What Is The 'Birds Aren't Real' Movement? Why Is It Gaining Momentum Across The US?

I’m afraid the Illuminati suffer from same condition that guy is trying to get us to believe all birds have.

The strongest evidence is that if birds are real , and not man made, then explain why some speak English……

About that white goop birds leave on your windshield–that’s when birds drop little vials of vaccine on your car by accident. The glass self-destructs. The vaccine is supposed to go to humming birds, who can inject it into humans unawares.


Great idea! We need to integrate COVID spike protein into mosquitoes!


It seems that US is better in exporting wild ideas.

Just read a newspaper article about conspiracies. According to it, most (>50%) people in USA believe in at least one conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theories appear to thrive where trust in authorities is low. If you don’t trust authorities, it is easier to believe that they are hiding something.

Proper education and hard scientific facts told in a calm and respectable way seem to be an antidote against conspiracies. Hard core groups may not buy the facts but less devoted ‘believers’ should listen.

Maybe there are countries where the proportion of population believing in conspiracies is higher than in US. There are plenty of countries where trust in authorities is low and proper education is less common than in US.

Anti-intellectualism has been a part of the US psyche for a long time, unfortunately. Authorities and experts are not trusted because they are authorities and experts.

I don’t think that would be a cure-all. There needs to be a shift in attitude before knowledge and education can make headway.

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As one creationist said, “Somebody has got to stand up against these experts!”

They are sincere when they say that, too.

I still haven’t read this book, although I have threatened to on many occasions.

What I find so fascinating about the existence of this book is that it was written in 1963 and won the Pulitzer in 1964. It isn’t as if this is a new thing.

What I think we often face is the idea that knowledge is a democracy. Reality is simply what people vote on. If enough people believe the Moon is made of cheese then the Moon is made of cheese. This may be why authorities and experts are looked down upon because they are seen as dictators who are fighting against the democratization of knowledge.

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