Was Jesus Schroedinger's God?

Inspired by @NickolaosPappas inspiring, dogged faith.

I’m having another hysterical loop of cognitive dissonance.

Was Jesus God?

I’ve spent months, years deconstructing and getting to the point, shared in every way with a superb spiritual adviser, the best, more than I could have possibly hoped for at the time, in March, where he responded with Jesus being the ultimate manifestation of God. But obviously not very God as God is God.

But it’s obvious that Jesus believed He was. I’ve led myself down the garden path from that. Just as other liberals can’t see Him knowingly fulfilling PSA. I always have. I failed to see the glaringly obvious.

So, was solely incarnate Jesus very God? The Word, Logos, God in Person made flesh?

Despite the utter impossibility of God the Son collapsing from beyond infinity to being solely coterminous with an ovum (or was it the conceiving agent the Spirit used?), extracting Himself from the Holy and Indivisible Perichoretic Trinity. Once. Between eternities. Once after the eternity of inhabited worlds. Did He seal Himself off from the rest of creation in a meiotic human cell? Stupid rhetorical yet nagging questions.

How could Jesus be very God and how could God be Jesus? How could the eternal creator-sustainer of eternal creation simultaneously be a dot of a dot of a dot… of a dot of a dot of infinite from eternity?

The light pressure of that question is preventing the gravitational collapse of faith still, amazingly.

Is concurrency possible? Jesus was very God. And God was not ontically changed by that. The greatest superposition of states I can imagine. God died and did not die.

On this day - Good Friday

Was Jesus Schroedinger’s God?

Thanks for the refernce . So you got that though of the Schroedinger’s cat expirement correct?. Now a simple search i found out an answer to that and after reading the expirement the answer is pretty good. Schrödinger’s cat experiment was not designed to prove if the atom was intact, or desintergated. It was designed to prove that as long as we don’t open the box, we won’t know if the atom was intact or not, and thereby had to declare it being both at the same time, the only thing that is going to change that being us, when we observe it.
If you want to use the same logic with God, you have to acept that he exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. It doesn’t matter if he exists or doesn’t, because if you do look at the box and find out that he exists, it will only mean that you created him. So it doesn’t prove that he existed beforehand, and it is a useless experiment for theists and atheists to prove their point… Hope it helps

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I’m using the metaphor for Jesus, Nick, not whether God exists or not, which is a given in this instance. That He does.

But how did He do, be Jesus?

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In conclusion the expirement was to show that the point of superposition popular that be at that time was a mess. One (a human even)cannot be both alive or dead. Take the cat for example.The cat is either alive or dead. Just because you haven’t yet opened the box doesn’t mean the cat is in both conditions simultaneously. It’s alive or it’s dead. You just don’t know which of those conditions apply

But he was divine as well. We just cannot understand how these two overlaped. And will never will

Aye, the wave function will have collapsed at some point up from the quantum to the classical world. The cat is alive or dead. Not absolutely indeterminately either, both and neither.

The metaphor is the point. Was Jesus very God as God is God and how was unchangeable, immutable God the Inextricably Indivisible Trinitarian Perichoresis of Persons changed by that?

Well we just cant know that i think . The bible tells us he was very God as God is .As for

didnt understand that if you could explain it better to me

The Bible tells us many things Nick. Making them work now is another thing.

If God the Son became coterminous with an ovum, greater than infinite YHWH, El Shaddai, The Eternal, the creator of infinite inhabited worlds from eternity, Lord of Heavens and Earths; who was minding the store? And who was saviour of the infinity of inhabited world’s from eternity?

Ok first of all how is the son greater than YHWH? Because he became coterminous with an ovum?I think not .He had a relitionship with the Father that we cant understand hense God The Father The Son and The Spirit imo are the saviour of the infinity . Dont get me wrong i still struggle with understanding the trinity (i dont think we ever will)and the perichoresis of persons but i guess we have to see how the others will respond.

Sorry for the ambiguity, I meant that the Second Person of the Godhead is greater than infinity, encapsulates infinity from eternity, along with the other Persons. John and Paul (but not George and Ringo) declare Him creator from the beginning. There is no beginning of beginnings of course.

Yeah buw hows that an issue?

and all the Godhead is is greater than infinity

The issue is that such a being cannot just and only and once become a fertilized egg.

Well he shaped time. He created time. So i dont know hows that an issue. He can be created again in time

I don’t see the comparison Nick. And how the creator creates Himself I don’t know. That’s meaningless for me. Time is an aspect of spacetime which is coterminous with the material, which is eternal. Rationally, there has always been material, the physical. God has eternally grounded it. Willed it. Wills it. How can the entity who has always done that, once, after eternity of doing that, become just and only an egg?

i mean God is outside of time . He created time so he can enter time .

Aye, He’s always been outside endless time without beginning, from eternity, forever and ever. It’s always been in Him. And yes He entered it as a man. At the same time.

yes plus he created the physical world and he can enter it.

It’s all the same. They are inextricable. Space. Time. Matter. Energy. He entered in to an egg He was sustaining. Who sustained it while He did that?

He did . He can do everything. Also there is a possibility that while the Son entered an egg The Father was sustaning it for example with The Spirirt

I’m happy with Him sustaining the egg. How did He enter it? But you say that God the Son, the Second Person of the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, the creator of infinitely all that has been from eternity, swapped places with an egg?

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