Orthodox Rabbis issue groundbreaking statement on Christianity


Orthodox Rabbis issue groundbreaking statement on Christianity

This is rather amazing!


Yes, its interesting that they touch on the Maimonides teachings too. Maybe this harmony is another sign that we are within the End Times of the circle of events as laid out in Scripture

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End Time fear mongering is ethically wrong. The universe is going to go on for trillions of year. However humanity may greatly change the planet in such a way that human life has a much harder to survive. Each individual must find their own purpose and meaning in their finite livings to help each other, their children and children’s children to make the world better for the next generation.

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This coming together moment may be the diplomatic work of Pope Francis. He is great at bringing people together instead of pushing them apart. Both Catholic and Jewish leader are seeing a seismic shift in the world away from Catholicism and Judaism. In the US, Europe, the nones are growing very fast.


True, fear mongering is not good and most of it is not biblical anyway. The Earth did have a very close shave with that CME, shows how fragile our little planet is.


What is a CME?


Occassionaly the Sun gives out solar discharges. The only kind that could destroy our planet is a CME, which stands for Coronal Mass Ejection. The Earth’s magnetic field would not save us from such an event, especially as its weakened a lot recently.

The pressure wave of a CME would be about 6000 degrees centigrade and would evaporate our top atmospheric layers leaving the Stratosphere exposed to outer space. This would create absolutely massive hailstones. All aircraft, birds, flying insects would be vaporised and when the plasma fireball and hailstone combination hit the Earth all oxygen would go and the ground would be scorched bare. Scientists say around a third of the Earth would be destroyed.

I don’t wish to sound scary, I am just saying what the scientific facts are, which incidently do bare out Revelation 8:7. The point here is that we were nearly hit by one recently. If we had of been we would not be on Biologos now!

Feel free to visit www.alphacreation.co.uk but I don’t think the site is your cup of tea.

Your posts are great by the way, very motivational.

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Relating CMEs which have occurred for billions of years with Revelations is quite a stretch. But I do agree that warning fair skinned people especially children to use SPF50 sunscreen is a good idea to minimize skin cancer over their lifetimes.

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Back to the topic, I agree that this an amazing and very welcome development. There has been a strong historical antagonism among Jews toward any Jew (even if not religious, but only “ethnically” Jewish) who becomes a Christian. As if by doing so, one is a traitor and going over to the evil side. Hopefully this new approach (and I expect confirmatory statements will come from Reform, Conservative and other Jewish groups) will end that kind of unsound and distressing attitude.

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You seem like a very good person. Why propagate fear and hate? What do you think about taking down from your website those things that others may find offensive? Two things are offensive to me are 1. Fear Mongering based on Revelations and 2. Your treatment of non-believers including atheist.
In the interest of the holiday spirit, why don’t you make these changes so that we all can be peaceful this Christmas season?


I never propagate hate or fear, you are judging me when you don’t know me. I do believe we should be apprehensive about Revelation and the first act of wisdom is a fear of God. However, my views are all meaty stuff and are not for the consumption of children. In any case the object of Revelation is so that people are saved beforehand and avoid everything. We need Revelation just like we need Genesis. The Bible would be odd without it. But you know it is a great thing to dispute these matters, it would be boring if we just all agreed with each other. In the meantime, I have taken out a caption and re-worded the Atheist section in the interest of good spirit as you put it. I hope you realise I made the changes on your recommendations! I tried to do it with out taking away from my own viewpoints. I hope you will approve.

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@tel, @Patrick @beaglelady
I feel that we should not be making predictions when the Second Advent is. Christ said in the Synoptic Gospels that the angels in heaven and not even God the Son know when His Second Coming is. Only God the Father knows and has not revealed that to us. I may walk the veil with Him or I may meet Him in the air to return to the new earth. How do we know which view of eschatology is correct. It could be the following: Optimistic Amillennialist, Classic Postmillennialism, Historic Premillennialism, Dispensational Premillennialism, Augustine Amillennialism, or Kliefoth Amillennialism. I believe that the millennium is now and will continue for an indefinite period of time. It is the age of the Church. When Communism fell in the 1990’s, I began to believe in either Optimistic Amillennialism or Classic Postmillennialism; however, recent events have made me feel that Kliefoth or Augustine could be correct. I still hope, however, that Benjamin Warfield, an Optimist Amillennialist, will be right. I agree now with William Hendriksen that the world has become better economically, scientifically, and socially in some ways; however, I can see that the Kingdom of Satan has grown too. In any case, Christians should not try to say when the return of Jesus is. Christians have a Story To Tell To The Nations, and we must start doing it. I would rather live now than in the past. In the past, I would be dead now due to diabetes. I believe that Jesus is reigning the universe on the throne of David now in heaven. The church is made up of the ambassadors of His Kingdom,and we need to start acting like it. We need to be kind to all people and tell our story. If a person does not want to listen, that is his right. But we should have a right also to express our views. Again, I will say that C.S. Lewis was an atheist who came to Christ through J.R.R. Tolkien. That is a fact. None of you know what the future may bring. Happy Holidays. Pseudonym ( from Greek: false name) Henry Wynns. My real name is Charles Edward Miller, Jr. Was there a Henry Wynns? Yes! Henry was one of my ancestral granduncles who went to heaven two hundred years ago. You may still call me Henry, for I am his flesh and blood, aren’t I? Oh, friend Patrick, for those who die before the visible Second Advent of Christ, death is the end of time and the beginning of a glorious eternity. Perhaps they have already experienced the Second Advent. The Perspectival View of individual eschatology could be the ultimate reality. Just something to think about. I ask that my friend, the beaglelady, to explain what the Orthodox Rabbis said.


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Back to the topic
[/quote] What an idea!

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There has been a strong historical antagonism among Jews toward any Jew (even if not religious, but only “ethnically” Jewish) who becomes a Christian. As if by doing so, one is a traitor and going over to the evil side.
[/quote] Yes, that was in response to almost 2000 years of anti-Semitism. I’m glad we are being reconciled.


You are right. The Rapture Industry has been going on forever, with opportunistic hucksters taking advantage of people. Think about this: if all is about to end, why try to sell a book about the end times?

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I must agree that Christians and Orthodox Jews along with Messianic Jews need to work together to bring about a better world if that be possible before the Second Advent of Christ. The world has changed much since my younger days, and I must admit it does not look good. Are some of the Jewish people turning to Christ as the apostle Paul predicted in the Book of Romans, i.e., that all Israel shall be saved. I believe there is some truth to it. Unfortunately, there are some people whom I will not name who are blind to the Word of God. We must pray for them too; however, there are some who are hardhearted and will not see the truth even though it is right in front of them. They have hearts of stone and cannot feel the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Before I close this statement, I wish to quote the apostle Paul from Romans 10: 12-13: “For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek, i.e., Gentile: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” I feel sorry for those who will not believe, for they are spiritually dead, and that is much worse that being physically dead. People who do not believe are in fact the “Living Dead.” They are dead and just do not know it. As Jesus said concerning the resurrection of the redeemed: God is not a God of the dead but of the living. For unto Him all are alive.

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Wise logic.

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Thank you for rewording the Atheist section on your website. I will take a look at your site again. But you seem to use atheists the same way that people decades ago used Jews and other minorities - as scapegoats for your defined “sins” of the world. I noticed that you don’t address radical Islam on your website. Why not? Do you not think that kill in the name of God is a major threat to society?

I am grateful to be living at a time in history where medical science and technology has made life better for most on the planet. So no - the end of the world is NOT upon us. And what you label as “sins” like gay marriage is legal in this country and the UK will NOT result in the “wrath of God”. Isn’t time for all good people to use science and reason to come together to solve the world’s problems?

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In spite of its problems, I would rather live now than in the past. As I mentioned above, I would not be alive today without medical science. I have not mentioned this before, but I will now. When I was being born, my mother almost died. Her blood pressure was too high. She told Dr. Clarence Ward to save me and let her go. I meant too much to her. It is nearing December 18th. I think about that a great deal and other things too.


I’m not sure if you are getting me mixed up with someone else as your comments don’t seem to relate always to my website and, you are attaching stuff to me that I don’t recognise.

I don’t use atheists as scapegoats and have not mentioned anything about gay marriage anywhere or linked gay people to the wrath of God. There is no link in the Bible either. And I have indeed made comments about terrorism. But anyway, my website is not really important.

On another note Patrick, in my humble view, you cannot tie up technology to a fact that the end of the world is not upon us, if anything we are clearly told that an explosion in knowledge is something that would come to happen. And it has. You cannot say that the end of the world is NOT upon us because you are not God and only God would know that. You may be right for sure, however it is presumptuous to declare it. And I have no problem with science working for the benefit of us all, why would I?

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This is not from your website?

End Of The World Was So Near!
The Doom-Mongers Of 2012 Were Nearly Right!

As the pressure wave plunged through the Troposphere, all birds and any flying insects would all be destroyed in an instant. As the CME eventually hit the Earth, all oxygen would be expended and all the trees, grass and everything would be seared, scorched to disintegration.

“The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood and it was hurled down upon the Earth. A third of the Earth was burned up and all the green grass was burned up” Rev 8:7.

People surviving in the remaining part of the Earth would testify to nature (or science) proving the Bible correct, however they would all be blasted back into the Stone-Age. The scary thing is that this almost happened but NASA in their wisdom kept it a secret for over two years. A CME missed the Earth by just one week.