Is the COVID Vaccine Safe for Children? A Pediatrician and Immunologist Weigh In

Thanks to @MOls for working so diligently on this piece for us!

I know I personally am counting down the days until we are approved for 0-5!


This is a much needed piece that I plan on sharing with patients. Thank you!


Awesome! So glad it can help.

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That is great to hear, Randy. I hope it can help some parents feel reassured about their decisions


Great article. It addresses concerns respectfully and intelligently, and hopefully will be widely shared.


My question is not specific to children and vaccines, but may also apply to children. When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2, my GP advised that in the event of me catching an infection (in context a cold or the 'flu) that I should ignore high BGLs, as this was a temporary response to the infection. I noticed that after having a COVID-19 booster shot, my BGLs were quite elevated for about a month. Is this an expected symptom of vaccination, with the body being fooled by the vaccine into thinking I had an infection?

Well, I am a retired doc, so my advice is a little tired and old, but I can see how a vaccine should induce an inflammatory response, with increased cortisols and such, and those are associated with higher blood sugars.
But, just because an elevated blood sugar is a natural response, does not mean it is good. It has been shown that keeping the glucose down to as normal as possible is associated with better outcomes in hospitalized patients, So, if your sugars are high, try to keep it down with good diet, but if it is significantly higher, might want to check with your doc to see if bumping up your meds temporarily is in order.
My latest A1c bumped up to 6.7, so technically I join you in the diabetic camp, though hopefully with some weight loss can get that down.

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