Is this the end?

Sometimes I wish these anti-maskers would try scuba diving without a mask.


Loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day , making it even more dangerous than obesity. The survey, conducted by the health insurer Cigna, found widespread loneliness, with nearly half of Americans reporting they feel alone, isolated, or left out at least some of the time.4 May 2018

When we have others, friends or loved ones, with whom we can share our lives in meaningful ways, our health reflects it. Despite the surplus of things we own and use today for convenience or out of boredom, etc., I think we are now the loneliest people who ever lived.

Eleanor Rigby, Father McKenzie

It’s been the end since a decade or two after Jesus died. It’s been the end for almost 2,000 years for a countless variety of situations. I’d guess many generations the last two millennia have reported “rampant sin.” Since people seem unable to learn as much from the past as they should, it will probably be the end for the next 2,000 years as well.

Glad to hear that they are doing okay. The quarantine protocols are tough. I think about it and people not being able to visit their loved ones. Not sure what I would do if say my woman ended up in ICU on a ventilator and they tried to not let me see her. We are both vaccinated so I hope we are protected and safe along with the rest of my family, but I honestly couldn’t fathom leaving a close relative to die alone on a ventilator in an ICU. To me that is about as faithless and unChristian as it gets. The solution shouldn’t be worse than the disease.

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Additionally, air pollution and water pollution are destroying our planet as well.

And the many, many, many more who wished they had got the vaccine, but they died instead because they made the mistake of listening to people like you. You need to start living in reality, Cody, and start using the brain that God gave you. It is not honoring to Christ when you spread the lies of fear-mongers instead. You can speak of “just having faith in God” till you’re blue in the face, but as for me and everybody I teach … I’m going to tell them it’s smart to look both ways before you cross the road - not because your faith in God’s protection is too small, but because God gave you a brain, and he expects you to use it.

Added edit:
I retract some of the pointed harshness of the above, as I had misunderstood the quoted sentence as being a claim about the vaccine killing people, and not people still dying despite having been vaccinated, which appears now to be what was meant.


Maybe he has been vaccinated himself, though? If not, with rare exceptions, there is no excuse!

Mervin, above a my two posts on this topic. Neither of them says don’t get the vaccine or only trust God and you won’t get Covid. I and 5 of my family members had Covid already.

The point of the posts is to bring up that God can still judge individuals and nations. He can bring vengeance on them as we can see He did in Israel’s history, and to the nations and cities around Israel also. He can also execute disciplinary judgments to bring correction.

People love themselves and sin rather than God, so He can in his long suffering and care for them to repent, bring many types of judgments to wake them up. Make them see that their life can be taken away at anytime. Let them know they do not have control of their life. He can use plagues to do this, economic issues, another nation attacking them, and other things. People trust in themselves rather than God and it is God’s desire that they repent and trust Him.

My statements had nothing to do with getting the vaccine or not. It had everything to do with, placing no confidence in the flesh as Paul stated and turning all our hope and trust to God. A simple concept that all believers should understand and exhort unbelievers to turn to.

You are still advised to get vaccinated even if you’ve had COVID, because if you get it again, those that have gotten the vaccine post-COVID still do significantly better. And with the Delta variant, reinfections appear to be more common.

Also, if you don’t, you can still be putting everyone’s little children at more risk (even if you’re asymptomatic), and that is not Christlike!

You should also be promoting for people to get vaccinated, and not even remotely detracting from it, like we see above.

Ahh - so when you wrote “Some getting vaccinated and dying from it ect.” … the “it” was you referring to the COVID killing them despite their vaccination, and not the vaccine killing them as I initially took it?

If so - then I would be glad to stand corrected that you at least aren’t promoting as much vaccine skepticism as I may have mistakenly thought. Although, dwelling on those whom the vaccine failed to save from COVID, is still dangerous messaging at best. Sort of like mentioning the cases where properly used seat belts failed to save someone’s life in an auto accident. For more accurate over-all perspective about seat belts, one is obliged to also take into account the much greater numbers of those whose lives were saved by wearing them.

Nothing I said had anything to do with, “remotely detracting from it”, I was just stating the fact that some people get vaccinated yet still die. The fact is, vaccinated or not, your going to die…

Therefore, All need to repent and place their trust in Jesus, for all will be judged and if their name is not found in the Book of Life, they will be cast in the Lake of Fire.
The Good News about the death and resurrection of Jesus is the only hope for all of mankind. This world will pass away but those who trust, love and obey Jesus will live forever.

Would you say to the injured and bleeding person: “whether I help you or you just bleed out here … either way, you’re going to die.” Would you tell them that rather than getting them help and staunching the flow of blood from their wound? You see the problem here, right? “Don’t worry about taking care of yourself or others … we’re all headed for death anyway…”


Of course everyone dies and that is hardly the point. In today’s climate and contexts, saying anything about vaccines with a negative connotation is inappropriate. And you did.

Now I’m feeling your pain. I just heard back from my brother that they just got back from Disneyland and my niece, nephew and their mother are sick with COVID too. Yikes, what a time to go there. Just read through the CDC guidelines for when to seek emergency medical care if things get worse. Wouldn’t you know, the kids’ doctor is on vacation. The guidelines are pretty clear but we’re wondering if there is an upper bound on a temperature which should signal him to look for medical intervention. My brother is also going to shelter at home until everyone is in the clear even if he doesn’t develop any symptoms. It sure does get more real in a hurry when it hits so close to home.

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I am certain it is best to get vaccinated, both for self-protection and the protection of others.

I did see an interesting discussion recently making the argument that anyone capable should learn how to use a concealed firearm and then carry it for the person’s personal protection and the protection of others.

I think the same comparison could be made to mask wearing — as a mask protects the wearer and others while concealed carry by a trained, good citizen also protects the wearer and others.

But people do have the right to the personal choice of not carrying a firearm, despite the benefits to themselves and others.

Does saying anything bad about vaccines or masks compare to saying something bad about legal concealed carry by good, trained citizens?

Maybe you would recommend driving on the left side of the road – you’re free to do that. You even let the government tell you how fast you can move your body. Motorcycle helmets and daytime headlights help the economy for everyone (think lower policing and legal costs, lower medical and insurance costs, etc.).

Protection against a contagious disease is hardly analogous to gun violence unless you live in Chicago, and even that analogy is a stretch. So, no, it does not compare.

Sorry to hear, but the kids should do fine. Temperature is generaly your friend in fighting infection unless it really goes high, which I have not seen a lot with Covid. Under 104 I wouldn’t worry about. It seems we treat fever more for comfort than anything. My grands are doing well, seem to be on the mend. This delta variant is so much more contagious that I tell people you either get the shot or you are going to get it.

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In this country, we are not free to drive on the British side of the road.

It ok if you don’t see the parallel between

  1. protecting others with masks and vaccines and
  2. protecting others by carrying tools to stop violence.

Many people are biased against legal ownership of firearms and the value of these tools.

There are also many who support it.

I support good men and women using guns to stop bad men and women. I’m not a pacifist by any means snd believe that sometimes violence is the answer. I also believe that’s not out of line with scripture.

With that said there is a big difference between gun support and mask support.

Yes, there is a big difference.
The person doing concealed carry who is willing to risk his life to save others may be doing a greater good. It is not as easy or safe as a jab and a mask.

Something is in the air. Something is different about these days, to me. The planet is saturated with a history of misery. Lessons that could have been learned are wasted. A crushing tsunami of a different sort rumbles far away. It is moving toward us with great speed and gathering doom along the way. If you listen closely, or with your heart as some say, although the sound is really there, you can hear the deep bass of that rumble. You can feel it in your feet; you can smell it. Fresh, clean air is a thing of the past.
We’ve run out of room for additional catastrophes. We are like sludge with no where to go. Our mountains of refuse spoil the air we breathe. We cannot outpace all the ills that haunt us. Missing fissile material,

Specifically, how might one verify that states that have previously developed a nuclear weapons program or produced weapons-usable material have properly declared them and given them up? History has shown that, while critical to nonproliferation efforts, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is no match for a country intent on building a nuclear deterrent, even in the face of international enmity.

terrorists who are patient beyond the West’s imagination, the love of many growing cold. He may not return for millions of years, but something is tapping on my shoulder and whispering, “See these signs? They’re everywhere. More and more frequently the world is cracking piece by piece. He said He would return. Look around you boy. What do you see? What do you feel deep down? Could this be it? It could be. It very well could be the end of time.”

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