Is Satan a chaos creature?





  • Did anybody see any “lights” in the pictures that I posted?
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I wish you could articulate what this ‘light’ is all about. This seems to be your unique experience that I doubt if anyone here can empathize with. I certainly cannot.

I doubt if it is something you see with your eyes, which is what we normally associate with the word. We also use it metaphorically. Is it something you feel in your heart? (We use the word heart because feelings seem to originate in our chests, in the vicinity of our physical heart.)

But you claim to ‘see’ it in others. That does not compute. Are you hallucinating?

Also, when we use the word ‘teach’, we associate that with objective content that we can articulate and communicate to others. You have not. This ‘light’ teaches you about anger you said. What does it teach you about anger? Merely saying that it teaches you communicates nothing to us, it articulates nothing.

There is also injustice against God that will not survive. A crime against majesty, lèse-majesté, is a thing and not just imaginary. It has to do with respect, among other things. Living in a society that has been democratic (for now :roll_eyes:) for two and a half centuries permits us little sense of that.

What is comparable in a minute way is the respect that is due to police officers and courts. Contempt of the latter is even a felony in some cases. [So is second offense resisting arrest or first offense if a weapon is involved.] One might expect some coercion, physical coercion even.

So sorry, @riversea ! I misunderstood or misremembered. Please, just disregard all the German stuff. I was under the impression that you spoke German.

@Dale I see your point I don’t articulate in detail

What light has taught me so far about Anger.

I use to hit my head with my fist. I would get angry at myself. I didn’t know how to over come this and so far no concussion, no harm.

I went to light how to over come this.

First light had it where I’ll hit light mentally, in order to get the anger out, and not hit my head

Then I ask more about anger and light explain that I lack purpose that’s why I was angry and to have light as my purpose, and to take what I’m angry about and turn it into a project and do the project onto light. That help me not hit myself and not get angry.

@Terry_Sampson no I don’t see light in the photos. Rarely with my physical eyes had I seen light in people radiate outward. I’ve only had 2 times where light radiate out of me.

I feel more light in me, and rarely see light.

I think what I did is due to the rare times I seen light in people radiate outward, is I assume that light lives in all of us., however we block light

This is detail., I more feel light in me., and I’m sure that’s what happens with others is they feel more God in them., example inner peace one could feel., I more often would feel burn fire in my spirit heart, this is more common for me, as well as feel inner peace.

This would happen as I listen to music and rock, where I’ll feel light feeding me, and I’ll notice also as I allow light teach me, and this is where I’m learning now I need to explain more detail.

But that’s the other area more detail is when allowing light teach me how to feed on light in the midst of situation, now thinking of it, I hadn’t even ask light about how to allow light radiate outward

I think what happen in this forum is I became to defensive. I also was unprepared, due to I thought I wasn’t going to share anything about me, but only share about archeology.

But what I learn when being around Christians, or I’ll say only Christians., because I’ve been in groups where it’s interfaith and this doesn’t happen, so I’ll call this, only Christians then.

It felt the pressure to must accept Jesus and I wasn’t prepared for that. I know how ridiculous of me to say when I’m here in a mainly Christian forum.

I was with @bharatjj online to share about archeology so that’s what I was thinking when being around Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus.

I was use to not going into detail about my spirituality and I was enjoying the archeology. Exploring maps and the findings.

That’s another thing I go through, in one day I’ll read more then one point of view of the same topic in different forums.

I saw your photos @Terry_Sampson and the Baptist church, you shared photos. I need privacy. I wasn’t expecting to open up as much as I have, but I notice there was an issue with my language. In a way I wish I never join forum in spirituality, because it feels like a huge stretch of growth of writing, yet I feel bad for opening up., look how

Kendel said sorry.

This is the very thing I was seeking to over come., no sorry needed. But notice I open up and it makes Kendel feel bad.

Then I want to say sorry.

I hope this makes sense., but if what I shared so far is so difficult to understand in a group., see what I mean?

I knew if I said, my primary language is english, yet look how I struggle to write detail., then one wants to know what language., so I wrote detail. what all was going on., it’s all languages I struggle in, however English is the language I caught up in to the hearing world.

So many times I hear music on youtube and think that’s where I want to go to is music when in spirituality and no more writing. Because it’s simple I don’t need to explain.

I just didn’t realize that it doesn’t show - my relationship with God as I listen to music., as all that shows is the lacking in typing.

I learn a lot here and I’ll be reflecting what I learn

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Ooh, I’m sorry! I’m glad you got past that!

But I still don’t understand how ‘light teaches’. As a case in point, how did ‘light explain’ that you lacked purpose? How did you get the words to tell yourself that, and to tell us?

One purpose Christians have (or should have) is to be loving and obedient children of their heavenly Father and to delight in him and enjoy him. That’s where ‘laws of love’ come in.

The life of Monarch Butterfly

  • Can humans drink milkweed?

Image result for Milkweed juice

  • Milkweed is potentially poisonous to humans as well as animals . After grazing on milkweed in a field, sheep can develop difficulty walking, seizures, and death. The sap from the plant can also cause skin and eye irritation.
  • Trivia:

    • [Source: “How Many Words Are In The English Language?”
    • This question is perhaps even harder to answer than the one about the total number of English terms. Every dictionary is different – they have varying capacities, differently recognize what constitutes a word, have different release dates. Plus, neologisms are created every day. Just think about it – English vocabulary received numerous new entries due to 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, including peculiar novelty terms such as “covidiot” and “WFH” (an acronym for “work from home”). Therefore, when it comes to pinpointing the number of words in an English dictionary, we should consult with a few well-known and authoritative sources.
    • Merriam-Webster online dictionary informs its readers that their latest official edition includes approximately 470,000 entries. Main page of Oxford English Dictionary official website states that they cover over 600,000 terms. At the same time, latest published edition of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary offers its readers information about over 60,000 words. In its turn, Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has approximately 140,000 entries. Collins English Dictionary covers a whopping number of words – 750,000. Additionally, if we consult Wikipedia, we find out that their English Wiktionary includes about 520,000 words.
    • Don Grushkin
      Professor of Deaf Studies (Ph.D. in Language, Reading and Culture), Born Deaf[5y]
      • I remember reading or hearing about a study that estimated the ASL lexicon to be about 6000 signs or something of that order. This study has been used to insinuate that ASL is inferior to English due to its supposedly limited vocabulary base.
      • Whether or not this was an actual study (it may just be A.G. Bell association propaganda), I have serious doubts about the results. While it may be true that if you compare how many ASL words can be glossed as a specific English word, you might get something on the order of 6000 individual entries. HOWEVER, such a one-one correspondence cannot truly be done. This is because ASL lexical items can be modified through facial expression, movement, and handshape to change meaning.
      • For example, in English we have a variety of words to express largeness: big, large, huge, humongous, gigantic, enormous, brobodignian, and so on. In ASL, there is only one main sign for “large”: BIG. However, we can modify this sign through facial expressions, certain mouth morphemes, and changes in the size of the sign to express the same range in variation of size suggested by the English words. English has a number of color words for a wide range of hues, yet ASL has signs for only the basic color spectrum. Even so, we can indicate hue through raising or lowering the eyebrows to indicate lighter or darker shades, and the colors can be further modified by making the sign more forceful/stronger or “softer/weaker”. So standard counts of lexical items will overlook the shades of meaning and thereby contribute to a lower count of ASL signs.
      • Furthermore, Supalla and Clark indicate that many signs arose as classifier constructions. That is, certain signs originated as a combination or set of classifiers. For example, the sign STAR arose as a series of upward points (pointing to the stars), which eventually became restricted in movement and location to the sign we know today as STAR. So it is clear that there can be quite a number of modern classifier constructions which have gone unnoticed as lexical items.
      • On a related note, we are also developing new signs for concepts that arise in modern society such as technology or social media, which may be variations on already-established signs such as the sign for “selfie”, which can also go uncounted under traditional lexical item counting methods. And we are incorporating vocabulary items from other signed languages for concepts which we have not had a sign for, or have been using a signed English invention, or which expressed stereotypical or racist notions, such as name signs for countries and continents. And these too can be undercounted as part of ASL.
      • And dialectical variation accounts for another way in which ASL is “shortchanged” in lexical counting. English has only one word for the annual celebration of one’s existence: birthday. Yet, according to the book “Signs Across America”, there are 30-odd regional variations for this one concept. These regional variations should be just as much counted as separate signs as the English synonyms for “large” are counted as individual words.
      • So, I believe that ASL has a much larger vocabulary base than has been attributed to it. While it may still not reach the breadth of English’s we know from experience that ASL’s vocabulary is more than sufficient as it is to discuss any topic on earth or outside of it, and as we get increasingly more sophisticated in our understanding of the properties of ASL, we are continually increasing the vocabulary base of ASL."
  • Gee, Total number of words in English [regardless what number you choose} divided by Total number of signs in ASL = ***Many, many more words than signs." Fancy that!


Ha! I’m too provincial and hadn’t heard/seen that one before, or else my senior memory forgot it forthwith.

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Interesting. We are afflicted with a noxious weed here called leafy spurge that proliferates easily and is very hard to get rid of. It propagates by root runners as well as by flinging seeds several meters. The roots also go incredibly deep and easily avoid winter kill by growing below the frost line. They say to actively get rid of it to allow three years for every year that it’s been established!

Anyway, it has a latex sap like milkweed (that’s an easy way to identify it) that is toxic to livestock except sheep and goats! (It can ruin pastureland and hay, so it’s a big deal if it gets started.)

Thank you @Mervin_Bitikofer for explaining and showing your views as an universal salvation

Others have expressed concerns about “all” being unfair to everyone; however, my understanding is that “this word healing”


This demonstration of how varied the beliefs can be that are espoused by self identified Christians says something about how hard it is to say anything about the sacred especially if you hold out hope of not being misunderstood. And the situation is at least as hopeless for non Christians who acknowledge the existence and importance of the sacred.

Language wasn’t designed for this. We might as well check to see if we mean the same thing about the love we feel for our spouse by each writing down what that means to us and then checking the match. Yet it is obviously a relationship many hold as important and the feelings are real whether or not they are adequately expressive. I think the sacred is in the same boat.


@riversea, let me clarify, that I don’t feel bad. I was mistaken about your language background, and my mistake created confusion and wasted your time. This was an error, not a moral failure I need to repent from.


@Kendel Actually, thanks to your kindness you sharing German website, I want you to know that German website was not a waste of time; it allowed me to further express my challenges so that others might understand what they expected from me. So it wasn’t a waste of my time. I was also curious, so I went to his website to learn what he had to offer as he summarized a book from George MacDonnell’s. Furthermore, the website provides the option of using English. So I thank you for sharing that website and it wasn’t a waist of my time.

  • Everything I wrote is true.

  • Everything I written was of my best abilities.

  • Any errors that I wrote, I take a closer look at and see how I can improve.

ASL one thing I like about ASL is using motion with hand

sign airplane and have the hand fly upward

it’s a whole sentence in a motion

I’m catching up on messages in this thread.

I’m so proud of my response with Kendel I shown that the website wasn’t a waist of time. I didn’t get to the rest of messages. Now I’ll answer Dale’s message. Which is waiting longer then yours

Everything I wrote at Biologos is true

Any errors that’s brought to my attention I’ll take a closer look and learn how to articulate that better.

@Terry_Sampson @Dale

I’ll put your message here @Dale because Biologos won’t let me reply more then 3 times, 'till someone else replies, so I’m forced to add your message to another message I written. So I’ll use your message @Terry_Sampson that I responded to

I already written and can’t reply more then 3 times so I’ll add it here


How does light explain “I lack purpose”

I’m going to share a lot of ways light communicates to me

    1. knowing., I call this cycle thoughts, where my thoughts are renewed with lights thoughts.
    1. I hear light voice but light uses my inner voice, but I can tell it’s light’s voice (this could be debated is that me interacting with me) another area to explore, as we’re one with God - but I do know it’s light thoughts
  1. visions when awake. What happens is light would put a movie before me to see. I had interrupted visions before and light explain that’s ok cause then light will continue where left off. Because I tend to interrupt visions a lot., because I don’t want to stay watching for long. So I’ll get visions more in stages. See there’s an example me learning there. It’s ok for me to interrupt visions. It’s by me actually going through things and learning and asking about.

I can’t think of any other ways how light teaches me. Maybe I’ll think of more ways that light teaches me but uses those methods less.

What ways does God communicate with you

  • I find it fascinating that this thread, of all threads, has become so “chaotic” itself. “Tongue in cheek”, I’m inclined to think that it has become “demon-infested”. LOL! That’s a joke.
  • Regarding ASL, and the sign for “airplane”.
    • Let’s start with the English word “fly”
      • Here’s “Fly”, as in “fly in an airplane”.
      • Contrary to what the lady says in that video, however, “birds don’t fly in or like airplanes”. They (and angels) fly by “flapping their arms in lieu of wings”.
      • Trivia: “Fly” using the “ILY” hand formation. What’s that? It’s this:
      • Now, “fly” the way the lady in the video did. [Again, birds don’t “fly” that way. Neither do bugs.]
      • Note: The insect “fly” is a completely different sign: “Fly”, i.e. “the insect”
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Through the Bible, through other’s words, through events, through other people…

The Bible helps me remember things he has done – things he has done for me in my life, my family’s, others’.

           Joy & Strength (Click/tap image for higher resolution.)

Note the verse at the top – it calls me to remember.

Here is an example of his providential guidance in my life – it was the first major factor demonstrating God’s M.O. in an endeavor the world might call a failure: Med School & Health Insurance. This was the last and a cool exclamation point marking Father’s involvement throughout the whole adventure, and again a confirmation: New Job.

Someone who thinks they understand probability might ridiculously call it cold-reading, but Maggie wouldn’t. Another, badly mistaken, might think that merely the natural world is enough to account for all those ‘co-instants’. (C. Jung might even have second thoughts about to what he attributes his synchronicities. ; - )

Read Maggie’s account (it’s the second one in the tl;dr linked just above ; - ) if you haven’t and this will make sense:

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