Mathematics: The Hand of GOD in --Evolutionary-- Creation!

(Absolute Truth) #1

I strongly believe Mathematics may be the Essence to understand
GOD’s Creation of HIS “Book of Universe” and also HIS “Book of Religion.”

Because GOD created the Universe in the Language of Mathematics,
from the very Beginning.

Evolutionary Creation of our whole Universe and all living-beings therein
relies on Absolutely Perfect-Precise Numbers (especially in those Fundamental Forces)
from the very Beginning.

Jesus tells us that everything (even the number of hairs on our head) are perfectly Counted,
from the very Beginning.

So if there is a GOD,
HE would Absolutely make us Know HIS Existence and Magnificent Power and Glory
through the Language of Mathematics in HIS “Book of Universe” and also in HIS "Book of Religion,"
from the very Beginning.

In this respect, I believe this kind of Discoveries may be the Greatest MIRACLES of our Time, and also Eternally --(because the Language of Mathematics and the tangible/testable Findings thereof are Universal and Eternal).

have been Discovered.


The gravitational constant can only be measured and varies with the units, defined by us, used. So how is this an “Absolutely Perfect-Precise Number”?

More importantly, what exactly is your definition of “Absolutely Perfect-Precise Numbers”?

(Absolute Truth) #3

With peace and blessings,

what I mean by "Absolutely Perfect-Precise Numbers"
is that the “Gravitational Constant” and also much more important than this the “Cosmological Constant” first of all have such --(literally on the Knife-Edge)-- “Finely Tuned” values that just a teeniest tiniest change on one of them would cause the whole Creation process (=i.e. Big bang) utterly collapse even in the very Beginning; and there would be no Universe, and no Evolutionary Creation of Galaxies, Stars, and Planets, and no Evolutionary Creation of Living-beings therein, at all.

Leonard Susskind (Professor of Physics at Stanford University; Author of “The Cosmic Landscape,” “String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design”)-- honestly and truly attest to this Most Miraculous “Fine Tuning” Phenomenon here:

Leonard Susskind - Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life and Mind?
https: // www. youtube. com/watch?v=2cT4zZIHR3s (*all in about 15 minutes)

but to save his atheistic view, he attempts to explain it away by pocket or bubble, or/and multi or mega Verses hypotheses.

And even his such hypotheses --(which have absolutely no credible/tangible evidence right now)-- could be confirmed some day in the future and (let’s assume that) there were indeed countless number of multi or mega Verses, as he wishfully or eagerly suggests,

for me, it would still Not diminish or negate at all this --(literally on the Knife-Edge)-- Most Miraculous Nature of such “Fine Tuning” Phenomenon of our Universe we are living in here,

because also I have already a very “Good-Perfect Reason” (you can clearly see it at the site I refer to in my profile) to believe in GOD Who created HIS Book of Universe and HIS Book of Religion, Purposefully, based on such --(literally on the Knife-Edge)-- Most Miraculous “Fine Tuning” (=i.e. “Absolutely Perfect-Precise Numbers and Miracles”) here, Specifically, for us (=i.e. to Test us, to Bless us), from the very Beginning.

(Roger A. Sawtelle) #4

Have you read the book, Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio? Good book.

Mathematics is not the Essence of the Creation, Jesus the Logos is, but math is part of the essence spoke through the Word. Math is not Absolute, but math is powerful because it is relational, in that it relates things so they can be known and used.


Why didn’t you just say you believe in AFT, anthropic fine tuning. Takes a lot fewer words.


The hypotheses happen to derive from a number of cosmological models and they make for interesting analyses. We can’t make black holes and we don’t have many nearby to work with directly but theorizing about black holes has lead to advances in theoretical physics. So it could be with the various cosmological models. Also, it’s not as if only atheists consider the multiverse models. Theists of any stripe can work in those areas as well. A multiverse cannot definitively be used to argue against the existence of God.

(Absolute Truth) #7

I preferred to say “on a Knife-Edge” because in that video I referred to above Leonard Susskind specifically uses that term, repeatedly.

But here is also another one with Steven Weinberg (University of Texas, Nobel laureate in Physics, …) essentially with the exact same line of thinking with Leonard Susskind above;
using “AFT =Anthropic Fine Tuning,” instead, here:

Steven Weinberg Why a Fine Tuned Universe?
https: // www.

He also honestly and truly attest to this undeniably Most Precise and perfectly Miraculous “Fine Tuning” (especially of “Cosmological Constant” again first of all) Phenomenon above,
but again to save his atheistic view, just like Leonard Susskind above, he is wishfully or eagerly leaning towards multiverse hypotheses --(even when he has “not a single credible/tangible evidence” in this regard yet, as he himself clearly admits it).

(Absolute Truth) #8

With peace and blessings,

I believe the “Language of Mathematics” is Absolute in this respect above and the Most Essential to let us know that (not randomness or chance but) a Super Intelligent MIND Purposefully arranged/programmed/created the whole Universe and all things therein, upon such Absolutely Perfect-Precise Numbers and Values --(in all of those Universal Constants, especially Cosmological Constant and Gravitational Constant here again, first of all)-- from the very Beginning.

And then HE has also sent down to us HIS Word also in the same Perfect “Language of Mathematics” to let us know that HIS Religion is not a man-made fancy story (like santa claus, etc.) but it is The Absolute Truth which could come down Truly and Only from Heaven.

For this reason, Jesus has strongly emphasized that everything (even all hairs on our head are specifically Counted from the very Beginning),

and not even a single Letter or even a smallest part of a single Letter could be lost in the Word of GOD, because each and every of them are also specifically and perfectly Counted, from the very Beginning.

So even if only a single “zero” were to be taken out of that Cosmological Constant above (which has enormous 122 “zeros” after the decimal point therein) the whole Universe would utterly collapse;

And likewise, even if only a single “letter” were to be taken out of the Word of GOD above (which has Absolutely Perfect-Precise Number of Letters in it) the whole “Awesomely Miraculous Structure” therein would utterly collapse.

Jesus clearly tells us that specifically on the Third “Day” (=i.e. this Third “Millennium” we are living in now, --because One Day is One Thousand Years in the Sight of GOD =Psalms 90, 4) this “Absolute (Mathematical) Truth” above would clearly Come out, and perfectly Guide the humanity, Worldwide, especially and only those who are truthfully and sincerely Seeking GOD from among them, first of all. (Matthew 10, 26-27 … 29-30 & John 6, 27, … 40-46)


It has been my experience that people who submit arguments about the existence or character of God on the basis of an alleged universality or absoluteness of mathematics are unfamiliar with the profound intrinsic limitations of the axiomatic method.

How do you resolve the claim of absoluteness with the fact that first-order logic cannot categorically describe infinite structures like the natural numbers (Löwenheim-Skolem theorem), but second-order and higher logics, while categorical, fail to have desirable properties like semantic completeness (Lindström’s theorem)? What is the “correct” model of set theory, and is the axiom of choice true or false in this model? Is the continuum hypothesis true or false? What about large cardinal axioms?

See the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entries for discussion of the philosophy of mathematics, set theory, the axiom of choice, the continuum hypothesis, and large cardinal numbers. The neat and tidy elementary mathematics that most people are exposed to may give the incorrect impression that math is somehow “finished” or “absolute,” but it’s a wild west situation at the foundation of mathematics with many deep and interesting questions to explore.

(Brad Kramer) #10

@AbsoluteTruth online discussion board Pro Tip: lots of random capitalization and bolding does not make your points more compelling or coherent.

(Roger A. Sawtelle) #11

The Word of God is Jesus Christ and not the Bible. The Bible is not the Truth, but Jesus is. Nor is Jesus, God’s Word, Absolute because He is human. Jesus is loving and relational.

Math is an excellent tool of God, but when you claim it is Absolute, you are mistaken and lose the power of your argument.

(Absolute Truth) #12

With peace and blessings,

I have not claimed “absoluteness” or “finishedness / completeness” to Mathematics in itself, my Friend, never, at all,

what I say is that the basic Math (=you simply call it “the neat and tidy elementary Mathematics” above) with its basic rules and principles is a Perfect Tool that has the “Absolute Clarity and Power” in itself which can unmistakably show us if something could be a product of Randomness and Chance, or it could absolutely and only be an “Intentional and Purposeful Design” of an Intelligent MIND, in the first place.

I may clearly see and truly claim “Absoluteness” in Math specifically and only in this Respect above,
for I believe it can clearly and unmistakably lead us to “Absolute Truth” (=i.e. the Existence and Magnificent Power and Glory of a Supreme MIND in the Creation of HIS Book of Universe and also HIS Book of Religion, first of all) in this Respect above.

Another clear Example here:
Evolutionary Creation processes have a strong tendency, in a remarkably large number of phenomena, to specifically follow “Fibonacci Sequence” in earthly and also cosmic scale,

NOVA | The Great Math Mystery |
Is math invented by humans, or is it the language of the universe?
https: // www. youtube. com/watch?v=Ga2yMHJ_tyU
https: //www.

“Fibonacci Sequence” has already been Discovered also in the Word of GOD, first of all,
(you can clearly see it in that Site again referred to in my user profile),

thereby I may clearly and unmistakably see the Hand of GOD (=The One and Only CREATOR and The Best MATHEMATICIAN of All Times) in all such Evolutionary Creation processes, from the very Beginning.


By “basic Math,” you evidently mean something like Presburger arithmetic, a weak theory of arithmetic that is not subject to Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. Of course, it doesn’t have multiplication, but no one uses that anyway.

With any reasonable elementary theory of arithmetic, like Peano arithmetic, one runs into the incompleteness theorems. There are statements that are true in the standard model of the natural numbers, but are not provable. Therefore, not even basic math is a “Perfect Tool” with “‘Absolute Clarity and Power’ in itself.”[quote=“AbsoluteTruth, post:12, topic:35767”]
“Fibonacci Sequence” has already been Discovered also in the Word of GOD, first of all,
(you can clearly see it in that Site again referred to in my user profile),

The website you linked to is merely a collection of recipes applying gematria to the Quran. You are confusing gematria and numerology for mathematics. They are as alike as the study of wooden blocks with letters on them is to the study of literature. I certainly DON’T speak for EvErYoNe, but I don’t Think you WILL finD an especially receptive audience here with your CuRrEnT approach.

(Absolute Truth) #14

With peace and blessings,

In my perspective, my dear Friend, basic Math (or you can call it Arithmetic if you want; as a legitimate branch of Math) is a “Perfect Tool” with "‘Absolute Clarity and Power’ in itself, (as I tried to clearly emphasize in my previous posts above) specifically and only when/if I need to know if any Phenomenon in Nature, or any Structure around us, or any Message sent to us, etc. could randomly be generated/built/scripted, or do they have to be Purposefully Designed by an Intelligent Mind, in the first place.

In this respect, when I clearly witness that most fascinating and unique “Fibonacci Sequence” embedded in many Phenomena in the Nature (*please, see it in the links in my previous post above, --even all atheist or agnostic Scientists clearly admit its Remarkable or Surprising occurrence in Nature), and then also when I clearly witness it Perfectly in The Word of GOD, first of all,

then even without any need to having to get myself deep into the needless arguments regarding the philosophy of Mathematics, at all, and also even without any need to having to get myself into needless questioning about whether Mathematics was a human invention or discovery, or not, in the first place, at all,

because when I see such a wonderful Mathematical Phenomena (=i.e. most specific and unique “Fibonacci Sequence”) embedded in the Book of Nature and also in the Book of Religion, first of all,
I can clearly and unmistakably see the Perfect Design/Signature/Purpose of a Supreme MIND on it. Because only such an Intelligent Supreme MIND --(WHO is Absolutely Above our Time-Space dimension, and so also Fully Aware of our past, present and future, Instantaneously)-- could clearly Comprehend what the “Fibonacci Sequence” is, and why it is so unique and special to us could Implement it in such a perfectly Parallel and absolutely Wonderful Way in HIS Book of Universe and also in HIS Book of Religion, even from the very Beginning, to Perfectly Communicate to us, to make us absolutely know HIS Existence, Magnificent Glory and Power over all Universe and all of us here.

When/if I get the chance, will reply to your other questions/objections later, my Friend.

With Peace and Blessings.

(Absolute Truth) #15

With peace and blessings,

Firstly, the Gematria (=i.e. the System which is based on Gematrical values of each letters) is Not an Essential Part --(except for a few specific Occasions)-- in any of those Mathematical Miracles in that site referred to in my user profile above;

especially and also in that Wonderful Mathematical Miracle on "Fibonacci Sequence"
there is no Gematria again, at all. It is perfectly based on the Essential Structure (=i.e. total number of Chapter and Verse No’s that are also “Fibonacci Numbers” throughout The Scripture).

“The Scripture” mentioned above is the One
I firmly believe which has specifically been foretold by Jesus
as “The Stone” despised by the builders (=i.e. Jews despised Ishmael, the Ancestor of Arabians here: =Genesis 21, 8-21)
has become the Cornerstone (=Matthew 21, 42-44)
for/in this Third Day (=Millennium) now. (=John 6/40-46)

Secondly, this has nothing to do with worthless “numerology” (=i.e. manipulation of numbers without any methodology, and no clear principles, in random manner choosing or flipping them in any way that would be convenient as if to support a predetermined assumption/s),

but this is priceless “Miracle” (=working with the Numbers with a firm methodology and clear principles, and the outcome must always be in “Perfect Symmetry,” undoubtedly a Perfect Design of a Most Intelligent Supreme MIND, from the very Beginning.)

And I firmly believe that specifically for this reason, Jesus always prophesies about the Word of GOD
in perfect “Symmetrical Manner” throughout His Message:

Jesus said: So have no fear of them,

for nothing is covered --or hidden
that will not be Revealed, --that will not be Known!

What I tell you in the dark, --and what you hear whispered,
say in the Light, --proclaim on the Housetops!

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?
And not one of them will fall to the ground without the Permission of your LORD.
Because --(not only all the Letters in The Scripture =Matthew 5/18)-- even the hairs of your head are all Counted.
Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. (Matthew 10, 26-31)

All of these Wonderful Prophecies would Absolutely be Fulfilled in this Last and Third “Day” (=“Millennium;” because “1 Day = 1000 Years” in the Sight of GOD =Psalms 90/4)-- here now. (=John 6/40-46)

And lastly, I am only an individual --(not a member of any religious organization at all)-- wholeheartedly seeking The Truth, with my individual and free mind and heart, to be a true follower of Jesus for/in this Last “Day” (=“Millennium”) now. (=John 6/40-46)

Whether you receive and follow The Perspective I have presented here, or reject and ignore it, you are my Friend, I do not impose anything on anyone.
GOD is The ONE Who Knows-Best which of us are on the Right/Best Path
and has the Absolute Ability/Authority to Perfectly Judge all of us.

With peace and blessings.

(Absolute Truth) #16

Jesus said:
… Because even the hairs of your head are all Counted. (Matthew 10, 31)

This Wonderful Prophecy has Absolutely been Fulfilled, in its complete/perfect sense,
in this Last and Third “Day” (="Millennium;"
because “1 Day = 1000 Years” in the Sight of GOD =Psalms 90/4)–

as Jesus clearly foretold it here (=John 6, 40-46) in this Final Age now.

Because we can now clearly realize the Fact that
not only our hairs but even all our Chromosomes, and Bones, and Teeth, too,
are all perfectly Counted by GOD, from the very Beginning!

= Why do Humans have “46” Chromosomes & “206” Bones?

= Why do Humans have “28” Normal & “4” Wisdom Teeth?

For those who are truly interested, you can clearly witness this
Perfect Design of Human (via Evolutionary Creation Miracle) by our LORD, from the very Beginning,

in that Site referred to in my user profile above. (please, click “UNIVERSAL” at the top of the home page therein and clearly see it there)

With Peace and Blessings.

(Matthew Pevarnik) #17

This goes far beyond Evolution… I just discovered that there are 31 verses in Genesis chapter 1. There are three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. :astonished:

There are 7 words in the first sentence in Hebrew, and know that there are 7 dimensions of reality only God can move freely in (String Theory = 10 dimensions, we can only move freely in 3 of them). :flushed:

God’s thoughts towards us would outnumber the grains of sand (Ps 139:18) and we know there are approximately 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 grains of sand on Earth.

Isaiah 40:25-26 tells us that God knows all the stars by name and we know that there are approximately 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the sky. About twice as many as God’s thoughts towards us.

Why twice as much? Because it took the Hebrew writers two verses to describe the Stars in Isaiah instead of one for the sand in Psalm 139! :fearful:

Lastly, the energy of a lipid bilayer is 400 times greater than the average thermal temperature. The 400th chapter is 2 Chronicles 33. 3+3-2=4. :astonished:


Actually you have 12 molars of which 4 are popularly called wisdom teeth because they come in later in life when you supposedly have more wisdom. Technical term for them is your 3rd set of molars. Doesn’t make them special in any way does it?

(Absolute Truth) #19

With Peace and Blessings,

dear friend Pevaquark, (I assume you already know better than me) one can fabricate/concoct such “numerology” (=i.e. worthless mathematic/arithemetic calculations, based on no solid methodology, in the first place, and no consistence/coherence, at all, thereafter, but just random and simple speculations in most convenient ways here and there) just about in any text he or she may want to work on.

But I do absolutely claim that no one on this earth or in heaven can never bring such Miracles (=i.e. Priceless Mathematic/Arithmetic Calculations, based on Perfect Methodology, in the first place, and also Absolute Consistence/Coherence in each and every step of it thereafter) because they are Absolutely from Heaven, not man made.
(*Please, see it again seriously and carefully in that Site referred to in my previous post above.
If you can ever show me something Similar to it in any text here on this earth or in heaven (from any more/most intelligent extraterrestrials who may be dwelling therein) I promise you, I will immediately delete all my posts here, completely, at once. :x::notepad_spiral::x:

dear friend Bill_II, they are special in the way that they may need “removal” (in most or many cases), or they may remain “intact” (in many or some cases); and GOD has Perfectly taken it into Account for both situations (as clearly shown in that MIRACLE referred to above).

Because of that original Sin (emphasized in Genesis 3/16-19) we, humans (men and women), may have some hardship in this World as a Test; and this Wisdom Teeth issue is another such Test for us --(because except the less Sinful ones in this respect)-- most of us will have some problem and need “removal” therein, sooner or later.

But still this is a “Most Justified, Merciful and Perfect Design” by GOD (through Evolutionary Creation Miracle) Rightfully Decreed unto us (Genesis 3/16-20), from the very Beginning;
and we can clearly Witness it now in those Awesome MIRACLES on Human body (Chromosomes, Bones and Teeth, first of all) as they are clearly presented in that Site referred to in my previous post above.

Jesus said to them: Were not the “10” cleansed, and the (other) “9” – where (is it)?
(Luke 17/17)

In such Prophetic Wisdom above, Jesus thus addresses the situation at hand therein, first of all, and thus also perfectly informs us about that cleansed - holy number in this respect:

10 + 9 = “19”

for/in this Final Age now.

As he clearly foretold that all the Hidden Wisdom in his Words would come out in this Last and Third “Day” (="Millennium;"
because “1 Day = 1000 Years” in the Sight of GOD =Psalms 90/4)-- in this Final Age now here (=John 6, 40-46 = Matthew 10, 26-30).

Because the word: Vahad (=ONE) in hebrew, or Wahid (=ONE) in arabic
has a perfect Gematrical value: “19”

GOD has thus Precisely Counted and Excellently Designed
HIS Book of Universe and HIS Book of Religion
essentially based on this number “19” (=i.e. perfect Gematrical value of the Word: “ONE” above)
to clearly and unmistakably show HIS Existence and ONENESS to the whole World in this Final Age now.

And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another,
and seeing that he answered them well, asked him,
“Which commandment is the most important of all?”

Jesus answered: The most important is,

"Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is ONE!

(Mark 12/28-29)

With Peace and Blessings.


There is no miracle. The human jaw has become smaller as we have evolved. This results in some people having problems with their 3rd molars and others that do not. In fact you could consider this a case of poor design (not enough room for all the teeth).