Lab Mice for Age related eye disease

I read an article on Science News ( Very interesting read and is in my area of interest for sure. Now, my question is it knowing that we have dominion over all creation, is it okay to breed mice that has a human health defect? Sounds cruel but it also seems okay. If I had to pick an answer I’d say it would be okay. If Jesus was alive today he wouldn’t need some mice bred in a lab to cure an eye disease that’s for sure! Glad I’m learning more about Jesus and creating a deeper relationship with Him which is most important! Thanks for reading!

I don’t remember discussing the ethics of animal testing, so great topic to explore. Certainly, this has emotional connections for many.
My background is that of farming as a kid, then medicine, and my viewpoint supports the use of animals for practical purposes, whether that be for food or for advancing science. I fully agree that those uses should be humane, however. Even how humane is defined is controversial, though.

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How do we measure cruelty in mice, otherwise well cared for, going blind? As long as we don’t cut off their tails with a carving knife as they run… that would be cruel.

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