Introductions Thread (Come say hi.)

Hi and welcome!

For church history (which we did alongside a two year world history cycle) we used the History Lives books, which have chapters that dramatize an incident from the life of a key leader in Church history. They included a nice variety of Christian traditions and covered the major figures you hope your kids recognize.

We also went through The Story of Christianity by David Bentley Hart. He is an orthodox theologian, so he gave a more inclusive perspective on the history of the church than some other books I’d looked at which tended to see everything through the lens of the Reformation. Some of the articles needed to be unpacked a little for my junior higher, but it was not too difficult of a level, especially considering we were reading the History Lives stories alongside it.

Hey! Been lurking around for a while, reading Biologos stuff, recommending it to anyone who’ll listen, checking in from time to time here on these forums.

Homeschool mom of 2 kids, 9 and 6. We move pretty regularly for the husbands job (every 3-5 years). Our science learning is still pretty basic, but I’m loving having this as a resource. I didn’t really grow up “in” the church in the ways that some have, but I certainly didn’t hear that there was any other way of thinking than YEC once I was older and had started going. Thank goodness for this resource.

Anyways, wanted to official say hello!


Hello, and welcome!

Welcome! Thanks for coming out of lurkdom, and feel free to start a topic if you have specific questions or observations as you go. I’ve really benefited from the resources on this site too.

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