Science & Religion Quiz: Where are you?

Take this online quiz from our friends at Theos to see what it thinks about how you think about science and religion!

What did you get? Are you surprised? Feel free to post your results/graphs here! I’m interested to know what the vibe is like here on the forum.


Fun and interesting to go through the questions, and consider where you stand. I wound up somewhere between Einstein and Newton, so must be accurate. :wink:


I protest.

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I call bs on the result. In no way I’m in that category

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I’m inclined to think that my dot should actually be a bit lower toward functional, but that’s probably due to the “Where in the middle should I pick?” questions.


I’m closest to Huxley and slightly compatible,

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I feel so misunderstood!

I actually got a bit overwhelmed by analyzing the survey itself and the possible interpretations and information value of the individual questions. As well as the presence of questions posed in the negative.


Shocking, I know.


It made more sense to me if you think about their explanations of the axes instead of thinking about quadrants. So you are up over the x-axis because you think religion is substantive, there actually is a spirtual world and relligion is more than ethics and morality and culture (which would be the functional view below the x-axis). The left/right position has to do with your trust vs skepticism of science, so you are more trusting than skeptical, but not one of the people who think science explains everything.


How do i share my results, it won’t let me take a screenshot.

Well, I just gave my coordinates. I am about like others on the spectrum in the reddish orange area.

I always wonder if these tests really show you where you are, or if they show where you wish you were or perceive yourself to be, and if someone you know well took it with you as the subject if they would get the same thing.


I landed in the middle of the temperature scale(green) and was placed right next to darwin on the second vertical line just above the first horizontal line.

Below is what was said about my position on the graph:

“ Science is true, but religion has some value ”

For you, science is the only (or main) way to the truth and religion is only really a cultural phenomenon, so the two can get on just fine. But you’re likely to add an important caveat to this: the two can get on just as long as religion doesn’t try and make any truth claims and sticks to what it does best – building community and helping others. When it comes to the job of understanding reality, it has nothing important to contribute. If you’re here, your temperature is probably a bit cool.


I just did a printscreen, cropped it in ppt and pasted it in the window.

I stopped at 5.

This is so poorly worded: “Science is the only way of getting reliable knowledge”


I was able to take screen shots. Oops. You can see what tabs I have open in one of them !

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I wondered what kind of data some of the questions would yield.

I am often too concerned with figuring out the “right” answer, which skews my results. All the time.