It has finally arrived - - Online Interactive Earth!

(George Brooks) #1

This page does it all…
In the lower left, you can click forward or reverse play.
In the upper right, you can see how the average length of day changes from 19.7 hours around 1,790 milllion years ago (nearly 4 billion years ago).
In the upper left, you can see the Atmospheric CO2 and O2 counts…
and right in the middle you get to see where modern cities are in relation to colliding continents.

Take it out for a spin! You’ll love the view !



Let’s have a much deserved round of applause for @beaglelady bringing the link to the table !

(Phil) #2

Great site. I messed with it a little last night on the ipad with limited success, but this morning on a real computer it is amazing. Thanks, guys!

(Juan Romero) #3

Fantastic website!


Did you see the HHMI Biome Viewer ?

(HHMI produces a load of materials for science educators.)