New Blog Post: 5 reasons Christians should get the COVID-19 vaccine

Deb highlights why Christians should feel confident receiving a COVID vaccine on behalf of themselves and the rest of their community and provides accessible links to most of our vaccine content.


BuT vAcCiNeS aRe tHe MaRk oF tHe BeAsT!


Good article, though of course preaching to the choir for the most part here. Will share on social media. Hopefully that will prod those on the fence to move forward. I still see a lot of posts on Facebook, mostly by younger more fundamentalist leaning Christians that they are not not getting the shot. Interestingly, very few older friends are abstaining from vaccination, and most are scrambling to get in queue.

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Except when you die or are left with permanent damage. This whole “everyone should just get COVID and let nature take its course” is extremely insensitive to the many of us who have lost friends and loved ones to this disease and it ignores the very serious health ramifications that many people are still coping with months and even a year now after “recovery.” This is terrible advice.


I thought that was just data for anyone who had obtained a vaccine and died afterwards, not necessarily of the vaccine. You may want to check your numbers.

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From the CDC:

Over 5,000 people have died after taking the vaccine, but there isn’t any known causal link except for a few rare cases involving the J&J vaccine and blood clots. Compare that to the half million people who have died from COVID-19 in the US out of 33 million reported cases.

Added in edit (and fixed my math later): According to this article there were 3 reported deaths due to blood clots caused by the J&J vaccine. 3 deaths out of 300 million doses across all vaccines. That’s 1 death per 100 million doses. Now lets look at the viral infection. There have been 603,000 deaths and 33.6 million reported cases. That’s 1,807,550 deaths for every 100 million reported cases. 1 vs. 1.8 million . . . I think I know which one I would pick (and have picked).


Article on Vaers data. This pretty much undercuts the entirety of your second reason of it being dangerous.

Yes, healthy people have minimal risk but we all have elderly and unhealthy friends and family. If the vaccine is safe and will help them it’s the only sensible, moral and Christian thing to do. It’s a risk but the alternative seems to be worse.



Christy, the worst thing in the world is the strawman argument. I never said everyone should just get it. I said that 140+ million HAVE gotten it. As for death, again, the young don’t die from this, nor do they transmit it. But, they are harmed by the vaccines at an unacceptable rate.

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Funny, when it was covid-19 infections, anyone who died (even in an auto accident…literally) was counted as “covid-19 death.” Now, nobody is apparently a vaccine death. Nice.

I don’t think you have that right:

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Any data to back this up?

Even if the death numbers were overblown a bit there are still a lot of them left, several hundreds of thousands in fact.

And your “whataboutism” is a logical fallacy (tu quoque) that ignores the issue at hand. Your argument was based on a COMPLETE misunderstanding of Vaers data.

The appropriate reaction is to retract your argument and modify your position on this issue accordingly. You chose instead to call people hypocrites.

If you demonstrated to me that 5,000 people died of the vaccine then I would certainly change my views a bit. No need for “us vs them.” Just present facts and arguments.


[edited, I meant to say I would change my views a bit]


People suffer from those same ailments without getting the vaccine. This is why anecdotal evidence isn’t good enough. You need compiled data over many cases.

Yes, there are rare and severe reactions to this vaccine, just as there is with any vaccine. No vaccine is 100% safe, even those that have had full FDA approval. The important bit is the relative risk. What is the risk of being harmed by the virus compared to the vaccine. As shown above, the risk from the vaccine is many, many orders of magnitude less than from the infection.


I would like to know why my comment was flagged and hidden. I offered documentation of every point I made. Do you just silence any counter-view?

Oh right T_aquaticus. Teenagers coincidentally have strokes and die after getting vaccines all the time…even after studies demonstrate that the vaccines produce such events.

Read what happened in this article: What Schools Can Learn From Child Care Coronavirus Safety Plans : NPR.

See the Finland-Sweden article I posted too

That was from a study in 2013, before the COVID-19 vaccine. Yes, otherwise healthy looking teenagers do have strokes without a vaccine causing it.

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Unlikely to spread does not equal do not spread. Not that hard to figure out.

Do you all accept that people who have been infected and recovered don’t need to be vaccinated?

According to several sources, about 97% of all current infections in the US are in unimmunized people and 99.75% of hospitalized patients had not been fully vaccinated in this story: Almost all COVID cases now occurring in those not vaccinated studies show |

The goal is not only to not die, but not live impaired long term due to the long term problems seen with Covid. The vaccine accomplishes both.

This study does not say what you seem to be hoping people will imply from it. It states people who have had infections are no more likely to get Covid than the vaccinated group. That is, that there is immunity after getting Covid for at least the duration of the study, which is nothing new. There is however a lot of difference in getting Covid and the vaccine, as the risk of dying due to a Covid infection is about 1500 per million as I recall, vs. 1 per million roughly from the vaccine. And that doesn’t count the many who have permanent lung damage, heart damage, strokes, kidney damage etc. and those who require extensive rehab to return to functional life.

But many young adults die, even though they are less likely. And four dead in Ohio is hardly insignificant, as CSN&Y sang in another era.

And children often are how the parents an grandparents contract the illness. It is sort of the reverse of pertussis or whooping cough, where it is important for caregivers and family members.of infants to be immunized (it is the P in the DPT vaccine) as while pertussis is annoying but seldom deadly in adults, it kills and impairs un-vaccinated infants.