Seeking publisher for Christian Children's book that believes in evolution

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Simone, wanted to be sure that you saw that my book is on Amazon! Tiny baby steps and finally got it self published. “Billions of Years or Six Days”. I have included the updated version somewhere in this thread. Thanks for your encouragement. Sincerely, Vickie Lee

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ChapLynne, did you see that I finally got the little book on Amazon? I have included an updated version of the interior here on this thread. I surely appreciate your encouragement.
Vickie Lee

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Melissa MCampbell, I wanted to be sure you had seen that I just now self-published “Billions of Years or Six Days” on Amazon. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I have attached the more updated version of the book somewhere in this thread. Thank you.
Vickie Lee

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David heddle, thank you for your kind words. I did finally finally self-publish, and the little book “billions of years or six days” is now on Amazon. I have included the updated version somewhere in this thread.
Thanks again. Vickie Lee

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Dear KayL,
Just wanted to be sure you had seen that I self-published the little book on Amazon.
Finally. Finally!!!
Thanks for your encouragement. The updated version is somewhere in this thread.
Vickie Lee

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That is fantastic! Congratulations.


Thank you, Vicki Lee!
I just purchased my copy. No I had not heard. This month has been a little crazy with CampNaNo and 5 online classes.
But I am ecstatic and looking forward to getting my copy this weekend.
I finished writing my Picture Book this month, too. I’m editing it now and then I will submit to the agent, Rachelle Gardner, although I think I will do what you have done, ultimately.
Still, I am very interested in her feedback.
I’ll let you know of my progress.
Thank you for your courage! I am excited. You should really consider making a Kindle version. I buy most books via Kindle. My eyes don’t read the small type of actual books. I can change the size of things for my use. Let me know, so I can order that one, too.
I’m taking a course right now on how to do an eBook. :slight_smile:
Secondly, you must do an Audible copy. Read your story aloud. And then parents can buy the book and the audible copy so their kids can listen to the story while they look at the book.
I wish you every success.


I received my book today!! Sooner than I expected. It’s beautiful! Perfectly done. I love your layout, your story and I read it aloud to my husband, who said that it was brilliant! Well done!

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Dear ChapLynne, I’m very pleased to read your glowing review on Amazon. Wow. Thank you so much. I do hope to get some kind of audio thing on YouTube, and also something on Kindle. I tried to set it up on Kindle already …but did I mention that I am not naturally a techie person? Everything I’ve done has taken me 10 steps longer than it would have taken someone who knew what they were doing. I need my daughter to show me what I did wrong on some button on Kindle before I can proceed. So that’s on hold till she and I get together again. My other daughter and grandkids will help me with the YouTube thing in the near future. I wish you well in bringing your Picture Book to fullness. I’ll be happy to see it someday. Again, thank you so very much for your encouragement.


I was tickled pink when your book arrived early. I could hardly wait to read it. You did a great job. I hope that many people will find it and learn.

Glad you liked my review.

Best wishes,