The foundation of our Christian faith is the bible (God's word)

Don’t agree…please explain why. What is it then?

The foundation of our faith is Jesus Christ, crucified, resurrected, and seated at the right hand of God. (1 Cor 15:14).


You do realize that you just told me what you believed and gave a scripture verse to support your belief? How do you know any of that without scripture?

I agree with Christy. We should never confuse the messenger with the message. John the Baptist taught people about Christ and he wasn’t the foundation of our faith either.

That…is a strawman. How do you know what John the Baptist taught?

Did I say or imply Scripture was useless to me?

John the Baptist and Jesus are both written about in Scripture, of course. No one is saying Scripture isn’t important or true. But that does not necessarily make it THE foundation of our Christian faith. That is what you are asking about.

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Wow!..did I say that? I asked you how do you know any of what you know without scripture?

I don’t. What’s your point? Maybe we are all confused about what you mean by foundation. I do not place my faith in the Bible. I place my faith in Jesus. Do you place your faith in the Bible to save you?

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I never said that you said scripture isn’t important. Without scripture what do we base Christ existence off of?


I wouldn’t know who God is or what He wants from me if I didn’t have scripture. How do you prove the existence of Christ, the resurrection etc… without scripture? It is quite simple. How do we base anything we believe in without scripture? I would say, that is the foundation. Scripture points us to Christ.

Scripture is our primary way of learning about the life of Christ, obviously. But again, that doesn’t mean it’s the foundation of our Christian faith, and certainly not moreso than Christ himself who does not require Scripture in order to validate his existence. He was around before and and would still be around if it was all destroyed.

By “foundation” do you mean “what everything else rests on,” or is it more like… “step one in the process of knowing Christ”?


I beg to differ. Jesus said, “Moses wrote about me”. Jesus constantly pointed to scripture.

I mean that Scripture didn’t make him who he is – he referred to it for the sake of his listeners, and in that sense I certainly agree it’s important. Probably again it depends what you mean by “foundation.”

Christ quoted scripture so that the prophecies would come true in order that the people would believe. Scripture was used ultimately to give God the glory. Any dictionary meaning will suffice: “the basis or groundwork of anything:” “the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests.”

This almost got by me. “In the beginning was the word…” Scripture was here before men. Scripture has always been here.

Prooftext fail. The logos is not the Bible. Come on.


“…and the word was God”? Scripture is God?


I will admit that it was lazily done, but prooftext fail? That is a little strong. But since you made the accusation. I will expand. This is what happens when people do not see Genesis as truth. The term “word” signifies “divine reason” “mind” “wisdom” God’s word brought the world into being (Genesis 1:3)
"And God said, “Let there be light…”

God’s word is a self-expression in creation, wisdom, revelation, salvation in the person of Jesus Christ.