Species evolution from dinosaurs

Well i was wondering . We say chickens have evloved by dinosaurs. My question is how? Didnt the dinosaurs got extinct many million years before? How did they “evolved” to the chicken?

Birds evolved from theropods. Which of course would be millions of years ago. Chickens are just tasty birds.


Here are some nice blog posts by @Christopher_Emerling:


Well kirk cameron said… xd

Hi Nickolaus: to help make more sense of it, it would probably be good to read a bit or watch some good videos explaining how evolution works, particularly the concept of speciation. But in a nutshell, we think birds ARE dinosaurs, and their ancestors looked like some of the dinosaurs we’re all familiar with (especially the theropods mentioned above, which include T. rex, Velociraptor, etc). So dinosaurs as a whole never went extinct, but the big charismatic ones kids growing up to love did.

It’s similar to the idea that humans evolved “from apes”. Really, humans ARE apes, but we think our ancestors looked a lot like what people usually call apes, such as chimpanzees and gorillas. Those ancestors are extinct, and we’re what’s left!

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I have to respectfully disagree. We had a common ancestor. Then we evloved seperated. The chart which i believed till some days ago where it shows humans evolving


This one is false

A little further clarification: “apes” is an umbrella term for the common ancestor of apes and all of its descendants. Hominidae is the formal term. So the idea is that we are descended from an ape-like ancestor and therefore we are apes. Just like we are also primates, mammals, tetrapods, vertebrates, animals, etc

coursera.org has some fascinating (inexpensive or free) online courses on the evolution of birds. You will see the evidence!


Ohhh ok . Well in that term yes we agree. Thanks for the answer

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Well the technical terms is that we are in the same family Hominidae of great apes, of the order Primate, class Mammal, phylum Chordata, kingdom animal. These are somewhat arbitrary lines of classification we have drawn from various biological features. On the other hand, even the biological differences from the others in this classification are considerable, I would even suggest that our differences from the others in this family classification are greater than the difference between the other members of this family and the other primates.

And what makes us so different from all the other primates (particularly in appearance) is not our brain. It is our adaptation as the running primate hunters, making us the fastest long distance runners of any animal on the planet. Is that true? Yep. How? It is our skin, with unique system of fine hairs and sweat glands that enable us to get rid of heat so much better than other animals, so that we can run them all down and catch them in the end. Of course this why we are so better at traveling upright with hands free to wield weapons. This combination of different skin and upright bone structure is what makes us look so different from any of the other primates, almost all of which are still primarily adapted to climbing and living in trees.

Hmmm… maybe we really shouldn’t be classified with the great apes after all. I have been trying to find out what even defines the order of Primates and it frankly looks to me like we don’t even fit in that one either. So… animals? sure. mammals? of course. But an order all our own might be justified.

Interesting. A question here. How did genetics then divided?? if i can call it that way). I mean my genetics are different than yours. For example since i was interesting jn fitness a year ago my coach would say people are different. (Of course we know that). Like others are naturally marathon runners who can run crazy distances with no big deal. And others are more for weights carrying a stronger bone structure. So since we evloved to hunt and rundown the other animals how then did these things go hand in hand? Did the genetic code changed? I might be ignorant but ive never seen an ape running marsthons. But maybe he could?:joy:

Nope. Whether great ape, horse, or even a cheetah – all would poop out from heat exhaustion long before the finish line. Well… there is an exception in arctic conditions where heat isn’t a problem.

Our “sustainable distance” is also hard to beat. African hunting dogs typically travel an average of 10 kilometers a day. Wolves and hyenas tend to go about 14 and 19 kilometers, respectively. In repeated distance runs, horses can cover about 20 kilometers a day. Vast throngs of human runners, by comparison, routinely run 42.2-kilometer marathons in just a few hours, and each year tens of thousands of people complete ultra-marathons of 100 kilometers and longer. (A few animals can match that under special circumstances. Huskies can trot up to 100 kilometers in Arctic conditions when forced to by people. But in warmer climes—no way.)
from this site

By the way those ultra marathons of 100 miles or 160 km are finished in 12 hours by the best runners and up to 48 hours by those who finish last. But even 48 hours is still 80 km per day, which is four times as far as a horse. Wow!

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48 hours of non stop walking,running,? Impossible. I think there are brakes

Of course you need to be in good physical condition for this. After all we human have a tendency to use cars (and before that horses) to save ourselves the effort of going all that way on foot. But it is because we are lazy and out of condition, not because horses are really better at it.

Agreed but it sounds a lot and it is a lot. But i still think there are breaks. I mean if i run a 48 marsthon beign on average athletic physic i would starve my myself out even if i ate before 100000 calories

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In what regard? And you disagree with science. That thing you say we have a common interest in.

Man is a neotenous ape, neoteny being a critical aspect - another fact, truth - of the rational fact, truth of evolution.

How did i disagreed with evolution when i said we evolved seperated? You are trying to find things to accuse me of just because simply i critiqued your stance against the OT. Struck a nerve there didnt i ? @Christopher_Emerling explained that to me(the ape thing). But you chose to ignore my answer. If you came here for a fight/debate you wont have it. Please move along

My answer to @Christopher_Emerling

You disagree with the fact that we are apes. Anthropoid apes.

Not really . I was confused with the term that we evolved seperated. But since we are making assumptions now i will make the assumption that you are here just to only debate about how wrong you think im when in reality iwas just understanding it differently. Which is (what are you doing) very childlish. I posted my answer above i didnt had to respond you again. As i said @Christopher_Emerling made that clear to me in his answer. But since you are going to ignore that just many of the things i said on my previous argument with you im not buying it. My last response is this towards you. And if you disagree we evolved seperated you are not a man of science either. I didn’t say we were never like them. Just evolved seperated from our common ancestor.

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