Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?

BJ: There are many instances in the Bible that indicate that the Jews did not keep the covenant and were punished for that failure

RS: 1) I’ll try to demonstrate dynamics again, because it differs from breaking the covenant and receiving punishment for it.

RS: 2) How does the covenant ‘believe one God’ explain this dynamic?

  • How does the covenant ‘believe one God’ explain this dynamic?
  1. The father kept the covenant, so their child won’t get punished.

  2. The father didn’t keep the covenant, their child will get punished.

RS: 2) Showing this dynamic results from Abraham’s covenant

  • Grandfather King David kept the covenant = no punishment to King David

  • Father King Solomon didn’t keep the covenant = no punishment to King Solomon. Because King David kept covenant.

  • Son King Rehoboam received the punishment that was intended for King Solomon. Because King Solomon didn’t keep covenant

reference bible online.

God’s Anger Against Solomon: 11] Then the LORD said to Solomon, "Because you have done this and have not kept My covenant and My statutes, which I have commanded you, I will tear the kingdom away from you and give it to your servant. 12] Nevertheless, for the sake of your father, David, I will not do it during your lifetime; I will tear it out of the hand of your son.

BJ: The question for this thread would be: Which covenant did the Jews fail to keep? Was it that of idol worship as done by Aaron, was it that of Rehoboam, or was it misreading the bequeathal to the biological descendants of Abraham?

RS: A child receiving punishment that was meant for their father. Can you help me understand which covenant the child failed at?

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About Abraham:

mn: He is the ancestor of the smartest people on the planet

RS: Was their intelligence a result of the covenant’s “believing in one God”? Or how did their beliefs, about what they thought the covenant to be, result in their intelligence? Will they become unintelligent if they break the covenant?

I don’t think so.

I think it was simply having a society which valued reading (the scriptures), writing, and engaging in discourse on such things sooner, longer, and more universally than most other cultures. In most other cultures this was valued by fewer people in restricted classes. Agriculture and military prowess was valued more by a larger portion of the population in other cultures.

It also hard to be sure when this actually happened. We don’t know for a fact that the Jews were more intelligent two millennia ago – only that they are so right now. Perhaps in ancient times the Greeks had the greatest intelligence – their accomplishments would suggest the possibility.

YES. I understand God as the Universal Conscuiosness or UC. We connect with UC if we believe in God. We can access universal knowledge. That make any person intelligent.

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The child who has inherited the wealth of the father has to pay the debts of the father. It could be something like that at emotional level. I do not know.

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What do they teach you about Jesus?

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@Dale can you show me how you keep this on topic? That way I can learn from you how you do it?

You show me how, you write about Jesus while showing me how to keep this on topic: Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?

I appreciate this thank you :slight_smile:

What all do you know about UC?

Can you show me how to write about UC while staying on topic: ‘Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?’ Can you give me examples?

Question: About covenant that was broken?

Have you ever broken covenant and what did you break and what was that like for you? What things did you learn when you broken covenant?

I’m not sure I understand the punishment area you’re referring to, breaking covenant.

I don’t reason through punish when I go to God., I think more a relationship and learning

Question how do people learn through punish vs being taught from God when allowing God teach us?

@bharatjj you wrote

Actually its Rehoboam got all that his father did.,

But then you explain

Ok so child gets what father did.

How much is from punish and how much is from how earth is?

what the father does does affect for child.,

agriculture and military ; how come some countries rarely need to use their military? Are there such countries who rarely use their military, and what was Abraham like when it came to military, did Abraham ever fight?

Question: other nations also had their challenges too or gained from intelligence: yet not knowing from covenant? What are your thoughts about this?

@mitchellmckain explains society which valued reading the scriptures. Question: what scriptures., from what book, what if it’s a different book would that affect that nation but in what ways, to gain intelligence or not gain intelligence?

What is the difference from nations not knowing covenant vs nations knowing covenant?

Combining many topics into one causes long message.
Next time I’ll see if I can combine and make message shorter.

@jpm what is it like for you learning about covenant.
What are your thoughts about Abram and Abraham?

Blessings to you @jpm and all the learning we’ll learn as we write

Nope. The same applies in India with a difference of 4.7% between the Brahmins and the scheduled castes. link

No more than the difference between Christian believing in this covenant stuff from those who don’t, I suspect.

The 3 causal factors are inheritance, environment and individual effort. Whether jews or brahmins. We may stress any one of these 3 factors. The Jews and brahmins both inherited the idea of one god. Their inheritance propelled them. But both threw it away by claiming exclusive right to that inheritance. The difference is that the Jews still cling to exclusivity while brahmins neither claim that right theologically nor do they cling to it today. Thus Jews continue to be persecuted while brahmins have melted away.

The central question is connecting to God.light.UC. both covenant and jesus are ways to connect to God.light.UC. Jesus did not claim exclusivity but Jews claimed. So jesus spread while Jews were persecuted.

@beaglelady I’m being kind I am. I am learning how to remain on topic. And taking past areas I found challenging in this thread.

Can you show me how you would write about Mormons believe that Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec plumed serpent god, was really Jesus Christ and connected this info to topic, ‘Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?’

l really appreciate this. You showing me how you would do this. Thank you.

Actually, I am confused though what all this is, as it appears as words. I did look it up, and something to do with Mexico and Jesus? Please help me understand what you wrote yet also show me how you could explain while remain on topic.

Oh what do Mormons think of Jews and how Jews believe? Can you share that too while how you would write that and how to remain on topic, ‘Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?’

Thank you :slight_smile: Thank you thank you thank you so so so so so much for doing this for me and taking the time to do this, so I can learn from you your world and your beliefs, and how you here in this thread can connect your mind, your soul, your spirit, your background, your time on earth, your memories, your beliefs, to the topic, ‘Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?’

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Modern H.....

Letter H

Abram to Abraham

all the way and give God.light.UC. all my messes too

however I’m learning in my messes seeing areas to grow in i’ll grow in light in adversities

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I still don’t understand why all the conscious of what you wrote, I mean the topic in this thread did share Jesus, and then how to talk about Jesus and stay on topic, was Abraham father of the Jews or of Humanity; and I thought ok here was my intent, I thought of showing you able to share your beliefs and on topic too,. as others are able to., I do have a question, are you able to do so share your beliefs, or I don’t know., I did look up what you shared, they’re mexicans I don’t understand what the danger is., were you ever able to share your beliefs, or is that not ok to ask.,
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wait look Sarah had a panic attack, so beg Abraham go get Hagar pregnant.

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I’m comparing Sarah panic that led to Abraham to go to Hagar, compare to my panic attacks thinking I’m in trouble.

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Lets talk about love and Abraham and I was doing so well in that thread, at Struggling with this info that is new to me

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what is love others and love neighbor and love God., oh this topic is about Abraham and is Abraham for humanity

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