Jesus' Resurrection

I have proposed the following argument as evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection. It has been called everything from stupid to ‘a logical fallacy’ on another website. I would like a second opinion.

In John 6.7-8 Jesus prophesies that 1. the Holy Spirit (parakletos - advocate intercessor consoler comforter helper) will not begin working unless Jesus first goes away 2. the holy spirit will convict (elenxei - reprove rebuke discipline expose) the world(kosmon).

History has shown that this prophecy has happened and is still in progress. From the 1st century CE to 400 CE , Christianity went from 11 grief-stricken disciples to nearly 30 million. (These figures can be checked in Ehrmans The Rise of Christianity). It is now the the world’s most populated religion at nearly 2.3 billion. For me this shows that Jesus’ prophecy has come true and for that to happen he has to have gone away and for him to have gone away he must have been raised from the dead either spiritually or bodily. How is this stupid or a logical fallacy?

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Greetings! Good questions.
Why does the resurrection follow from His having gone away?
How can we prove that His absence brought the Holy Spirit?
How can we prove that His absence increased the numbers?
If Muhammad had said God told Him he must die in order for Islam to increase, would we take the increase to be proof that God told him that? Islam may pass Christianity in a few years in numbers.
By the way, I am a Christian, too.
Thanks for your discussion, and prodding to think.

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