Making Faith and Science Matter to Youth

Every year about a million youth are leaving the Faith. TENx10 has a heart to reach them, by empowering and equipping the Church to lead them back.


You have landed dead center on the biggest problem facing the church and America. Simply put Christians are decreasing in number in America and the influence of the chrurch and Christian ideals on America are decreasing as well. To me this is a national security issue of the highest level. Everything we do and the government does stems from a world view and without a Christian world view we are doomed. Without occupying too much space here I would sim[ply refer you to my last two books that address this topic head on with evidence. The titles are To Know with Certainty (West Bow Press) and The Battle We Must Not Lose (Faith Life Publishers). They are available through Amazon or know with certainty.
Thank you for bringing this important topic to te Forum’s attention.
Lee Southard

I’m not sure you can “make it matter” to them but I hope you can. I think it is really a matter of giving it its best chance and when you start them young it certainly should be possible. It is too bad the general culture doesn’t embrace religious values. I don’t know how that happens but I do think that it would be easier to sell on general principles of which Christian faith is seen to be supportive than as the one and only acceptable path. But that’s where adults like me outside of Christianity are concerned. With your own kids you just have to figure out how to do that better.

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I have experienced both sides of this debate. To me nothing has changed in that when i was young, there just didnt seem to be a need for in depth nowledge about God…it just doesnt even get noticed.

I knew of God, but it really meant no more to me and others i knew than did santa clause or the easter bunny.

That to me its still the main problem…not whether there is a scientific dilemma…young people are generally not deep thinkers on “what happens when i die or chicken vs egg philosophical debates”.

Epistomological questions about existence do not appear to me to be a deeply relevant discussion to young people in general. They are to busy doing fun stuff, and young adults are too busy venturing out of the nest into the real world that they can see, hear, smell, and touch.

As I sit here, a visitor in a cancer ward in Melbourne, i look around at the patients receiving chemo right now and wonder…are any of these people seeking God in an afterlife? I have to admit even to myself, if i were them i would be demanding healing…so even that admission is not one of “beyond this life”. I think its humanly unnatural to seek eternal life beyond death…we dont want to die…we are anti-death. This is a force that first pulls me away from seeking God. If as an older adult i think that, why would a young person under the influences of adults like myself be any different at my age? Therefore, why seek God at a young age?

Human logic, as one who still remembers his childhood christmas mornings…tells me it (religion and eternal life) is santa clause. Meanwhile…fun stuff awaits my interest.

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