Told to teach Creationism

I just “came out” as someone who believes evolution is our best understanding of biological history to date to my Christian high school administrator. He took it well but told me I need to teach Creationism from the Bob Jones textbook and that I can teach evolution as a “theory” (not using the scientific definition of the word obv).
I guess i am just sad and disappointed. I understand the expectation and was not hoping for a full embrace, but I do love this school. I wish I could be honest and forthcoming with the information.
I will not lie and sin by teaching something I know is incorrect. But it does make my job harder in how I present the information. I am glad I was not fired honestly. Anyway, here’s to how next month goes when I begin that unit! I hope the students learn that they don’t have to follow the division set before them but can pave the way to making science acceptable for Christianity.

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Oh geez, sorry to hear that… That’s kind of grotesque but I can tell that you value and respect your community at that school. The administrator doesn’t even know how to define a theory and he’s telling you how to teach one (or to teach against one)? Oof :sob: that’s quite a blow. We are called to be gentle as doves of course, but also wise as serpents. Be wise but not deceitful, and I would encourage you to ask God to lead you into circumstances which liberate you from feeling burdened or overwhelmed. Not everyone can be a “reformer” and openly fight against the system to change it (even within Christian circles). I think a lot of agreeable people are called to be humble conduits of grace even in the face of difficult situations. I can’t tell you to do that, or even how to do that. It depends on the giftings God has already given you or is in the process of endowing you with, and you should lean into those gifts, whatever they may be, for the betterment of the students overall.

Thanks for the wisdom. Yes this school has been great with my family and immediate family. I’d been hoping to teach there for several years.

I did have another teacher mention Francis Collins to me in a positive way, so I asked him today about him and his response was, “I like his writing but he’s a staunch evolutionist,” he said as he rolled his eyes and shrugged. I was hoping I had an opening to not feel so alone.

There is another teacher who studied theology that completely disagrees with YEC and knows so much from that standpoint. But he is planning on leaving the school for other reasons. So I really do feel alone and outnumbered… I was hoping I could find some support and usher in change. Not necessarily about evolution per say, but have the conversation begin anew, with openness and empathy at the front. It seems like that won’t be happening.

You’re right I need to be wise and prayerful on how I proceed. I don’t want to burn any bridges while staying true to the science I KNOW needs to be taught.

Of course, the cycle won’t stop if I don’t teach biology. Maybe it’s better with me teaching than someone else making the cycle of ignorance continue

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