A Deep Dive Into Jesus' Resurrection with N.T. Wright


Thanks for the reference! I started the online “lecture/discussion,” but for some reason the volume (yes I turned it up!) was not that great…Listened to some other online video for a bit and volume there was excellent. Maybe tomorrow!! I am sure it is interesting.

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thanks terry. will be an interesting read.

Just a little thought on the nature of resurrected bodies and the question of what will the saved bodies actually be in heaven?

When christ met Mary in the garden on the sunday morning, she did not recognise Him, however, its obvious she could touch him (because he asked her not to cling to him).

None of the disciples initially recognised Christ in his resurrected body either and yet he said to Thomas a week after the resurrection (put your hand in my side)

Christ clearly ascended into heaven with that same body. Acts 1 tells us the angels said to the disciples gazing up into the sky “this same Jesus will come again in the same way you have seen him go up into heaven”…this means he will be recognised with that same body i think.

So our heavenly bodies are not spirits, they are real bodies just as Adam and Eve were created with…the difference being that they will be heavenly bodies as we were created, without any corruption of sin.

Those who do not believe our bodies have been corrupted by sin will obviously dissagree with this, however, from the narrative of Christ after his resurrection its a pretty solid trail of evidence that leads me to this belief.

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