What Is The 'Birds Aren't Real' Movement? Why Is It Gaining Momentum Across The US?

What started as a hilarious satire has turned into a real conspiracy theory! The “Birds Aren’t Real” movement in the US is gaining momentum across the nation as it started conducting rallies, making Springfield, Missouri, its first stop.

What Is The ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Movement? Why Is It Gaining Momentum Across The US?

Sounds like an Onion article to me. If it isn’t a spoof, it is one more person who sees conspiracies everywhere. Crazy stuff.

Edited to say I thought the Onion was an Enquirer kind of ‘news’ rag that aimed for laughs.

I want the t-shirt.

I never know anymore what people really believe in or not. I’m friends with a lot of various pagans around Appalachia. I also joined Facebook groups about paganism. Just like with fundamentalism within evangelical males you find the same thread within pagan women who sincerely believes that magic exists, see omens in things like crows sitting on your window seal and they spend hundreds of dollars on makeshift alters and thousands of dollars on tarot cards and books about magic. They even believe that magic is just science that needs to be explained and use arguments like things that use to be considered magical in the past is now considered medicine and I constantly hear odd political things despite them being mostly liberal, on the opposite end of conservatism, with lots of anti mask and anti vaccine talk and fear over 5G causing cancer and lots of beliefs about plants being self aware. So between that snd things like YEC and Flatearth , Bigfoot sightings and alien abductions I would not be that thrown off if someone did not believe in birds. After all some already thinks dinosaur fossils are all fake. I use to know a guy, and several of his friends, who sincerely believed the moon is fake and thst their is a giant dome over earth that scientists using alien technology broadcasts images on it and that the matrix films was the equivalent to the Bible as in God reaching out to humanity with a truth.

Fe years ago while hiking I came across a group of several men doing a paying their respects to a friend that died there years before and they swear Bigfoot through a large 10 foot long tree trunk at then and killed him. I could tell, or rather as fairly certain they believed it and that something happened and so I said nothing. Ended up going back a few weeks later to a Bigfoot convention in alabama to meet them and somehow it came up that I believed in it and I told well actually I don’t believe in Bigfoot and we got into a discussion that got heated. I was calm because it was weird but they were getting mad and I said something about why is there no fossil record of them and that turned into a debate between the two of them over if bigfoots were the byproducts as nephilim. That they were half Angel half human and when they died angels took the bodies off to heaven and even went as far as talking about Esau was hairy and God allowed the younger brother to overtake him because Esau was actually a Bigfoot and the other guy went off about how religion is a like and there is no gods but that Bigfoot were aliens or human alien hybrids like thst Star Wars primate thing “Chewy”’and that is why you can’t get good pictures of them because alien technology messes it up and when they die aliens take their bodies snd thst the government is covering it up. Anyways a handful of them physically attacked me, the men, because I did not believe n Bigfoot.

Ive also seen bloody violent fights between two men over if Tupac was still alive and faked his own death. So people believe enough crazy things that nothing is really chocking anymore.

Hey!!! Clickbait

Audubon Society: “Birds in the News”

" Therein lies the genius of Birds Aren’t Real: It’s a digital breadcrumb trail that leads to a website that leads to a shop full of ready-to-buy merchandise.

The creative muscle behind the avian-inspired conspiracy (and thinly disguised marketing scheme) is 20-year-old Peter McIndoe, an English and philosophy major at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. McIndoe first went live with Birds Aren’t Real in January 2017 at his city’s Women’s March."

Are they trying to get people to shoot all the birds?

US is the promised land of conspiracy theories. I have noted that these ideas also spread abroad. I haven’t met many who belive in wild conspiracies in my country but I have noted that links in their posts are mostly to sources made in USA.


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He knew there are enough conspiracists around who will believe anything! This country is in an epistemic crisis, not to mention a pandemic worsened by it.

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It’s not a conspiracy if it’s true… Just sayin’.


At least it takes some of the attention off Christians. There seems to have been a group who ran chain letter type posts and cheesy stories to forward in Christian circles to see what they could get the gullible to forward. I’ve noted fewer of those it seems.

The conspiracies are still circulating among evangelicals; they just have a more political focus recently. :confused:

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5G causing COVID (and other ailments) was popular in the UK for a time.

Why would they want to shoot at stuff that’s not real? Ammo is expensive, right?

I’m starting to develop a theory here: Birds are just an illusion caused by 5G signal interactions on our brain waves. The same broadcast signals have been used to prevent us from seeing the flat earth, and of course to make us all believe in evolution - another reason that birds aren’t real - because they are actually dinosaurs. But we’re prevented from seeing the dinosaurs. I’m suspecting it may take at least two layers of tin foil on the head to totally block out the 5G signal.

That’s a myth perpetuated by Dr. Fauci who has financial stakes in all of the tin foil companies. What the evil experts don’t want you to know is that hydroxychloroquine blocks 5G transmissions better than any other material.

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No, ivermectin prevents the brain worms much better.

I have one aunt who is particularly fundy who is always passing along chain letter posts to me on Facebook messenger. I always tell her I am where chain letters come to die. So if anyone’s life were truly at risk it would just be irresponsible pass a link to me.

Ive heard the same thing from people before. The article says it’s people that believes there are millions of fake birds being used as spy devices and ive hears drug addicts who were coming down or paranoid talking about fake birds , snd even entire fake trees spying on people to things about fake birds in cities being mood alerting technologies to incite riots to keep the poor in war with one another by making them angrier from signals from the fake birds.

Whatever helps them sleep at night i guess

Interesting, … but misguided. It is a well known fact that the Illuminati are behind all conspiracy theories.

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