Spirit, soul, or just another word for consciousness

(Andrew Cirel) #1

The bible talks of humans having a spirit or a soul, but is this just the ancients attempt at finding a word to describe consciousness?
Even now we still don’t fully understand how the brain, with its structures and its chemical and electrical happenings produce that conscious sense of me. It is an amazing, mysterious and wonderful thing.
Animal life in the Genesis creation story including the creation of humans looks like it is talking purely about the physical, with God interacting with them using a physical form as he walked in the garden and with the tree of life giving the ability to physically live for ever.
Evolution also purely deals with the physical.
Some Science Fiction writers will have worlds where our minds, including our consciousness, can be backed up and transferred to replacement bodies or to computers, whereby we can live forever.
Could it be that we are purely physical and that God can take our mind and put it in a different body after death? Just like going to sleep and waking up again. And there would be no need to worry about your mind being lessened by age as God is outside time and can get hold of who you are from through your life?
Lazarus had been dead 3 days when Jesus brought him back to life. His body and his brain would have been non-viable. His brain would have had to be rebuilt so that his mind could be restored back into it.
Why do humans feel the need to have a spirit or soul when God doesn’t need us to have one?

(Shawn T Murphy - BANNED USER) #2

We are citizens of two, coincidental worlds; a physical world, that is open to the eyes of its inhabitants and an ethereal world that is only visible to a very few gifted individuals. The physical world is finite, in that it is limited to the materials created in the Big Bang, whereas the ethereal world in infinite. Both worlds can act upon each other. Torn Between Two Worlds

Our soul is the most important part of our ethereal body, much so as the heart is the most important part of our physical body - without it we would not live. A human is a physical body, empowered by an ethereal body’s soul. The soul and the ethereal body are inseparable, but the ethereal body can leave the human body and it will remain alive as long the two are connected with the silver cord. Once the cord breaks, the human body dies.

So, when you die and stand looking at your “soul”, you will look much like you did in life, but you will be looking at your ethereal body. Your soul is the light that gives the ethereal body immoral life. The word enlightenment comes from the process of allowing the light of the soul to shine and this is done by removing vices and malice from the soul. The soul is a light and the brightness of that light depends on the virtues you have gained. The brighter the light, the greater the virtue. This is why people cannot properly see angels of God, their light is too bright for our eyes to see.

Humans confuse the soul with the heart because physically they are in similar locations on the two bodies. Having a “pain in the heart” is often the soul speaking to us, but the message is hard to understand. It takes enlightenment to understand the language of the soul.

Consciousness is contained in the soul. It is available after death and during out of body experiences. There are many stories of ghosts that do not know they are dead. They continue living the lives as they did before dying. They have not reached a level of enlightenment that allows them to see the difference.

(Andrew Cirel) #3

Thanks for the information, but I don’t think there is evidence for that view. As far as I’ve investigated, consciousness is part of the brain, not the soul or an ethereal body, because we can turn it off with drugs, with sleep or with electrical stimulation, things which affect the physical. This is one reason why I’m questioning the traditional biblical teaching.

I know a woman whose soul is regularly dragged out of her body during the night, a traumatic experience, but then she does have a serious mental health problem to deal with it. The brain is an amazing illusionist, especially if it is affected by drugs, strong emotions or beliefs, mental health problems, or traumatic events like near death experiences.

I had a near death experience once and I didn’t see my body from above or a light I walked towards, the stories always advertised. Instead I was instantly transported back to my childhood home and saw my family until I was instantly brought back again, an illusion of a stressed brain.

As far as I can see, the idea of a soul is understandable wishful thinking as people struggle to cope with death as well and not liking the idea of a disconnect between our current physical bodies and a future body.


I believe that each of us has a soul, but I can’t define exactly what it is. And that suits me just fine!

Not to mention dementia! My mom is 91 now, and a few years ago she told me that somebody was murdered in the house. And Dad, 95, is SO paranoid!

(Scott koshland) #5

If I can jump in here discussion about the soul. I am discussing this over at Quantum void, Akashic field and information. I agree that our mind - consciousness is linked with the physical brain. It can be said that it is information that determines the form and organization of matter. In this sense the information and the organization of the matter of the brain are linked. Consider that consciousness is essentially information processing. Information is immaterial like the soul. It is conceivable that the soul could exist and be independent of the brain and consciousness. Consciousness is linked by the matter into our reality.


Soul = biological i.e. biological does not have or contain a soul, biological is a soul ergo tthey are synonyms and best presented as follows;

Biological/soul. Similar thing for Universe/God.

Spirit and soul in dictionary have many different definitions.

I believe there is four distincally primary definitions for spirit;

1} spirit-1 is spirit-of-intention and closely associated with metaphysical-1, mind/intellect/concept,


2} spirit-2, physical/energy ergo fermions, bosons and any aggregate collection thereof,

3} spirit-3, metaphysical-3, positive shaped ( ) geodesic gravity,

4} spirit-4, metaphysical-4, negative shaped )( geodesic dark energy.

All other definitions of spirit can only fall in one of the above four categories.