JULY 12 - 2 PM ET - N.T. Wright and Francis Collins LIVE: A Christian Response To Coronavirus

This live event is happening in about 2 hours!

Be sure to tune in!

This was a great interview! If you missed it, be sure to listen to the recording or the edited podcast when it is available Thursday. Only problem was, it was too short, as I could have listened to the two of them talk for hours.

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I’m looking forward to it because I really like NT Wright. Part of me is also pessimistic on how much more about this virus can I possibly hear and still be entertained lol. I’m mostly looking forward to it for the chit chat between them and any theological connections they make. It could have been about tea cups and I would listen for the same reason.

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Plus there is singing. If COVID isn’t entertaining enough for you, at least there is that.

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Wright definitely had center stage. Collins made some great points and spoke more early in the conversation, but he often directed questions back to Wright, and the conversation was more theological overall than about the nuts and bolts of Covid, which the Collins-Fauci talk covered.
Overall it was uplifting, so if you are tired of hearing about Covid, it is a good talk to hear.

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