Introductions Thread (Come say hi.)

(Phil) #104

Welcome to the forum! I will let more experienced voices address your concerns with homeschooling and parent groups, but certainly many here can relate to your discomfort in church and bible studies. I try to just focus on the things I share and have in common, but it is a bit sad when we feel we cannot feel safe to openly and lovingly discuss issues among those people who we should feel safest in their midst.

(Laura) #105

Welcome, @astephens! I can relate to your predicament, as I’m also still in the midst of trying to figure out what and how to teach my kids (oldest is 1st grade so I like to think I have time, but it seems we never have as much as we think…). It’s a process, so it’s good to know that others are wrestling with some of the same questions. Feel free to post questions or observations you have on faith and science, or about curriculum or other homeschoolish things. :slight_smile:

(Christy Hemphill) #106

Hi Ariel, glad you found your way here. I wrote up some thoughts on teaching Genesis to my kids here, so because I’m too lazy to type out similar ideas, I’m just going to link it. I think it is safe to say that many of us have been pushed to clarify our thinking on these issues by the fact that we have to have something coherent to say to our kids. You are in good company there.


Hello, everyone. I have four kiddos (8, 7, 3, and 9 months). We live in East Africa, where we work in Bible translation. I’m an ESL teacher by training and am involved in training our national co-translators. We work on a team here that consists of 22 missionaries and 21 kids, and most of us who are based in the headquarters city have kind of a one-room schoolhouse situation going on, where our children are basically homeschooled cooperatively by MK teachers who are a part of our team. I do the homeschooling myself during some seasons, when we are on furlough or when there is no teacher present here, and I love those times. I also love the times when they are able to learn alongside their best friends, right across the street.
We have used Sonlight as our main curriculum and are generally very happy with it. I was cruising around the Sonlight facebook forum surreptitiously looking for ways to adapt or switch curriculum to fit with our family’s approach to science (which is different from most of our team members whose kids are also in the co-op), and I saw someone mention that Biologos (who I’ve followed by email for a while) now has a homeschool forum and I was excited to come and see it!

(Laura) #108

Welcome, Erin! I’m also a Sonlight user and really like their approach to history especially. This part of the forum isn’t as active as the open forum, but feel free to start a topic on something if you don’t see it addressed elsewhere. :slight_smile:

(Christy Hemphill) #109

Hi Erin! Glad you found us. That was probably me trying to get Sonlight forum people to come check us out. I’m a former ESL teacher too, and now I work on a Bible translation project in Mexico. Like Laura said, there isn’t a whole lot of daily action on the HS forum, but feel free to come share resources or commiserate about the social pitfalls of cooperative homeschooling in a conservative missionary community (if your experience is anything like mine… :wink: )