Was Abraham Father of the Jews or of Humanity?

What logic? Since the Jews changed their laws likewise God has to change His? The point of the covenant was God said, “I will” and it is an unconditional covenant which God cannot break. The Jews don’t bequeath the land, God does. If you would like to change that I suggest you take it up with Him.

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God-consciousness is a new one for me.

How accurately would their words reflect this consciousness? How accurate would the words remain over time as the texts are copied and language changes?

I believe the Holy Spirit oversees our scriptures and ensures the message that God intended is preserved.

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I suggest we continue with the method agreed previously. Pl respond to my reply at 186. Thx.

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One word answers don’t make for much of a conversation.

BL2.1 How do you understand the covenant with Abraham? Who promised what to whom? Were conditions applied?

Abraham did he ever hurt

Abraham ok., yes

BJ2.1 The first covenant was to bequeath land of Canaan to the biological descendants of Abraham. Abraham was a trader. Abraham or his family were not kings. Abraham never captured ant land. Thus, one possibility is that when God bequeathed land of Canaan, He may have bequeathed the trading rights to the family of Abraham. The condition was that Abraham’s descendants would worship only One God and no idols.

BJ3.1 The second covenant. Then Abram was made father of all humanity. His name was changed from Abram to Abraham. Thereafter, material progress was bequeathed to his biological descendants; and spiritual progress was bequeathed to his moral descendants, that is, those who believed in his message of One God.

How has Abraham’s influence

@riversea There are many instances in the Bible that indicate that the Jews did not keep the covenant and were punished for that failure. The question for this thread would be: Which covenant did the Jews fail to keep? Was it that of idol worship as done by Aaron, was it that of Rehoboam, or was it misreading the bequeathal to the biological descendants of Abraham?
My sense is that God bequeathed the land of Canaan (and rest of the earth) to the believers in One God. The Jews left Mitsrayim due to their conflict with the Pharaoh, Then, in order to keep their flock together, they invented the idea that the land of Canaan was bequeathed to the biological descendants of Abraham.

Abraham back when

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About Abraham: back when

I don’t think so.

I think it was simply having a society which valued reading (the scriptures), writing, and engaging in discourse on such things sooner, longer, and more universally than most other cultures. In most other cultures this was valued by fewer people in restricted classes. Agriculture and military prowess was valued more by a larger portion of the population in other cultures.

It also hard to be sure when this actually happened. We don’t know for a fact that the Jews were more intelligent two millennia ago – only that they are so right now. Perhaps in ancient times the Greeks had the greatest intelligence – their accomplishments would suggest the possibility.

YES. I understand God as the Universal Conscuiosness or UC. We connect with UC if we believe in God. We can access universal knowledge. That make any person intelligent.

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The child who has inherited the wealth of the father has to pay the debts of the father. It could be something like that at emotional level. I do not know.

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What do they teach you about Jesus?

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Abraham found a way back when

Abraham past and now people read about Abraham