Resurrection to Ascension

This is another thread based on ideas from an old one I chose not to revive. These aren’t tightly related, they’re just some things that struck me.

Actually we do: He had some things to do before that happened, e.g. preach “to the spirits in prison”

The issue is that we use “physical” in more than one sense, which leads to a situation where the resurrection body both is and is not physical depending on the meaning being used.

The one instance of that in the scripture is when Saul has Samuel summoned up; Samuel is called “an elohim”, i.e. a spiritual/heavenly being. He doesn’t show up physically but in spirit form that is visible and can be interacted with from the physical realm.

What’s the one direction that physical humans can’t go (unaided)? Up!

The Ascension was thus an embodied declaration that human physicality was entering Heaven – Jesus wasn’t going to the Father as a spirit, He was going as the God-Man, the “Son of Man”.

Just BTW, when searching through the tag list it struck me that there is no “Resurrection” tag!

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We obviously know this was an evil spirit and not really the prophet Samuel?

Btw, a side issue but relevant nevertheless, St Roymond you know that by citing this illustration you are treading a fine line… that a claim for the belief Satan has the power to raise from the dead is being alluded to…and since there is nothing in this text that tells us God gave him the power here to do such a thing…thats a huge problem for your general theology about the universal power of satan right! (Corruption of physcial earth during and after the flood comes to mind here. You claim he cant because it doesnt say God allowed him to corrupt the earth itself during the flood)

Do we?

Is seeking out the dead banned because it is false or because it is dangerous? There is much in this world that we should not delve into, not because it is false but because it is very real, and dangerous.!

shoving Devil worship and the black arts under the bed will not stop them or make them go away. We have got too comfortable with demons, and vampires, and all that goes with them. Hollywood and TV have much to answer for in that respect. They paint a rose coloured view of the fight between good and evil. And good always wins… eventually.

The Devil is laughing. God isn’t.


We “obviously” know no such thing. First Samuel 28:15 plainly starts out שְׁמוּאֵל ֙וַיֹּ֤אמֶר (wayomer shmoo-ayl), “And Samuel said”. Are you suggesting that the text is wrong?

Samuel proceeds to chastise Saul and make a prophecy about Saul’s doom, which we find three chapters later happened exactly as foretold.

That is nonsense. Your fixation with Satan is showing.

Oh so true…!

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