Scripture and Science exhibit at the Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC recently opened an exhibit named Scripture and Science: Our Universe, Ourselves, Our Place. I wonder if anyone here is familiar with the approach the museum has taken or has seen the exhibit in person. I haven’t been to the museum since I moved to Germany in 2018, but I still receive emails from them. One advertising the exhibit also promotes a podcast interview with Ted Davis, so I’m hopeful the museum is presenting a serious and mature look at the relationship between science and faith.

I don’t follow the discussions here with the regularity that I used to, so I apologize if this has already been discussed. I did a quick search in the archives and did not find anything recent.


Welcome, Cartophile Bruce!! I visited the Museum of the Bible in summer 2019 and came back to see it better on the next day. I enjoyed my visit and likely I saw much that you saw. The exhibit of “Dead Sea Scroll” fragments had nicely printed notes and also empty spaces which reminded me that there was a controversy (read: problem) …Thanks for letting me know about this newest exhibit. I will be in DC again some day and check it out–if I cannot read of it online.

Just a follow-up, Bruce!! I checked the Museum of the Bible website…and learned that this exhibit you were interested in, runs only till end of January 2024. If my summer travels were to go in that direction, I would be interested. But …! And I did inquire of them about perhaps online courses in this subject. Their response was “not now but keep checking” as they might do something of the sort…I will do that…and hopefully some day make it back that direction.

Have a great day!!

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