Pithy quotes from our current reading which give us pause to reflect #2

Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia-Related Disorders and Psychotic-Like Experiences: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


They found 1915 related studies, found 106 worthy of full text review. And still 17 to work with.

And I didn’t expect there even to be ONE.

I can’t tell that cat ownership has improved my mental health.

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You may have improved the cat’s.

  • Why a “Pithy Quotes #2” thread?
  • Think of it as “The Road Less Traveled”.

Do you have a kind of theme in mind here, Mr. Frost?

Trivia re: Pithy Quotes #1:
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  • If “Pithy Quotes” is a theme, then “No”, I got nothing new, but with 2,405 replies, the last post in the thread is easier to find. Relevance? I went to “Pithy Quotes #1” to post my “Cats and Schizophrenia” link and screenshot, and was shell-shocked by being taken to the thread’s beginning. I got exhausted trying to find the end of the thread, so I just started “Pithy Quotes #2”. I can find the end of P.Q. #2 faster than the end of P.Q. #1.
  • On the other hand, if “Pithy Quotes” is not the theme of P.Q, #1, what is?

That thread was “ a thread for sharing short passages we come to in our reading, whether that reading occurs in science, theology or elsewhere.” But it’s been used in many ways including for follow up discussion inspired by the quotes.

  • well then, there you go: longer links to articles that are really interesting but won’t ever evoke a juicy thread in P.Q. #2, no?

Sorry I don’t understand the question. How would you like to see the new thread used?

  • Go to Post #3, and read each post, starting with #3, up to the last before your last to me and see if that makes sense. If it does’t, is there room in your original thread for my first post? if so, I’ll take the time to find the end of your thread, post my first post in this thread there, then I’ll come back and delete this thread, and there’s nothing left to talk about, right?
  • On the other hand, if you think my Post #1 is “off-topic” in your thread, then unless you have a copyright on this thread’s title, can’t I safely assume that you were confused for a moment but don’t object, but won’t be posting anything else in the P.Q. #2 thread?

Well I’m not a fan of links with no comment or introduction though there are some who have copy pasta’d stuff pretty randomly with no comment many times. I wish it was otherwise. Does that answer your question? I don’t rally like guessing what you mean so I’ll leave it to you to say more if you like.

  • Great! So what you “seem” to be implying is that you’re actually relieved that I didn’t post my first post in this thread as a post in P.Q. #1, right? Especially since I failed to say more about: “Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia-Related Disorders and Psychotic-Like Experiences: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.”
  • Not a whole lot of guessing, IMO, as to what the article or link was *about: Cat Ownership and Schizophrenia-Related Disorders and Psychotic-Like Experiences." Since you’re a dog owner, it’s unlikely but not impossible but unlikely that you’ll be interested in the article, no?
  • 'Nuff said, right? But @SkovandOfMitaze, on the other hand likes cats. Maybe he’ll be interested or amused?
  • BTW, I can’t imagine that you’d be curious, but now I am. Ancient Egypt liked, even worshiped or–at least-- valued cats.
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I’ve heard of it before. Seems that with cats they mostly get it from being outdoors and eating raw meat. My cats are indoor cats and don’t get raw meat. But I would gladly die a parasitic death if that as the cost of having my cats.

I wonder if it’s the same thing that cats can give mice causing mice to be less afraid of cats.

The parasitic death reminds me of a good body horror book called “ The Troop “ by Nick Cutter. It’s actually one of my favorite novels. I like non zombie horror centered around parasitic things. Mostly fungi related.


I sometimes wonder if I’ll pick up something off from all the wildlife I handle, all the mushy logs I move and so on. But maybe the opposite is happening. My immune system seems to be good. Almost never get sick. In a few years when I have my new place I plan on getting pet rats, pet birds and another pet pig again.

  • Interesting.

Well, you could have been creative and made it a “Pithy quotes from future reading” thread.


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Maybe we need a cats thread.

BTW, Knox likes cats, I just haven’t figured out what he likes them for.


This isn’t from reading but from listening . . . .

Something Neil Tyson said on a podcast caught my attention this evening. He was describing how science works, with ideas published and other people tearing apart those ideas to put forth their own, and it all comes down to evidence. It struck me that that was exactly how it worked with ancient near eastern literature, especially in periods (like still continues) where there are more texts available than can even be published let alone studied, so when a new text fit into some category it could negate some ideas and advance others, and there were people clamoring to get certain batches of texts published because they thought there would be evidence in their favor.
Breakthroughs made due to new texts being published always thrilled me, and one of my professors tried to get me to go into ANE studies using that as an argument, but I recognized just how rare those breakthroughs are – but thinking back I think I should have gone for a PhD in it anyway, given how relevant the field is to understanding the scriptures.

Actually only because you had nothing to say about it yourself but an occasional stand alone quote doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t need or desire my tastes and interests to dictate what goes in the PQ’s thread. Even though I’m more of a dog man than a cat guy I still found the article interesting.

If anything I think a parallel thread themed around nonfiction books might make the most sense but then I’ve posted plenty of that sort of excerpt myself so maybe it doesn’t matter?

Guys, the interest in this series of posts lies in it being about 1)interesting quotes you find in reading, and 2) reflection on those quotes. Try to stay on topic and avoid the off topic bickering or it will go the way of most posts.

Not my intention. Please delete the bickering.