011), CEV and ESV sometimes. My wife and I spent far too much on Logos Bible Software, but it does come in handy. Their app on my phone isn’t great, mainly because my phone is old.

Vance, welcome here! I remember 03cobra from the NET Bible forum (I was Mercury there). It’s the car, not the poisonous reptile, right? :grinning:

Yes, it is the car not the poisonous reptile.

But after 17 years, I sold my supercharged 2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible.

I still have my Charger R/T, so I am not hot rod deprived.

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Had anyone read Alter’s translation here?

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Step Bible ( while my wife and I are doing a study from NT Wright in Romans.

I guess my favorite bible translations are New American Standard Bible and the Literal Modern Translation. I prefer actual books and don’t enjoy reading on my phone when it comes to books. But I do enjoy using bible gateway to copy and post scriptures and bible hub to do word studies and see the actual language. I don’t really like study bibles with the exception of noting differences in manuscripts about earlier or later translations of word.

Currently I’m looking for a good hebrew bible written by Jews that has the Hebrew and English running together. Want to compare it to the Old Testament. I keep seeing highly respected and educated Jewish teachers mention how the Christian old testaments are often slightly translated differently. I won’t to explore this possible contention.

I have been prototyping a new “Bible search engine”, and now I’d like to introduce it to you all to test it out. I’d be glad to hear comments/suggestions, bug reports too :grin:

Under the hood the search index currently consists of 12 different versions of the Bible (AKJV, ASV, BBE, DBY, DRV, ERV, FBV, KJV, Webster, WEB, WMBB and YLT).

The search index allows semantic search features (to some extent) in addition to “full-text searching”. For example, searching for “snake”, the infamous verse Genesis 3:1 is also returned (which in most translations contains word “serpent” instead of “snake”).

In addition to searching, lets you read the Bible in any of the above mentioned versions and lets you compare verses (verse comparison tool can be found after making a search).

Feature requests and all comments much appreciated!


Looks interesting. Will give it a try!

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I’m still basically in the same boat. My preferred translation is NASB but mostly because it’s what I’m most use to. I still don’t like study bibles. For some reason it annoys me when a page is split in half and then the sentences from the Bible vs the sentences from the study notes end on different pages. I much rather have a Bible with separate commentaries.

Now despite NASB being what I prefer, I almost always read the same chapter in multiple translations using Biblehub which is my favorite app.

I really want to get Richard Rohr’s volumed Bible though.

I favor the NRSV because it is generally the one critical scholars quote from. NIV is solid but its an evangelical leaning translation. The misses uses NLT for ease of reading. I did recently switch though to a large print red letter St Josephs Catholic Bible for Bible study because it was cheap from a book barn ($10) and has large print whereas my NRSV did not.

I use bible gateway a lot! Type in “Ezekial 37 NRSV” into the search/url bar and the Bible gateway page for it should be the first link. Pick any book of the Bible and chapter and that works for me. That is pretty much how I look up all my scripture now when writing. I have been bringing the phone to Bible study lately though… Turn it sideways and make the screen bigger. Those tiny letters are a pain so for me any edition with giant print is preferable for Bible study.

Just for individual works and sections in his commentaries.

Logos is amazing, especially if you can afford some extra resources!

edited to add… Ezekiel not Ezekial…zing…


I use biblegateway because it has RSV which is the Bible I read first and continued to read during the 20 years becoming a Christian. I use biblehub when I want to look at the original language.

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Honestly, I think my (not as giant as advertised) Giant Print ESV really should have come with wheels attached and one of those retractable luggage handles. It’s monumental. Hardly portable. Something that might have been found chained to a reinforced book stand in a church during the Reformation.

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