Seeking publisher for Christian Children's book that believes in evolution

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Would anyone here at biologos have any suggestions about any publisher(s) who would even consider looking at my homemade “Christian” children’s book which also teaches evolution?

With the help of my grandchildren and my two daughters, I’ve created a small children’s book trying to honor both the Bible and science. At first it was just for myself and my own grandchildren, but some friends who’ve seen it have urged me to pursue publishing it so that they and others can share it with THEIR grandchildren.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I realize that it is quite amateurish. I know it needs editorial, artistic, and quite possibly some theological and scientific help, but I really needed something like this for my own kids, and I suspect others do, too.

I have attached it here if you’d like to see it. (These are my grandchildren and my own illustrations.) I would appreciate any direction about what should be my next step. Is is just for me and mine, or is is something I should try to publish? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Teaching Genesis to Kids
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Super! This is so encouraging to me (a grandma of 4, retired physics instructor). A fellow grandmom-friend once asked me: “what are you going to tell your grandkids?” Hope you find a publisher.

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This is amazing! Wow. What blessed grandchildren to have a Nana like you. I would highly recommend self publishing if you cannot find a publisher. I imagine it could be difficult to find a company with such a niche book. But maybe something like Or as an e-book on Amazon? Either way, please update us as I’d love to buy a copy.

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You are very kind! Thank you. I have about decided that self-publishing is the way to go. Now I just have to buckle down to the tedious work of doing it! I’ll certainly shout a loud Hallelujah! when it’s done.

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Awesome! If a search for a publisher is not successful, I concur with Simone regarding the possibility of self publishing. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that at least some (maybe all) self-publishers do not acquire the rights to your book. I gave up finding a publisher, self published on lulu, and then (wouldn’t you know it) was approached by a publisher. I told them about the lulu version, and all they asked was for me to take it down. (CONFIRM all this if you go that route.)

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Thanks for the helpful information David. I will try to get busy on it very soon!


The famous Grandmother Fish was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

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THAT WAS FANTASTIC! I would definitely buy your book! I would read it to ALL my kids ages 24, 19, 17, 12 and 2!! I would read it to myself over and over again! Please keep me in mind when you publish, I want your book AND your autograph! I think more books like this are in order. Thank you so much for sharing!

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I have had “books” made at Snapfish. I didn’t know if that would be an option for you? You could sell your books privately then perhaps? If you can upload those graphics in jpeg form to snapfish, then you can add text around them and make a hard back photo book.

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Melissa, thank you for your kind words. I am meticulously (snail’s pace) redoing the pictures to include my youngest granddaughter who was just a baby on that first go-round. It’s taking me longer than I thought! But I am already in
motion to self publish with create space whenever I finally get the pix updated. (and some light brush-up editing). I will be sure to let you know when I get it on Amazon. Thank you.


This is wonderful! I am working on a Picture Book series – stories of the Bible–expressed in terms that do not contradict what Science has discovered. You are far more talented with your artistic expression.
A Christian Speculative Fiction anthology published a short story of mine and I might be able to contact the editor and see if he has any ideas to help you.
You may already be done, since I am coming to this late in the process.
I wish you every success and would love to purchase your book, too.
As a retired Navy chaplain, I do enjoy discovering these kinds of avenues.


There is also the need for marketing it. People need to see it. Do you have a webpage? I take classes as a writer on building a website, a following and building ‘an email-list’ which is about the best thing for any author. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? What is your Twitter name? I’d love to follow you. I only have about 2500 followers. I haven’t really started a website and an email list. I’m working on building a series of things that could be helpful to others. It’s at least a 2:1 ratio: give two things away for every one thing you ask for. Often, it can be a 10:1 ratio. Give 10 things away to every one ask-for-something. I’m rambling. Sorry.


@stilllearning! I am overwhelmed because I took the question about your book (and mine) to Rachelle Gardner, one of the preeminent agents for Christian publishing. She wrote a blog about the issue of the restrictions by CBA.
Rachelle Gardner of Books and Such on Walking CBA/ABA Tightrope
She said:
“I frequently receive questions from writers about whether their novel is a better fit for the Christian market (CBA) or the general market (ABA). The nature of their story, the language, and some of the content might be objectionable to the Christian market. Yet it’s too “Christian” of a story for the mainstream market.”
bottom line:
"If you are writing a Christian book that contains difficult elements to sell in CBA, you can choose to tone it down, or you can choose to tone down the Christian elements and pitch it in the general market. Or you can leave your book the way you’ve written it and self publish. The one thing that’s pointless and unhelpful is to spend too much time railing about this injustice. It’s just the way it is, even though many of us in the business have tried to change it."
So I posted my question:
"I have a question. Is there a place in Christian Publishing for a children’s book on Genesis 1–using Science to explain what is happening?

e,g, God said, “Let there be light…and the big bang occurred, and light exploded into the darkness.

Or is it something that must be self-published?"

“I, for one, would love that book. I don’t know if it could get published, but I’d certainly take a look at what you’ve got. Send it to our submissions email address, tagged to me.”

My book is not ready, but please go to her blog and post your similar interest. You are way ahead of me having both the story and illustrations. I think she would really be worthwhile contacting.

Yes, if she is able to make a place for your book to be published, it might make my book not feasible. We will still celebrate if she takes yours because I leave those things to God.

I think the world has a place for more than one book on creation with a science viewpoint for children. After all, there is more than one Bible translation in the world and more than one science book in the world.

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It’s delightful to read your enthusiastic responses, ChapLynne. At this moment, the “proof” copies of the book are being combed over by my pastor, having already been proofed by my daughters and myself. Whenever the pastor has finished with his input, I will make some minor adjustments with createspace (a self-publishing website), and hopefully, within a couple of weeks, the book will be available to order on Amazon! I love all your suggestions. My techie daughter will have to help me get on twitter. I am on Facebook. I had intended to let my Facebook friends and my church friends know that it’s available, and also post on biologos that it’s ready to purchase. I’m holding a “proof” copy in my hand right now, and I’m very pleased with how it looks, considering that I am an amateur at this whole process!!! I will be shouting Hallelujah whenever I push that final button at createspace next week. I would love to see what you have put together, and I hope that you are able to find a place for it as well.


Vickie Lee, (@stilllearning)
I am delighted for you to have found Createaspace. Amazon tends to do things well. I would be glad to give you a review, so do do post it here when you do publish, or for that matter–pre-pubish release, as in coming soon!

I have pre-ordered many books on Amazon. I’m not sure how it affects your bottom line, but I suspect that it would give you a couple of weeks to have people --like from here or your church–pre-order and when you actually release it, the preorders could be added to the others who have found you. So your first actual sale day would put it higher on the Amazon list???

I have some contacts with long-time writers, who are in touch with a marketing guy that is honest and actually good at improving your marketing. He requires being paid, but from what I have seen he is really good. I take writing courses from She teaches practical courses on writing. She had published about 17 books before the self-publishing revolution took over and was no longer a ‘vanity-publishing’ mode. She took back her writes and moved from being a midlist author (average income under 10K a year) to a six-figure earner, with the help of this marketing guru. He offers special deals through Holly a couple of times a year. I’m not there yet, so I haven’t made that a priority yet.

I’m running on. Sorry. I am so glad to see you have moved forward. I am excited for you. Do you have your blurb yet? That needs all the key words in it, so people searching Amazon will find you.

Looking forward to your success.


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I am pleased (and nervous) to announce that my self-published book is now on Amazon.!

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Good for you! Glad you saw your project through.

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Thank you, Christy! I’m glad to finally get it done. One tiny step at a time! Done!