The earth South Atlantic Anamoly is spreading and splitting possibly beginning of magnetic excursion

The earths South Atlantic magnetic anomaly is spreading splitting as the earth magnetic poles are moving and weakening. This could be the beginning of an magnetic excursion like that seen about 13,000 years ago

I have no comment about the science – I would just like to say that “the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly” sounds like it belongs in the exposition section of a science fiction movie. The kind of movie in which unpleasant things happen.


It is 2020, after all.

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I know, right! The world about is much more complicated than anyone could have imagined. I was just listening to the geneticist David Reich talking about when scientist first looked into microscopes and saw this amazing world that no one thought or knew existed.

There is evidence for these magnetic excursions occurring cyclically related to solar events. The excursions are not innocuous as they result in a significant weakening of the magnetic field and rapid pole movements resulting in loss of protection from solar geomagnetic storms, solar particles and radiation significant increase in cosmic radiation, possible geological events, electrical plasma disharges, climate effects breakdown of ozone layers.

Perhaps all that is going on now is preparing society for some rough times ahead. The ancient civilizations are well documented to have built tunnels and caves all over the world.



Gothenburg Excursion

Solar Gleissberg cycle

Yes 2020 where the improbable became probable. The world is a changin for sure! Pandemics, climate change, social unrest, censorship, misinformation and malinformation. O my!

And now maybe a magnetic excursion. Who knew? Who knew?

Just as in the days of Noah.

Suddenly conspiracy theories about immanent alien invasions don’t sound so crazy… :thinking:

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Yes bring it on!

But why the heck would aliens want to come here now???

Our planet is like locked down and quarantined! :(.

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Why would aliens want to come here… like… at all? We’re a species marked by rampant waste, bickering, greed, and xenophobia. If there are space fairing aliens out there our system was a probably quarantined a long time ago!


Clean up crew? Students of abnormal psychology? Recruiters for interstellar mercenary outfits? The possibilities are endless.


The meek shall inherit the earth, but who wants it?! :grin:


Missionaries? They lost the the lottery?

Just the same from revelations

The kings and generals and all the people hid in caves.

I was reading about the health concerns for people on a mission to Mars because of the exposure to cosmic rays. Oh but wait… aren’t we all going to be exposed to those same cosmic rays when the earth’s magnetic field collapses as part of this soon coming reversal of the magnetic poles? How long will it last? Will we be hiding out again, for protection from the rays this time? How? Sounds expensive.

With little protection from solar geomagnetic storms how’s the electric grid and internet service?

The auroras sprites elves and other electric phenomena will be scintillating.

Or maybe it is just harvest time. :astonished:


Perhaps? Let both grow together until the harvest and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers gather together first the weeds and bind them in bundles to burn them. But gather the wheat into my barn. Matt:13:30

They will be the same and it is forever technically impossible for them to come. They would if they could. Just as we would boldly go. But thankfully, although infinite creation has teemed with life from eternity, nobody ever goes anywhere, ever could, ever will. We may get to identify worlds with life this century, which does not affect the rational fact that they are there.

As for the excursion… go to 3:00 if you must.

There is that, though I was referring more to the old short story about the book “To Serve Man” which turns out to be a cookbook.

I know this one so well! Rod Sterling had such an out of this world mind.

Just the same the

Enoch walked with God and he was not for a God took him away.

Lol! That’s classic! I think a lot of people are of that mind.

As in the days of Noah

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of consciousness. It’s much much more than we can imagine.

Interesting that cultures all around the world point to Orion as the point of creation. And you know the word for Orion in the Bible Aramaic is Nephila as in the Nephilim in the Bible. And of course Nimrod, The mighty hunter


Well, it seems that life imitates art now.

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