Podcast: N.T. Wright & Francis Collins | A Christian Response to Coronavirus

Amid a surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, what should be the Christian response? Bible scholar N. T. Wright and BioLogos founder Francis Collins, ponder this question and more.

This is a podcast episode that was recorded via livestream on Sunday, July 12.

Many of us have been pondering all sorts of thoughts and feelings during this time. This notion stuck out to me during the conversation: “Maybe the right question that Christians should be asking is not “why did this happen?” But rather, “what can I do?””

And also, the person of Jesus fully understanding suffering and meeting us in it. Comforting, yeah?


I enjoyed this too. Especially the emphasis on how to act. I’m still not so certain that “Over the seas” is that different from america. I’ve seen similar things from there as well concerning almost any subject. But that was single comment or so and not important and still probably mostly true.

I have often wondered about why Jesus cried then. Lots of possible reasons and mostly grounded in the fact he was also a man. Jesus May have been of God, but Jesus was not like a god on flesh on earth and had to have faith in the father as well. Not everyone may agree with that I guess.

I actually enjoyed the song. Maybe one day they will list a handful of their favorite 60s folk songs.

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