What caused the Flood?


You make an interesting observation about how stories capture people’s attention when they contain values or moral lessons.

  • Can you tell me more about how flood stories have taught you values and moral lessons?

  • Also how has these morals and values you used in your life from flood stories, help you have more understanding of others?

  • Have you known anyone who has used these morals and values in their life, and how has that helped them improve?

I have not heard of Jalore but I’ll look into it sometime soon.

Oh ok, I hear you never heard of Jalore., so, here’s where Jalore is located

Vaivaswat Manu at Jalore Rajasthan India

A bowl-like geological formation at Jalore, so this caused a flood.

The Meena community believes they are descended from Manu.

Aa ok, well nice to meet you and I thought of sharing where Jalore is located

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Thank you. It seems, and I’ve tried to refresh it a few times, that Jalore is one of the blurred areas on google earth. Many places are blurred for various reasons, sometimes just never any good line of sight and sometimes because of restrictions. Is it north, south, or east or west parts of Jalore?

Huh. I got good resolution.


The name jalore means water city. Villages near jalore continue to be waterlogged for 2 months after the monsoon. That Concords with 150 days biblical flood.

Or any other 150 day flood.

Maybe I need to delete and bring the app back. I checked it and rechecked it several times. Always blurry. My internet is working fine too. I’ll try it again later.

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Yes. That indeed does not prove. But better than mesopotamia where water dont stay

In today’s topography, but several ka ago, we don’t know. Could there have been an earthquake since then? And a little diluvial rearrangement.

Geologists have enough tools assess that. No evidence in 5k years.

Citation please, or several. (It’s certainly not because you never say anything you cannot substantiate.)

And we don’t know that the Noahic flood wasn’t considerably before that. (It may depend on what commentary you read. ; - )

This paper traces the ancient course of rivers 10k years ago. There is much much more, if needed.

My understanding is Noah at c. 3000 BCE. +/- 500 years.

@Dale I’m extremely impressed. How come Dale your google map is so detail? I can actually see bowl-shape that helps me understand how flooding occurs in this bowl-shaped region. @SkovandOfMitaze I see what you’re saying. I get this as well when using a Google map with insufficient information to indicate the bowl-shape.

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It’s Google Earth.


ERETZ is the same “earth” that sprouts vegetation (Genesis 1:11), receives light from the luminaries (1:15), and the same “earth” over which man and woman are to exercise dominion (1:26,28). So, clearly, it’s not just limited to some “region” of the earth.

Furthermore, ERETZ is the word for “earth” in Genesis 6:13, where God says He will “destroy them (the corrupt people living on earth) with the earth.” So, “earth” here is not referring to the people living upon the earth, but referring to the earth itself. Keep this in mind when reading 2 Peter 3:6, where Peter says that God destroyed the “world” (kosmos) with the Flood. You argue that kosmos is simply referring to the people, not to the earth itself. While it’s true that kosmos can be used simply to refer to the people living upon the earth (e.g., John 3:16), kosmos can also be used to refer to the earth itself–the habitation of people.

And paralleling this passage with Genesis 6:13 also makes it clear that “earth” and “world” are referring to the earth itself. In fact, in 2 Peter 3:5-7, 13, “world” is interchanged with “heavens and earth.”

@SkovandOfMitaze I notice google earth more detail., not sure why it is. I’m learning more about maps

@Dale was using google earth
Thank you Dale for showing about google earth

I wonder how come so many people live in Jalore and other near by areas if flooding happens to this day?

Here’s snips I taken when I tried

Here’s how I got there

Then search Jalore

Here’s 3d

Jalore is on the outer side of the mountain

Does all mountain areas cause flooding to near by villages, or is this way worse? By the look at these mountains and bowl shape, but there’s an area that’s flat

Unless if Jalore it self is in a bowl-shape, but from the map., it appears villages is in flat zone

Ok well that was fun., trying out google earth and yes it is more detail then google map

Thank you Dale for showing me about google earth