What are UFOs to you?

What do UFOs mean to you?
Why do some Christians always assume UFOs are fallen angels or niphilim?
Why would the existence of alien life be an issue for your faith?

For me UFOs seem to be alien AI which is programmed to observe and never interact.
They’ve been observing us since the first depictions of paint by cave men 50,000 years ago, all the way to the newly released Pentagon videos.
For me the existence of extraterrestrial life doesn’t cause any issues in my belief in God or Jesus Christ.
Maybe the aliens are searching for God too.


Pax Christi Eli, and welcome to our club!

While I suspect that UFOs are a number of things, of which happen to include aliens, one can’t be sure that extraterrestrials and their craft make up the bulk of sightings; always consider ball lightning!

I suppose that Christians may object to UFOs as mechanical for the same reasons they may reject chimpanzees as our relatives; we aren’t satisfied with the uniqueness God gave us and demand some kind of divine “coddling” via special and recent creation. I suppose that aliens might be an issue for my faith if they’re anything like the indifferent monstrosities described by Lovecraft, but I’m secure in Christ if we find anything else; even if the aliens don’t know about God as we do (assuming that they didn’t eventually forget), we could be their introduction to Him.


ET is as certain as the fact they’ve never been here and never can be here. Ever. It is economically, technologically, scientifically, rationally impossible.

All sightings are meteorological and/or psychological.

By the principle of mediocrity eternity swarms with infinite intentional species that, hopefully, get to meet in the transcendent.

That is all.


They dont exist

Well either they are fundementalists or really ignorant

Paintings of UFOS from cavemen?Where do you get your info?This doesnt exist

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I suspect that UFOs are some kind of spiritual phenomenon because the reports of them (along with those of ghost and many other things) have the same indemonstrable character as religious experiences, pointing to something which is highly subjective. Furthermore while the size of the universe makes the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe nearly a certainty, the same argument make them likely to be far apart in space-time. And then there are the extreme difficulties of traveling to other stars which make it impossibly unlikely that any will have come here.

Some like to point out the large number of exoplanets found to argue that planets very common in the universe making the existence of life as common as dirt, but the argument is greatly flawed. Planets are common in our region of the universe because they all have the same source as our own in the same rare phenomenon providing the material for planets in this region of space. But I think we will find other regions of the universe which do not have any planets at all, or where the radiation is simply too high for life to exist anyway.

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Here are a couple of pictures of aliens in ancient times.
The internet is filled with this info by the way and all you have to do is search.

This to me seems like it’s AI stuck in Observe mode.

The final word is an anagram.

I can see you’re very firm on denying this phenomenon.

Do you deny it because you don’t believe testimonies or do you deny it because it contradicts with your faith?

It’s a non-phenomenon easily naturally explained in all instances before one cries ’UFO!!!'. There is nothing to deny. And nothing, no fact, no natural truth, no science, could possibly contradict my faith.

I see.
Okay, so YOU have the answers to the fraction of unexplained phenomenon not even explained by pentagon where a craft pulls high Gs in mid air which would kill a human and navigate in water as well as in Earth’s orbit with speeds that appear 1000 years in advance compared to our jet propulsion techniques.

These are easily explained basically.
Okay, how do you explain the Pentagon videos?

Naturally. Nothing more is needed. Naturally as in natural phenomena according to the laws of physics including in an entirely human technological context. Aliens are natural of course, the universes team with them, but it is utterly impossible for any to have reached Earth from outside the Solar system, even with crewless probes. And what craft or any other objects pulling high Gs in mid-air? Like frisbees? And water? What is 1000 years ahead of jet propulsion in 2930?

Yes they are all easily explained without recourse to the impossible.

Thank you for your assessment.
Looking forward to other ideas … although for some this may not be an interesting topic.

Oh it’s interesting all right. Like all other pseudoscientific belief.

I don’t think they are aliens. Remember, U stands for unidentified .

I haven’t heard that

It wouldn’t be an issue.

Have you any personal experience with UFO sightings, abductions, etc. ?

Have you read “Chariots of the gods”?

You might like the series "Roswell, New Mexico’ on https://www.cwtv.com/

Hello beagle lady.

I am aware of chariots of the gods but I’ve never read it. The show Ancient Aliens is sort of a spin-off of that book where the author has frequent appearances.

I’ve never actually had a ufo experience but many of my friends and family members have.

I have been following some works and tv shows featuring Robert Bigelow, a millionaire who has spent time and money to investigate the paranormal including places such as The Skinwalker Ranch.
He thinks aliens are real.

I just think this is AI observing us since they’ve been observing for millennia.

That there’s a possibility some humans can get off the Earth alive and may have already.

It wouldn’t. Absolutely none at all.

Hmm… This is a better idea than most. But it is still unlikely and the evidence too subjective.


Why do you think that? How are they, or rather how is it, doing it? To what end? Where’s it from? How did it get here?

How do you know? Are they like moderators?

God forbid.


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